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I thought that with everything that I had seen since I was introduced to the wizarding world that there was nothing left in this world that could surprise me. You would think that I would have known better by now but I stepped off of the train after my fifth year thinking that it was going to be just another horrible summer spent with my 'loving' relatives.


The first thing that I noticed when I stepped into the muggle half of King's station was the fact that my entire family was waiting for me at the edge looking at everyone as if they thought that wizards were going to suddenly pop out of the crowd and attack them. Normally my uncle was the only one that was brave enough to come to the station to pick me up and alarm bells starting ringing in my head. The alarms started blaring when my eyes took in the form of the large SUV that looked like it had just pulled off of the showroom floor. The back of the vehicle was packed to the brim with bags and suitcases so that there was very little room left. I have the feeling that I won't like whatever is going on.


"Boy, hurry up and get your trunk into the back of the car. We are behind schedule as it is and I won't have you wasting anymore of our time." Vernon's face was practically purple as he manhandles both my trunk and my person into the SUV before getting in himself and slamming the door almost hard enough to break the window. I am eternally grateful that I decided to leave Hedwig with Sirius since Dumbledore had pretty much forbidden me to owl anyone anyway. The rest of the Dursleys piled into the car at a much more sedate pace and I looked to the to the floor to make sure that I didn't provoke Vernon or Petunia by looking at them; it probably wouldn't really help in the long run but it's worth a try.

Ever since I turned five years old my relatives became increasingly angered when I would look them in the eye or stare too long at any part of them really. It happened one day when I was just starting to get big enough to do some of the outside chores but was still mostly responsible for the inside ones. Petunia was 'teaching' me how to cook, which consisted of her standing over me as I struggle to follow her chicken scratch recipe while she took great pleasure in yelling at me whenever I did something wrong or just whenever she wanted to see me jump. Halfway through the preparations I started hearing what I thought was Petunia speaking in a far quieter voice then I was used to hearing from her. I can't believe that Lily went and married that freak and got herself killed leaving me to raise her little freakish boy. If only that decrepit old man hadn't threatened to ruin me if I got rid of him he wouldn't be here tainting my family with his freakishness.

I remember turning to her when I had a free moment from preparing the food and asking her what she meant when she said that my mother had gotten herself killed when she had always told me that she had died in a car crash. The rest of the mental conversation had gone completely over my head at the time. The look of absolute horror on her face when she realized that I had heard her thoughts will always be burned into my memory while the scars that I got from Vernon when he got home will always litter my back. That was the very last time that I answered or responded to anything that I wasn't completely sure had been said out loud.

When I later found out about the wizarding world I thought that I would finally find a place where everything that I could do would be considered normal. You can imagine my disappointment when I found out that even in that world I was unusual. I was the only one to survive the killing curse that killed both of my parents when I gained the title of the Boy-Who-Lived and became a celebrity. Even the ability to read minds was not something that could be considered normal even if Legitimacy was somewhat close it was no where near as easy or powerful. I realized quickly that I would have to hide my abilities in this new world two and I became ever better at it.


I didn't find out where we were going until we were already on the plane and Vernon turned towards me with a sneer that was pathetic when compared to Snape planted on his face. "We are flying to Bon Temps, Louisiana in the United States to visit with Petunia's mother that she didn't even know was still alive and you will make very sure that this woman does not find out how freaky you are." His voice left no doubt in my mind that I wouldn't like the consequences if she did find out.


"Why is this aunt that we have never even heard of flying all the way from England to visit us when she hasn't even so much as sent a letter or made a phone call before now?" Jason was leaning against the kitchen counter as he ate off of the plate in his hand with a Bud to wash it down. Gran was bustling around the kitchen trying to tidy it up before these new relations showed up.

"After Charles left me while I was pregnant with your mother and took Petunia and Lily with him he swore that I would never see either of them again. I reckon that he never even told them that I was still alive and they were young enough that there isn't any way that they would have remembered me." Gran didn't even pause in her cleaning when she answered and moved him out of the way when she reached the counter he was leaning on. "If I hadn't found that old journal of his I wouldn't have even known where to start looking or thought of him using his mother's maiden name which was Evans. The only thing that I regret is that I wasn't able to find them before poor Lily died before I got the chance to see her again. I wonder if her little boy has her beautiful eyes."

"What happened to her?" Sookie wasn't really looking forward to having to control herself around four more people in her own home but she couldn't keep her curiosity from getting the better of her.

Gran stopped a moment and looked out the kitchen window in thought. "She married a man almost straight after she graduated from a rather prodigious boarding school. His name was James Potter and he was from a very well off family. They had Harry within a year of getting married and moved into one of the houses that James family owned. Apparently there was a lot of terrorist activity over there at that time that the government was trying to keep under wraps and their family was being targeted to the point where they had to go into hiding. Less then a year after they first went into hiding on Halloween the leader of the terrorist group found them and murdered them in their own home. The only one that survived the attack was Harry and he was sent to live with Petunia and her family as his godfather was thrown into prison though I couldn't find anything about him having a trial."

"You sure found out a lot about them." Jason had put his food down and was looking at Gran carefully as he sat at the table.

Gran startled a bit and turned to him with tears in her eyes. "I cashed in almost every favor that I had to find out everything that they could about my Lilyflower and her baby boy."


"Now you listen here boy, I will not have you flaunting your freakishness around while we are here. If you even think about doing anything to bring attention to yourself I'll make very sure that you regret the day that they dropped you on the doorstop like the little piece of trash that you are." Vernon was in rare form as he threatened me repeatedly during the rather long trip from the little airport that we had to land in to Bon Temps and this 'grandma's house'.

I personally took great pleasure in the fact that Vernon hadn't realized that the taxi driver could hear every word that he was speaking and seemed to be paying quite a bit of attention. With a town as small as Bon Temps it's very likely that he is the only taxi in town and the rest of the town is probably going to know all about us by sundown. His thoughts were unkind towards the Dursleys and he was planning on alerting the local authorities 'just in case'. The Dursleys were going to be very popular for all the wrong reasons.


I could honestly say that my first impression of the ancestral Stackhouse family home was that it was quite old and in serious need of renovation, especially paint though it did have a certain charm to it. I could tell without even reading her thoughts that Petunia was absolutely disgusted with the way that the house looked and that she would soon find a reason to have me start fixing the house to her highly unattainable standards.

The woman that exited the house was the perfect representation of the perfect grandmother and I could feel the warmth that radiated from her personality. "Petunia you're the spitting image of my mother, and this strapping young man must be your husband, Vernon, with this handsome clone being your son Dudley." She stilled almost unnaturally when her eyes found me and they almost instantly lit up with unshed tears. I could feel the tangled web of sadness and joy that came off of her in waves.

"You must be Harry; I would recognize those gorgeous green eyes anywhere. Your grandpa, Charles, had those very eyes and they were the only beautiful thing about the man as well as the only thing about him I can say that I miss." Her mind was filled with images of what could only be this grandfather that I had never met and his eyes were indeed his only pleasant feature. "Now, why don't we see about getting all of you something to eat and a place to rest your weary souls for the night? There's more then enough room and food for all of you and I won't have you trudging out at this time a night to find something in town."


"There something the matter Sookie, you've been spacing out almost constantly since you got here?" Sam could tell that there was something on her mind but since he couldn't read minds like her he had to hope that she would be willing to let him help her out for once.

Sookie jumped about two feet off the ground; she hadn't even realized that Sam was standing so close to her. "Gran found some old journals of Grandpa's and she was able to find out where he took her other two daughters when he left. The youngest one died leaving behind her son and the other one is alive and married with a son of her own. They all jumped on the first flight they could get after school let out for the summer and they're supposed to get to the house sometime tonight." She looked at the people that littered the bar and let out a sigh that came all the way from her toes. "I'm just thinking about how much work its going to be to keep out of four more people's heads while I'm in my own home."


The room that the woman led me to was small but spoke of nothing but comfort and I barely managed to pull of my shoes before I collapsed on the top of the covers and slipped into a slight coma.


"Hurry up Ronald, we don't want to be late to the Order meeting, we're lucky that Dumbledore is even allowing us to attend at all." Hermione practically dragged the grumbling Ron out of bed and down the stairs while he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. They entered the kitchen to find that the entire order was already sitting at the table and seemed to be waiting for them.

"What are they doing here?" Molly practically seethed as she turned to face an unruffled Dumbledore that was casually sipping his tea. "They are only children; they shouldn't have to deal with things like this."

Several members of the Order nodded along while Snape sneered from his darkened corner and Dumbledore merely paused a moment in his sipping to look Molly dead in the eye until she couldn't hold his gaze and looked down at the table. "Whether we like it or not they are going to become entangled in this war and it is our responsibility to make sure that they are prepared for what awaits them." He made sure to make eye contact with every person at the table to make sure that he got his point across as Hermione and a now fully awake Ron sat in the only two unoccupied seats.

Sirius merely glanced at them with contempt before he turned to look at the old man himself. "If you think that these two need to be included because they 'may' become entangled in this way then Harry should definitely be here since he's the one that every one of you is pinning your hopes on."

May of the younger members looked slightly ashamed as Dumbledore sat his tea cup on the table and took a good long look at the current Lord Black. The man had recovered very well from his time in Azkaban beginning to resemble the heartbreaker that he had been while at school but you could still see the shadows that lingered behind his eyes. "The safest place for Harry to be is at his relatives' house where the blood wards will keep him safe from Voldemort until he is ready to face him."

Remus, a normally quiet man, was the next to break the silence. "There are several things wrong with that statement." The man's eyes glowed golden and quite a few of the members at the table scooted as far from him as possible in the kitchen. "Harry had told us many things about the Dursleys that lead us to believe that he faces more danger due to his relatives then from Voldemort. He always returns to Hogwarts over ten pounds underweight with bruises that he refuses to give reasons for. Not only that but from what we know of Voldemort's resurrection during his fourth year Voldemort already has Harry's blood running through his veins which makes your wonderful blood wards completely useless. This leaves me to wonder why you want him in a place where he is hurt and left defenseless against the darkest wizard this world has ever seen.

The kitchen went quiet as everyone thought over the man's words before an alarm was heard going off in Dumbledore's pocket before Dumbledore managed to go whiter then should have been possible without losing consciousness. "Harry Potter is no longer in Britain." All hell broke loose with Hermione and Ron in the middle wishing that they hadn't been invited in the first place.


Sookie returned home in the evening to find that all of her new relatives were already asleep with Gran sitting in the dining room as always, waiting for her to come home. "They were all so tired from the flight that they barely made it into the beds, especially Lily's little one." Gran closed her book and sat her reading glasses on the table. "He seems to be very detached and shy. It would probably do him a world of good to have someone to talk to and it's obvious that none of Petunia's family is up to the task. I know that you don't like having to control yourself all the time but I would be grateful if you could try to make him feel at home."

Sookie knew that there was no way she could say no to the woman that had raised her since she was eight, even going so far as to disown her own brother. "I'll take him with me to Merlotte's tomorrow night and introduce him to everyone." Gran gave her a hug that warmed her and knocked the air clean out of her, before sitting her book on the table and ascending the stairs to her room. Hopefully she wouldn't regret agreeing with Gran.


"Boy, get up. I won't have you lazing around all day when there are things that you should be doing." The voice was shrill but quiet as Petunia tried to wake me up without alerting her mother.

I felt like I had been dragged over coals before being forced to stay awake for three days straight as I pulled myself up and looked into Petunia's disapproving eyes.

"Mother," you could practically hear the disdain in Petunia's voice, "is still asleep and this place is an absolute sty and I refuse to stay here in this condition. The first thing that you will do is go to the local hardware store; it should be close enough for you to walk and get back quickly and buy paint. I will give you enough to buy a couple of gallons and I expect the change and receipt when you get back. You will then start cleaning and painting the outside of the house until sundown and if I think that you have done enough I will include you in dinner. If she asks you about what you ate you will tell here that I brought you out a sandwich for lunch and that you had a full breakfast. Do you understand me boy?"

I nodded quickly and took the money that was shoved into my hand and watched as she stalked out of the room without a backward glance. I made sure to dress as quickly as possible and take off out of the house before Vernon decided that I had taken too long and came to get him.

There was still a lot of dew on the ground as I crossed the rather large lawn and started making my way back to where I thought that town was from what I remembered last night. The trees and plants looked very healthy and the wildlife was much louder then it had ever been in Surrey. The walk to town didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would though it was a pain that I had to wait in front of the hardware store on the sidewalk as it didn't open for another twenty minutes; you have to love a small town.

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