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Remus and Sirius stepped off of the plane with slightly unsettled looks crossing their faces before they both took deep breaths and headed toward the baggage claim. "You're sure that the last of Lily's family is in this Bon Temps place?"

Remus hummed and lifted both of their bags off of the belt with barely any effort, they were lined with charms to make them light and to expand the inside space and the werewolf strength comes in handy sometimes. "I was able to confirm that they were headed towards a newly found relative of Petunia's and the only one I could find that was still living was their mother, a Mrs. Stackhouse. It's the only relative she has left other than a niece and nephew that also live in Bon Temps. I may have questioned a few people in the airport to find records of their flight too."

Sirius grinned a slung an arm around Remus' shoulder. "You're sly old dog. I should have known that there was still a Marauder under that professor thing you have going on now."


Harry whistled slightly as he followed behind Sookie and Bill as they entered Fangtasia, gamely ignoring the conversation about what would happen if they ever had breakfast together. He patted himself on the back for keeping himself from laughing at the images that popped into his head of the stereotypic breakfast that ended in a flaming Bill.


Erik leaned against the bar next to his newest investment as he watched Bill's pet question his staff. He could have asked Harry to do so and would have likely had better results but he would rather piss off Bill and put Sookie in a position of danger rather than Harry. "So who do you think is responsible?"

Harry sighed and leaned back as he allowed his mind to wander, picking up on surface thoughts and digging in to anything that looked interesting. Pam's thoughts were easy to read, her original language was definitely English and none of the humans were guilty. The one rather druggie looking one was missing memories, all the ones that contained a name of the one stealing. It wouldn't be Erik, there's no need to embezzle money when you own the biggest portion of the club. Harry tilted his head slightly toward where the perpetrator was right as Pam brought the human with the missing memories out. Erik hummed and leaned a little closer to Harry.

The moment that Sookie found the missing memories Harry felt the tension building in Longshadow before he sprung and couldn't have stopped himself if he tried. Longshadow sprung and found himself flying through the air before hitting the wall hard enough to knock paint off of the wall. Harry shrugged when all eyes turned to him and watched as Longshadow struggled to stand up and fell twice. "You should really watch those air currents; they can knock you for a loop."

Longshadow showed fang as he prepared to leap again but stopped when he caught the look in Erik's eyes. It wasn't worth it.


"I am grateful for your aid Ms. Stackhouse and for your intervention Harry, though I would like to know just how you managed that feat." Erik hadn't been more than two feet from Harry the entire night, even as Longshadow was secured in the basement for a trail later on. He didn't know what had caused Longshadow to fly across the room but he knew that it had something to do with Harry and he wanted that kind of power in his possession along with the rest of Harry of course.

Harry smiled and stepped away from Erik to open the door on Bill's car. "I'm afraid that I don't know what happened in there. Maybe Longshadow just hit the air wrong."

Erik shook his head and headed back into the bar to deal with his traitor. Harry would still be in Bon Temp and was temporarily safe with the removal of the idiotic murdering cow.


Sookie had the decency to wait until they were holed up in her room to turn to Harry with her detective face on. "What happened in there? Longshadow flew across the room and I know that vampires don't just fly sideways for no good reason."

Harry sighed and settled on her bed and rolled his head around to get the kinks out of his neck from where he had napped against the window on the way back from Shreveport. He was amazed that he hadn't received a warning from the American Ministry but Hermione had once theorized that the Ministry was only able to trace the magic of average to low powered witches and wizards through their wands and they used wards to trace the powerful ones. She had looked into it after Dobby had gotten him a warning over the summer after first year when house elves were in every pureblood home and she had never gotten a warning for the couple of accidental magic bursts she had had during the summer after first year. "Whatever allows us to hear the thoughts of other people runs in the blood of our mothers and passed down to you and me. What allowed me to fling Longshadow across the room was in the bloodline of my father and through my mother's father's family way back. There's a lot more than vampires rolling around in this world, vampires just decided to come out of the coffin and everything else stayed firmly behind. The supernatural world is watching vampires like hawks hoping that they keep their mouths shut about everything else."

"What else is there out there?" Sookie was both frightened about the prospect of knowing that there were other creatures and hopeful that there was some explanation for what she was able to do.

Harry shook his head and leaned his head back. "Most of the things you hear about in bed time stories actually exist. Dragons, goblins, werewolves, shapeshifters, witches, wizards, and a plethora of other creatures. Some have the intelligence of humans while others are more intelligent or less. There are some creatures that are perfectly safe to be around and others that make vampires look like kittens."

Sookie flopped down on the bed next to Harry and rested her head on his shoulder. "Anything that looks human and reads minds like we do?"

Harry banged his head against the headboard and then rested his head on top of hers. "I found some vague references about fae races that had mental powers necessary to read minds but they all but disappeared a long time ago. That was the closest that I could find to what we do. A lot of races can read minds but for them it takes concentration and focus rather than being something that just happens."



Petunia was walking through the local supermarket, she was tired of the food that her 'mother' thought was appropriate for her growing boy, when she noticed that she was the center of attention in a way that she wasn't used to. Everyone was looking at her like she was the freak. The women would look at her and then turn to their friends, probably talking about her, and the men were glaring at her judgmentally. She hurried through her shopping and tried to ignore the way that the cashier looked at her. This had to be the boy's fault, it was always his fault.


Remus and Sirius both felt like taking showers after they exited the tobacco infested cab outside of a newly painted plantation house. "This should be the right place at least."

Sirius was the first to notice the small form sitting in the side yard with a pretty blond woman and a blond male in a construction vest. "Bambi!"

Harry's head shot up from where Sookie and Jason were arguing over her relationship with Bill, a common occurrence, and locked eyes on two people he didn't think that he would see again for at least another year if he was lucky. "Padfoot! Moony!" He didn't stop to think about anything as he took off at a run with both of his cousins looking after him in confusion as he practically imitated a vampire and launched himself at his godfathers at full tilt. Moony caught him and proceeded to spin him around before Padfoot snatched him and started to cuddle him like a plushy.

Sookie and Jason wandered over a more controlled pace and Sookie listened for a minute before realizing that she couldn't read either of these men's minds. Jason looked them both up and down and realized that he recognized one of them. "Aren't you that mass murderer that was in the new a couple years back for breaking out of prison?"

Sirius gave a slightly demented grin and tilted his head up a bit. "Yep, I got cleared a month or so ago. The only thing I'm guilty of is being the first to break out of the prison that I was in. They did a news thing on it." He gave a bark of laughter and sat a slightly pouty Harry back on his feet. "I'm Sirius Orion Black, also known as Padfoot, godfather number one to my pup here."

Remus shook his head and pulled Harry back over to him and proceeded to discreetly sniff him. There was a faint smell on Harry that was making Moony awfully unhappy. "Remus John Lupin, Harry's second godfather and the one that normally gets tasked with trying to keep Sirius in check." He gamely ignored the whine from Sirius. "You must be Sookie and Jason Stackhouse."

Sookie smiled and Jason nodded before Sookie's natural curiosity overrode her common sense as her grandmother would say. "We are. So what are you two?"

Harry groaned from where his head was buried in Remus' chest and broke away to give Sookie a look that clearly told her that she was going to be the death of him, she giggled. Jason just looked between them only slightly confused. They had filled him in on the basics of the supernatural world but hadn't gotten to the whole 'Sookie can't read some creature minds' part. "Remus is a werewolf and Sirius is a wizard from the Black Family so he knows how to block his mind off to most."

Sookie lit up like a Christmas tree and proceeded to cheerfully shake both stunned men's hands and start dragging them toward the house. "Grams is going to love the two of you. We just got our first vampire, his name is Bill Compton, and I've been dying to meet some of the other supernatural creatures out there." She completely ignored the fact that both men were still blinking in confusion. "The Dursleys are pains in the ass but they won't say anything in earshot of Grams so just treat them like pieces of furniture."

Jason started following his sister with a rueful shake of his head. "That's some ugly looking furniture."


The decibel level that Petunia reached when her and her 'men' made their way into the kitchen for dinner was high enough that the glasses on the table shook and Remus had to clap his hands over his ears. "What are those two freaks doing at the dinner table?! It's bad enough that we have to put up with the boy and now he's brought more freaks to the house. I've had enough of your acceptance for unnatural creatures. We are a normal family and I will not have their taint spoiling my Dudders."

The look that fixed itself on Grams' face was more than enough to cause all three Dursleys to pale and back up as she stood and placed both hands on her waist. "Now you see here young lady, this is my house, my home. I will let whoever I want into this house and they have been nothing but gentlemen the entire time they have been here while you and your family have been nothing but rude bigots trying to tell me what my house should look like and who I should associate with. You, your husband and your son will remove yourself from my house this very moment. Harry is more than welcome to stay here but none of you are. If necessary I will have Mr. Compton help you on your way."

Harry giggled a bit when he thought about just how much Bill would love to 'help' the Dursleys move out. Apparently the Dursleys were also imagining it since they disappeared faster than a vampire."

Sirius barked out a couple laughs before wiping the tears from his eyes and sipping on the sweet tea he had been given. "That is a memory I will enjoy replaying. Petunia has had this obsession with being 'normal' as long as I've known her. I wonder what she would do if she knew that magic is purely genetic and that the chances of her grandchildren having it are really high."

Harry smirked and looked up from his plate. "I was thinking about sending her a book about it on a special occasion, like Christmas or a birthday."

Grams sat back down and shook her head. "It's a shame that she takes after her father so much. She may be my daughter but that kind of behavior is something I will not put up with in this house."

Remus sighed and rubbed his temple where Petunia's screech was threatening to give him a migraine. "Lily used to tell us stories about how her sister used to be compared to what she's like now. I think that it started out as jealousy and just spiraled out of control from there."

"So she thought that the best way to deal with her sister having magic was to turn into a bigoted cow and marry a whale with anger issues? Smart." Jason ignored the exasperated looks he was getting as he took a swig of beer and leaned back.

"I think that it's about time that we talk about why you spilled the beans about the supernatural world to your family, not that that's a bad thing, and why your cousin knew that we were supernatural without you telling her ahead of time." Sirius sounded unusually serious, insert leer and smirk here, as he leaned forward and pinned Harry in place with his gray/silver eyes.