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This chapter is a bit chaotic but I didn't want to change the story too much, too early so I had to find a way to fit Harry in with just a touch of foreshadowing thrown in there.

"I do not think that they will let young Harry into Fangtasia." Mr. Compton was more than a little unhappy to see both of us waiting on him. Of course that was partially because he wanted this to be a date, whether Sookie thought it was or not. I have to admit that that's part of the reason that I wanted to tag along. "He would also draw quite a bit of attention that I may not be able to protect him from."

Now I'm a bit offended. "I'm more than capable of defending myself and getting myself into some vampire bar. Besides, I'm not going to let Sookie wander into that place trying to find the person responsible for those two deaths without trying to help any way that I can. So I suggest that you just get in the car and take us to Fangtasia."


The ride was certainly a quiet one, mostly my fault I'm sure. Mr. Compton looked like he wanted to talk to Sookie but didn't want me to butt in or overhear him trying to get into Sookie's pants, the very thought is disturbing. I looked out of the window and focused on the scenery so I wouldn't accidently hear something from Bill that would warp my poor innocent little mind.

I know that getting into Fangtasia was going to be a lot easier for me than Mr. Compton thought but I still couldn't help fingering the fake I.D. that Fred and George gave to me at the end of last year. They both thought that with everything that I had gone through that I needed a chance to 'let loose' every now and then. The I.D. was definitely magical in nature, not only would it serve as 'proof' that I was old enough to be in the bar in the first place but would slightly alter the perception of any person that looked at it, human or not, so that they honestly thought that he was old enough to be there. It should be more than enough to fool any vampire except for one with a couple thousand years on them.

The first thing that I thought when I saw the entrance to Fangtasia was that the vampire that opened it had to have one hell of a twisted since of humor. It looked like they were going for the whole underground sex club vibe without the actual act. The poles with vampires performing for the amusement of the humans that thought everything was just entertainment were the icing on the cake.

Sookie and Mr. Compton were the first ones to get to the woman that was checking all the people that were trying to get into the club. She was older than Mr. Compton but definitely not the oldest one here. She looked at Bill with the same look that one would send to something that was stuck to the bottom of a really expensive pair of shoes. I vaguely heard her say something about Sookie being sweet over the swell of thoughts from the vampires that focused on Sookie as they caught sight of her on Mr. Compton's arm before he swept her into the bar and I came to stand before the rather intimidating woman.

"Aren't you just a little too young to be trying to get into a bar full of vampires?" She seemed almost nervous and it took everything I had to keep a straight face when she started to think about how bad she was with children. "Why don't you run back home and have your mother read you a bedtime story about vampires instead."

I made sure to smile my biggest smile and hand her my I.D. with a flourish that had her blinking. "My mother is long gone Madam, however I am more than old enough to enter this bar and I find myself in the mood for more than human company. It certainly isn't my fault that I've managed to stay remarkably fresh." I felt my grin stretch as she looked at the I.D. with suspicion that promptly dropped off as the spells activated and altered her perceptions.

She handed the card back to me and gave me a smile that wiped mine off. "Everything seems to be in order sweet thing. Hope you manage to find what you're looking for before it finds you." She quirked her head to the side for a moment before she motioned to the bar and I hightailed it over to where Mr. Compton looked more than a bit put out.

"You actually managed to get in." He seemed extremely disappointed as he turned to Sookie as she tried, rather unsuccessfully, to get answers out of the vampire barkeeper.

He didn't know anything that was going to help her and I turned to the dance floor to find that I had somehow become the center of the entire vampire populations' attention. They didn't look hungry, thankfully, but they looked a little high. Most of their thoughts seemed to revolve around their favorite places and they seemed absorbed in the images that their minds drew forth, how odd.


Erik was amused. He took a couple of moments just to enjoy the sensation as he watched the small slip of a boy get past Pam. The boy had to have one hell of a fake I.D. to get past her; she had seen some of the best after all, working at the front of a vampire bar. He was even more amused that the boy was with Bill Compton and his newest mainlining experiment as well, not that Compton looked all that happy at his presence. He remained amused until he caught the scent of the boy.

It was something that he had never experienced before; it enthralled him on a primal level. He could almost feel the churning of the sea under him as the scent of the northern waters filled his nostrils and blocked everything else from his mind. He found himself imagining the snows and forests of his home, the warmth of a hearth fire roaring before him and the smile of one of his many conquests of his youth. When he finally came back to himself he felt Pam come up beside him with a look on her face that he was sure was on his own as well.

"Compton and the blond are looking for information; the boy seems to be following for entertainment. I didn't think that he was old enough but his I.D. is perfect. His smell isn't human, the girl's is slightly off but hers just makes me a little hungry. His reminds me of my favorite red wine and good silk sheets." Pam leaned slightly against the back of Erik's chair and couldn't hold back the smirk. "You should probably summon them all up here, it's sure to make Compton nervous."


I could barely hear Sookie and Mr. Compton over the thrum of music and the thoughts of all of the humans trying to score with a vampire. The vampires were still thinking of their favorite places and things so they were easy to block out. I followed slowly as Mr. Compton led Sookie to a two person table, not exactly subtle on his part. I leaned on the wall closest to him just to be irritating. "Who's that?" I followed Sookie's gaze to find a vampire that looked like he just stepped out of a Viking romance novel and with how old he felt he probably was a Viking. The woman from the door was leaning against the back of his chair looking at Mr. Compton with far too much amusement.

Mr. Compton looked like he just swallowed a lemon and his thoughts immediately turned to how much of a dick he thought that the vampire Sookie mentioned was. "So you've noticed him have you?" He completely ignored Sookie's attempts to say that she didn't 'notice' the vampire. "Everyone does; he's the oldest thing in this bar. His name is Erik Northman; he's the vampire sheriff of Area 9."

They both looked over at Mr. Northman just in time to see him motion with his right hand in a distinctly commanding gesture. "We've been summoned."

Sookie looked slightly dumbfounded. "He can do that?"

Mr. Compton stood and sighed. "Yes he can do that. We had best not keep him waiting."

I pushed off of the wall and followed behind Sookie with a spring in my step. Any vampire as old as Mr. Northman looked was guaranteed to think in a language that I don't know yet. A little bit of peace would hopefully take my mind off of the thoughts whirling around the 'fang bangers'. They're disturbingly obsessed with 'hooking up' and just about nothing else.

"It's nice to see that mainlining is treating you so well." Mr. Northman's voice practically dripped with sarcasm as he looked Sookie over with lecherous eyes. His thoughts were unrecognizable but they didn't match the tone of his voice. He ran his eyes over her one more time before he turned to me just long enough to give me a long once over. "Have a seat. Why have you come in to my bar to question my employees? If you have a question you should ask it of me."

Sookie and Mr. Compton took the seats on his left while I was forced to walk in front of him to the other side. Sookie didn't seem to notice, but Mr. Compton's eyes widened and he started to think about possible reasons for Mr. Northman to separate my chair from the others as he had purposely had his staff set the chair on the other side. Sookie straightened in her seat and pulled the same two photos that she had showed the bartender back out before shoving them at Mr. Northman. "Alright, these two women were killed and both of them had 'relations' with vampires shortly before that. Do you remember them?" Sookie managed to hold back the blush, but barely.

Mr. Northman took that photos and I lost interest completely. A vampire would have drained them first and another human in this bar wouldn't have paid enough attention to either of them to follow them to Bon Temps to kill them. This is definitely local, some religious nut or just anti vampire murderer that thought that anyone that slept with a vampire was the root of all evil in the world. I mostly came to make sure that Mr. Compton didn't try anything funny with Sookie without someone there to watch him, of course, Sookie is perfectly capable of taking care of herself but you never can tell. As I looked over the crowd I picked up on a human that was not interested in the dancers or any of the other vampires even though he was dancing with one. A cop, trying to set up a raid to close the place down, I sent my powers through the whole building and heard something that would give him just what he wanted.

I waited just a moment and sure enough, Sookie caught on to the same thought pattern and blew the whole thing wide open. Honestly, she's brasher then I am. Mr. Compton grabbed Sookie and I got about halfway up before I felt myself being scooped up and everything blurred worse than a portkey. I could practically feel every inch of exposed skin prickle the wind rushed by until a sudden stop had me reeling.

I found myself staring up at Mr. Northman as he smirked at Mr. Compton before setting me on my feet right next to the car Mr. Compton bought just for the occasion. Mr. Compton looked thoroughly displeased at both of us being there while Sookie demanded, rather loudly, for him to set her down. She dusted herself off before smacking a rather gob smacked Mr. Compton in the chest. "I can't believe you were just going to leave Harry in that bar like that." She turned toward Mr. Northman and managed to look at least partially grateful though I could tell that he made her awfully uneasy. "Thank you for answering my questions and for getting my cousin out of the bar. If you think of anything that would help me find the murderer that killed those girls I work at Merlotte's in Bon Temps." The girl has no sense of self preservation, honestly.

Mr. Northman raised an eyebrow at Mr. Compton before managing an almost polite bow to Sookie. "It really was no problem at all and I will be sure to visit you if I think of anything that would help you play detective." Sookie looked decidedly peeved. He turned to look at me and I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up. "You are welcome anytime in Fangtasia, Mr. Harry Potter."


Remus hated all manners of government; they always took their time to do anything that wasn't strictly for them. He had to wait ages to get the registries that he was looking for because nobody had thought to put the older ones on computer so some stuck up lackey had to go into the storage room and hope that it was where it was supposed to be. When the idiot finally emerged he looked like he had gone ten rounds with a giant dust bunny and lost, badly. "This is the one you were looking for. We close in a couple of hours so I'll need it back about fifteen minutes before you leave so I can put it back." He dropped the thing in front of Remus, sending up a cloud of dust, before sauntering back to his desk and propping his feet up. This registry should help him find out if there were any family members of Lily's that they didn't know about, Grunnings Drills had only told him that Vernon had requested a vacation to visit his wife's family and they only told him that because he managed to pass himself off as a summer school teacher that forgot to inform of their vacation.

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