Hello all. Hopefully the writing process goes properly with this one, let's hope chapter 2 works out correctly. Chapter two is the date! (There will be a sequel to this story after chapter two is done. I'm making it a separate one because it will be lemon. Don't act like it's a spoiler, this is a BBRAE story lol)

And does anyone know if it's legal to own a giraffe in the United States? Like privately own one?




Raven awoke with a quiet groan as she stretched, clothed in a lacy black bra and matching panties. She normally slept in much more modest garb, but the sweltering summer heat had everyone dressing lighter. A thin hand traced up her pale form, brushing against her soft bosom and extending above her head as she stretched. She rolled over in bed onto her side and brought one leg up over the other, feeling her smooth thighs brush against each other. She pushed her balled up fists against her eyes, rubbing her drowsiness out and yawned. The pale empath pushed her sheets off and swung her legs over the side of the bed, testing the ground with the balls of her feet. Her toes brushed against her blue uniform boots as she pushed herself off of the bed, taking slow, stumbling steps towards her bathroom.

When she entered her bathroom and flicked on the lights, she turned on the tap and let the water run. She looked up at her reflection in the mirror, and turned her head to one side and then the other, checking for blemishes or acne. Finding none and being satisfied, she ran her fingers through her violet hair, which she had been maintaining at shoulder length. She brushed the strands of hair out of her face and cupped her hands in the sink, filling them up with water and scrubbing her face gently, washing her face in the cool water to wake up.

Beast Boy was hunched over with his head in the refrigerator as she entered the kitchen. He was wearing a plain white t-shirt and a grey pair of boxers that seemed to have Snoopy printed all over them. Even at 18, the green titan had a child like air about him, despite having matured much over the years. He straightened out and stepped back from the refrigerator, holding in his hands a half empty can of Sprite and a Boca burger from the previous night's dinner. Walking away from the refrigerator and leaving the door open for Raven, he spoke a simple "morning" to her as she passed him on the way to the fridge. He sat down on the sofa and flipped on their enormous television and sprawled out across the couch, sipping his soda, which by now had lost most of its carbonation.

"Looking forward to tonight?" he called out casually without diverting his attention from the screen.

"Dreading it, rather. You're not as charming as you think you are, Garfield," Raven monotonously replied, not turning from the fridge as she rummaged for an apple.

Raven had finally agreed to go out with Beast Boy, and tonight was their first date. It didn't happen immediately however. In fact, it took Beast Boy a solid week of tenacious begging and bargaining. At first she would just sigh and nonchalantly rebuff his advances. She eventually broke down, agreeing to go out with him as she saw no clear end to his attempts if she would not say yes. It's not as though she found him unappealing, but the whole concept of dating always repelled her.

The pale youth sat down on the couch next to him and crossed one leg over the other, biting into her apple, and stared up at the television, which was set to the morning news broadcast.

Robin entered the room, hair messy and unkempt. It was what Beast Boy crudely called 'sex hair', ever the one for immature humor. The boy wonder wore a white shirt and simple red athletic shorts, as well as a pair of socks, one of which was bunched up on his foot and almost falling off. He mumbled bitterly to himself, spying the empty coffee pot on the marble countertop.

Glaring in the direction of the two teens on the couch, he flatly remarked "Thank you two for starting a pot of coffee for everyone." Receiving no reply to his sarcasm from his teammates, he swore under his breath and shuffled over to the cabinets to retrieve a coffee filter and a bag of their morning blend, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he went.

Starfire was the next to enter the commonroom, wearing a floral tank top and a pair of white shorts, cut high to show off her legs. She hovered over to the boy wonder and gave him a cheerful good morning kiss.

Although her bubbly, free spirited and cheerful nature was welcomed by her fellow titans, being the only 'morning person' in the tower tended to grind a bit on everyone's nerves.

Starfire took two hard boiled eggs from the refrigerator and carefully removed the shell, scrutinizing over the most minuet shards of the white encasing. Robin smiled as he watched her, finding her unusual attention to detail rather cute.

Cyborg stepped into the commons shortly thereafter, looking as he normally did. He did not have any physical signs of drowsiness, as he had very body that was not machine. Only the human half of his face betrayed how tired he was, a dark bag formed under his eye. The smell of the newly brewed coffee reached his nose and he shuffled over to the counter, grabbing a mug and pouring into it a generous cup of his morning pick up.

"Can you believe I only got twelve hours of sleep last night?" he called out to no-one in particular. "I'm gonna be a zombie all day."

Beast Boy looked back at his automaton friend from the couch.

"I feel you, broheim. I only got fourteen or so."

"How the hell do you find fourteen hours a day to sleep?" Raven quipped. Beast Boy crossed his arms and frowned at her.

"How many hours do YOU get a night then," he pouted.

"Eight hours. Like a normal person," she said as she scowled at him, taking a large bite out of her apple.

Beast Boy frowned and slouched down in his seat, staring back at the T.V. "Eight hours.. that's barbaric," he mumbled. Raven rolled her eyes and chose to ignore his comment.

Starfire floated over to the couch with a bright purple mug filled with coffee. She also carried with her a large container of creamer, and seven or eight packets of sugar. The titans looked up at her as she approached, inwardly laughing. Starfire hated coffee, but she wanted to fit in with her friends, so she drowned out the taste with cream and sugar.

"You don't have to drink it you know, Star," Robin laughed, putting an arm around her.

"But it is customary for one to drink the coffee in the morning! I do not wish to seem strange!" she said matter-of-factly, nodding to accentuate her point.

Cyborg looked over at Raven and grinned. "So you and the grass stain are hitting the town tonight?"

Raven looked up at him and gave him a cold glare. "What I do with my life is none of your business, Victor."

Cyborg cringed. Whenever Raven called him by his real name, she was usually not in the mood for his commentary. He had pushed her past her limits before, and he still had the scars as a reminder. He nervously scooted further down the couch, away from Raven, who inwardly smirked.

Robin turned down the volume on the TV so that she could hear him clearly. "Really though, Raven. You two be careful tonight. Any one of our enemies would love to have a shot at you two, separated from the team and vulnerable."

Beast Boy crushed his Sprite can in his palm, tossing it over his shoulder in the direction of their recycling bin. "Relax, dude. Raven and I can handle anything any of those super-baddies can throw at us. Don't have to worry about us. And besides, we hardly ever have to save the city these days. That's why we've had the opportunity to take time off and get jobs, dude."

Robin sighed, not wanting to be a hard-nose. "Just keep on your toes. You can get a little bit careless, Beast Boy."

The changeling waved the comment away and turned the volume back up on the TV, starting to flip through the channels, having grown bored of the news.

"Well.. this is turning out to be a slow day so far," he commented. "I'm really bored already."

"That's because you have the attention span of a hummingbird.." Raven stated, cocking her head to the side and turning a page in her book, not looking up at him, but showing a hint of a smile at her comment.

"Not all of us can be content with sitting around all day with a book, madam."

"Some of us can pay attention to things for more than 30 consecutive seconds."

Cyborg laughed. "Raven you're on fire today."

Still not looking up, she beamed. "Reading sharpens one's mind." She looked up at Beast Boy. "Maybe you should give it a try, Beast Boy."

The green teen sunk down in his seat and sulked. "You can be really hurtful for no reason, Raven," he complained.

Robin walked over to the kitchen and put his mug in the sink, turning on the water and wiping it down.

"Alright, gang. I'm going to work."

Starfire floated over to him and hugged his neck tightly. "Will you be home for dinner?"

Robin gave her a blank look. "You're not.. not cooking.. are you?"

She laughed, hugging him again. "My cooking is not that bad, Robin."

He hugged her in return and chuckled nervously. "I know, love. Just.. asking out of curiosity." He grabbed the keys to his cycle out of the bowl on the front table and stepped out of the door, locking it behind him.

Beast Boy checked his watch. His date wasn't for several hours. He glanced over at Raven, who didn't seem concerned about it. He stood up off the couch, and headed out of the room, brushing Raven's hair as he passed. She frowned and turned to say something, but decided against it, watching him walk out. She turned back to her book, bemused.

"Tonight will be interesting," she thought to herself.