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It was dark, though very warm, as though he had blankets covering every part of his body. A feeling of serenity was invading every part of his body, making him want to just give into the darkness. In it was no worry or pain and he somehow knew that if light were to invade it, he would never find such peace again as long as he lived.

He began to give in, to drift away on that pleasant feeling of darkness, when he suddenly remembered what else there would be no more of. Here there may not be any pain, but there would be no pleasure either. Only the peaceful numbness, and he wondered how long that would last him.

He struggled to awaken and the darkness became so thick it choked him. He couldn't breathe, so he fought harder. The darkness began to give way and he silently cheered his small victory, but not for long. A suffocating tiredness began to overtake him and was nearly overwhelming when combined with the choking that had not yet left.

He struggled frantically, the numbness giving way to fear, and he suddenly knew he was fighting for his life. He tried to call out for help, he didn't want to die, but he could not even hear his own cries. The darkness was too thick.

And then the darkness loosened and he heard a voice. He fought harder and the voice became stronger. It sounded like it was crying a name, his name.

He opened his eyes and was blinded by bright light. He quickly closed them again and turned towards the voice.

"Severus," the voice said again.

"Yes, Albus," Snape answered, his weak voice sounded strange to his ears.

Snape finally opened his eyes to see Dumbledore standing next to his bed, a worried frown creasing his forehead.

"That was very foolish, Severus. And very brave. Maybe we should make you head of Gryffindor," Dumbledore told him, a smile replacing his frown.

Snape scowled at the Headmaster, ignoring the respective chuckles and gasps from the other occupants of the room. He did not think that to be very funny. Even if it was true...

"How's Harry," he asked sudden concern rising in him at the memory.

He tried to sit up quickly, but fell back down into his pillows, dizzy. He tried again and felt a strong hand press against his shoulder and hold him where he was.

"He's the same, Severus," Dumbledore told him seriously. "We've given him the potion, so hopefully he'll be awake within a couple of weeks."

"The book did say that was how long it could take for one so far gone..." Dumbledore added at the sharp look Snape gave him.

Snape closed his eyes as though in pain as he whispered in an anguish-filled voice, "If he does at all."

"He will," Sirius exclaimed over a half-stifled sob from someone else in the room. Snape suspected it might be the Granger girl, or perhaps the youngest Weasley.

"Time will tell," Dumbledore said evenly. "But I do hope you're right, Sirius."

Snape opened his eyes and looked towards where he had heard Sirius's voice. Sure enough, there was Harry, laying pale and unmoving on his bed.

Snape squeezed his eyes shut and prayed that it had not all been in vain...


Voldemort's red eyes narrowed as they continued to stare at the shivering, whimpering mass that had once been Matilda Snow. He had learned a lot from her interrogation, though most of it he had already known and had only lacked confirmation.

So Snape truly did like to play games. And spy games, no less. Well, he liked to play games too.

"Wormtail, I want the Labrynth ready within the week. We've a new mouse to play with," Voldemort ordered gleefully.

Wormtail shuddered before scampering off to see that his master's will was made into reality. Voldemort gave a high cruel laugh at the site of the small fool and watched amused as the figure at his feet jerked a bit, as though in pain.

"Don't worry, my dear," he told it. "Your suffering is finally at an end."

His red eyes glittered a strange brownish color as green light split the night and his cry of "Avada Kedavra," sent near-by birds to flight.

The figure lay motionless as the day once again gave way to night and evil walked away, laughter trailing behind him.


The wizarding world awoke the next day to cries of despair and anger. Their hope had fallen and their world was about to be overcome by darkness.

And Harry Potter lay silently in his bed, silent and blissfully unaware of the encroaching night.

Sequel: Harry Potter and the Labrynth of the Damned