After Iris' funeral I unleashed the basilisk upon Myrtle. It was perfect. She never knew what hit her. And talk about killing two birds with one stone. Everyone, except perhaps Dumbledore, believed me when I blamed the git Hagrid for killing the girl. I never did like him. I would have killed more mudbloods but I didn't want the school to close, not yet anyway.

Since then I've killed hundreds, maybe thousands. Avery stood by my side through it all. He became one of my most loyal Death Eaters. I cut off all communications with Eileen when I heard she married a muggle. She even had a son with him. Severus. He was a loyal follower, so I was lead to believe, until I had Nagini kill him.

If it weren't for that damned Potter I would have had complete control of the world. It was smart of me to create all those horcrux's. I was able to use the death of my father to create a horcrux with Salazar's ring. I was very selective when it came to what objects I would be splitting my soul into. I would only choose objects with meaning. Like my diary, Myrtle's death helped create that one. I was able to charm that Smith woman into showing me Hufflepuff's cup. Idiotic fool. I killed her only too easily and stole the cup while blaming her death on the house elf. The locket was difficult for me to turn into a horcrux but it was even harder to keep it as a reminder.

That was an interesting day. Some tramp came on to me off the streets and wanted to know where I was staying. I killed her in the most painful way I knew how. The Cruciatus curse.

The summer after 'the incident', as I call it, I journeyed to Albania and found Ravenclaw's missing Diadem. I found the hollowed out tree quite easily really. Some Albanian peasant walked into me so I killed him and created the next horcrux. Nagini was my last willing horcrux, Potter was an accident, and I killed Bertha Jorkins for this one.

Even though each creation of a horcrux felt like I was being torn apart, with each one it became easier to bare. And nothing could ever compare to the pain I felt after the 'incident'.

Sometimes I wondered what I would be like if Iris hadn't died. Would we still be together? Would I still be the darkest wizard ever known? I chuckled when a thought stroked my mind. Iris once said she was an undesirable, that everyone wanted me. It's a dark thought but it consoles me to think we're still connected in that way. We're the undesirables.

Harry Potter is babbling on about how this wand won't obey me because of this and that, something about how Dumbledore outsmarted me. I snort and raise my wand to finish it,

"Avada Kedavra!"

I am blinded by a green light and then suddenly I feel nothing. Am I dead? This thought brings bliss to me for no reason. I open my eyes. Strange. I'm back at Hogwarts but it's I'm no longer in the Great Hall. My body is no longer a mangled mess. I am once again in my sixteen year old body. I notice I'm in the courtyards. The place where everything started,

"There you are",

A voice speaks. I turn around and see Iris smiling at me. How can this be? She walks up to me and hugs me. I must really be dead because I never dream,

"Come on Morty. We're going to be late"

What? She takes my hand and tugs on it,

"Where are we going?"

I ask. She smiles my smile. My heart flutters for the first time in years. Strange how it beats when I'm dead,

"We're going home"

My eyes widen as she pulls me toward the hallways. The sun is glaring my vision. It's a blinding white light,

"Are you ready?"

She asks, prepared to walk into the light,

"As long as I'm with you, I can handle anything"

She smiles and leans up to kiss me. We intertwine our fingers and walk into the light. I feel at peace here. Now I really am home.


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