Of Cookies and Brownies

Chapter 1

The Ojou Private Senior High School's weight room is desolate and vacant of life, save for the cobalt-haired Linebacker, Seijiro Shin, and the many reflections of him held by the mirror-lined walls. Every now and then, an audible grunt will pierce the stifling musk and raw masculinity that exudes from the teen's body as he mechanically pumps kilogram after kilogram of iron, thoroughly pissed at the "Everest Pair."

Together, the three of them are like the sculpting clay of the glorious support pillars of the legendary Golden Generation, and in order for their united strength to continue its victorious stability, the three regulars need to be in agreement at all times…

However, they are currently not in agreement, thanks to that damned Takami


"Hey, Shin!" the blond-haired Wide Receiver called to Shin in a hushed, urgent tone of sorts, indicating secrecy. Sakuraba, with Takami in tow, motioned for Shin to follow. Takami then stepped in from of Sakuraba and led the way to a less populated corner of the locker room, stopping when he was sure they were out of ear-shot of the other players – specifically Otawara (big people = big mouths, etcetera, etcetera).

The Quarterback adjusted the thin frames on the bridge of his nose as he began to speak, "Shin… might I ask if you have feelings for anyone? Say… a certain 'Secretary' of the Deimon Devilbats?"

Shin was taken aback by the blunt, forwardness of the seemingly random inquiry. He cut a chilling glance to Sakuraba, who was busy averting his eyes to everything except Shin.

"Look, Shin," Takami voiced casually, "we're not that unobservant. It's obvious that that 'Secretary' and Eyeshield are one in the same. We're just allowing Hiruma to keep his silly secret for whatever reasons."

Sakuraba nodded somewhat shamefully, still avoiding an exchange of glances with Shin.

"So, what is it? Are my implications true?"

Shin glared daggers back at the inquirer defensively, "And if they are?"

Takami smiled in a smug, moderately devious manner that Shin decidedly did not like at all, "Well, according to my theories, which I have put to the test and found them to be utterly true, Sena Kobayakawa is Eyeshield 21," Takami paraphrases for the Linebacker as if he didn't understand the first time. Although the cobalt-haired teen can be admittedly retarded when it came to things pertaining to technology, he was not completely stupid. He was very committed to the things he was obsessed with, such as foot ball, and with Sena being directly related to football, it did not take him long to realize that the Mock Secretary and Eyeshield were one in the same. The Linebacker just grunted dejectedly at the Quarterback's exaggeration of his foolishness.

"But yes, thanks to Kobayakawa-kun and Hiruma's wilily plays, the Devilbats are getting cocky."

Shin's eyes narrowed and darkened ominously, not favoring the mix of Sena's sweet name and that horrendously dubious smirk that played on Takami's lips.

"Just what are you getting at," Shin sneered through barred teeth, more of a demand than a question.

Sakuraba could sense the heightened tension between the two as he mentally cringed at Shin's evident, yet silent, rage. He took a small step out of their conspiracy circle, "J-Just so you know, I wasn't too thrilled about the idea…" he uttered, not wanting to be apart of this now that he'd witnessed the Linebacker's reaction.

"Simply, we want you to have sex with that Kobayakawa before our next match with Deimon," he nonchalantly stated while tossing an arm around Sakuraba, bringing him back into the circle. Sakuraba just coughed lightly as he noticed a slight blush dawning on Shin's cheeks.

"You know, show him the time of his life. Get a little messy, get a little rough…"

The blond's head drooped at the words of Takami, trying to hide his own blush in shame. Shin's brow puckered in an angered confusion at the Quarterback.

"And what will we accomplish if I agree? If he is Eyeshield, he wouldn't be… able to…" Shin's words died off as realization struck.

Takami laughed at this and smiled that little, dubious smile that Shin was not fond of at all, "Think of it as 'Sexual Warfare'."

"Or 'Rape'," Sakuraba grumbled.

"Or 'Surprise Sex'(1). Whatever floats your boat…"

Shin was flabbergasted at the crude concept, not to mention insulted, "Since when do we, the Knights of the proud Ojou White Knights, submit to such underhanded methods to claim victory? Are you saying that I can't defeat Eyeshield of my own strength?"

"We do this since Deimon started become a threat. Fight fire with fire; fight psychological warfare with biological warfare," Takami answers, placing a "reassuring" hand gently on Shin's broad shoulder, which he promptly brushed off. He then snickered at the Linebacker's reaction.

"Well, you haven't been able to defeat him thus far…" the Quarterback paused to shrug. "If this all works out, Ojou will claim another victory, Eyeshield's true identity will finally be exposed to Japan, and you'll probably gain a boyfriend in the process. It's a win-win-win situation, right?"

"I-I don't think this is particularly fair…. It concerns matters of the heart…" Sakuraba chipped in, hoping to sway Takami's decision.

The Quarterback looked back and forth between his two fellow players. Shin was obviously enraged in a way that can't be expressed in words alone, and Sakuraba was just quietly throwing in his "two cents" every so often.

Adjusting his glasses once more, which seemed to have slipped down the bridge of his nose during their heated discussion, Takami came up with a proposal. "Okay…. We agreed to a little scrimmage with Deimon tomorrow at noon. If you can win against Eyeshield at that time, then we can call off the whole plan. If not, then you have no choice but to carry out 'til the end. No questions asked. Deal?"

He raised his hand for Shin to take so they could seal the deal with an exchange of hand shaking. Shin stared at the offered hand with a hard gaze, detesting it and its owner greatly at that moment. Curtly, he snatched Takami's hand in his in an overly firm handshake, attempting to crush the other's hand.


-End of the Flashback-

Several hours have passed since that ordeal with Shin's fellow football mates, and the night has now blanketed the sky in a calming twinkle. The Linebacker, still determined to overcome the running prowess of Eyeshield, had garbed himself in his dingy, grey training hoodie as he proceeds to sprint home (extra conditioning).

'Find a Running Back that can render my Spear Tackle useless…'(2)

The quote from so long ago regrettably rings back to the forefront of his memory. He bites his lip dejectedly, ruing every making such a comment to the demonic Captain of the Devilbats. If only he hadn't said such words, then Sena…


Startled, the Linebacker jumps at the sound of his name, suddenly aware of how oblivious to his surroundings he had become during his musings. He stares into the wide, brown eyes of the smallish brunet, who is gazing up at the cobalt-haired teen.

"What are you doing out so late at night?"

Shin clears his throat, cutting that smoldering glance of his to the nothingness of the dark night, "I should be asking you the same. It is quite late."

Sena laughs awkwardly, rubbing the nape of his neck while gently tugging on the idle hairs that curled above, "Hiruma mentioned to us about playing a practice match with you all tomorrow, so he's having me run an errand… something to do with bungee cords and silver duck tape…(3)"

The taller teen grimaces at the laziness of the blond gunman for not doing it himself, "Did you ask why he needs them?"

The Mock Secretary, knowing fully of his captain's criminalistic nature, shivers in response, "… I don't think I want to know…" he gaze drops to his shoes consciously.

A brief, fleeting smile charms Shin's lips, then falls back to his usual stoic demeanor, "Let me walk you."

Sena glances back up from the ground to meet the intensity of Shin's transfixing leer, sending tingly, pleasant, yet constrained and awry tremors pulsing through his small frame. A blush, hardly obscured by the darkness of the night, erupts on his tanned, rosy cheeks, "I-I… I'm fine…. The crime rate is going down…. The only real threat to Japan is Hiruma, and –"

"Let .Me .Walk. You." the taller, stronger of the two unintentionally sneers, cutting Sena's ramblings short and causing him to inwardly shriek.

"It's dangerous," Shin concludes, sternly advancing one of his massive, rough hands to the brunet's smaller, yet equally calloused one. The Running Back stilled himself, not sure which was more malicious: an armed robber, Hiruma, or Shin and his relentless Spear Tackle. Having to deal with Hiruma on a daily basis made an armed robber seem like child's play, and since Sena is Eyeshield, Hiruma would always have mercy on him. He decides on the latest as the cobalt-haired teen hauls him along as indifferently as possible.

Shin feels a pleasing singe on the tips of his fingers and on his palm at the site where is broad hand wraps indignantly around the brunet's tiny wrist. Unknown to the Linebacker, the Mock Secretary shares similar sentiments as his skin burns hotly under Shin's touch, causing his throat and lips to dry.

However, Sena is not completely content with the manhandling-type measures Shin's going through just to escort him through the night. Sena deeply exhales, trying to muster up a bit of courage.


Abruptly, Shin halts under a flickering street lamp, causing Sena to trip over his own feet and bump into the older teen's taut back.

"Yes… Sena?"

The Running Back's heart thumps loudly in his ears at the delicate (and what he interpreted as "affectionate") placing of his name. His face reddens profusely as a blush peppers across his cheeks once more, "I-I… I don't…"

"You don't 'what'?" Shin asking in his way of being "caring" while Sena translates it as "forceful interrogation," his nerves getting to him.

"I… Idon'tlikehowyou'redraggingmearound!" the brunet squeaks out in one rushed breath. Shin, having been use to Sena's speedy speech, fully understands.

"Then follow me more willingly," he retorts, thinking it as the more reasonable solution.

Sena's gaze submissively drops to his feet again, "… h-hold my hand…" he whispers, almost inaudibly.

The cobalt-haired teen hears his utterance clearly, but out of disbelief, he asks for a repetition.

"H-Hold my hand…" the Mock Secretary repeats a little louder, his blush darkening at his bold words. Staring between his shoes at the space where his sneakers meet the ground, Sena refuses to exchange glances with Shin, determined to make that little space the most fascinating thing in the world for the moment.

However, Shin seems to have something else in mind. Carefully, he tilts Sena's chin so that their eyes meet. He lowers his forehead to press against the shorter boy's, brushing his nose against the brunet's as his ardent exhales ghost and ripple over the boy's sun-kissed cheeks.

"Kobayakawa, Sena… I have a confession to make…" the cobalt-haired Linebacker breathily murmurs over the aforementioned boy's lips, this breaths mingling as they tickled Sena's upper lip.

Softly, as to not scare the boy, Shin presses their lips together. Sena gasps, and Shin takes the opportunity to delve his tongue into that sweet cavern that is Sena's mouth. The brunet hums slightly into the kiss, but does not pull away. Knowing that he should not prolong the kiss because of his screaming libido, Shin pulls back and rest his forehead against Sena's, staring into his yes longing and lovingly.

"Sh-Shin, I –"

"Don't go to the game tomorrow."

"Huh?" the Mock Secretary pulls further from Shin, looking at him as if he's a few yards short of a touchdown (4). "What do you mean? I have to you! You and me both know why…"

"No, Sena," the Linebacker shakes his head, "You must not go to that practice match tomorrow. Something bad will happen if you do. Do you understand?"

"N-No…" the brunet admits, "But if Shin-san's so sure about it…. I can ask Hiruma about skipping…"

"Good," Shin nods approvingly, grabbing hold of Sena's hand once more, "Now… what's the closest Convenient Store that would carry duck tape and bungee cords…?"

End of Chapter One

I had written this a while ago, during April, I think. I just wasn't sure if I wanted to put it up or not…

And as you can guess, yes, the title is a metaphor… this isn't an uber fluffy fanfic with Sena and Shin baking sweets or anything .

Anyway, time for NUMBERS!

(1)"Surprise Sex" - my friends and I made that up. Like… you're walking down the street and someone ambushes you. It's not rape. It's SURPRISE SEX! XD

(2)"Find a Running Back that can render my Spear Tackle useless" – I don't remember where I heard this from, but it's supposedly something that Shin said to Hiruma once that I documented in my Eyeshield 21 binder (yeah, I do research and stuff for my fanfics! I need the authenticity!)

(3)"Bungee cords and Silver Duck Tape" – there's another yaoi fanfic on that mentioned something about Sena having to run an errand for Hiruma that involved getting that stuff… I think it's called "Ne, Shin-san"…? I'm not completely sure, so DON'T quote me!

(4)"A few yards short of a touchdown" – anyone that has read my STILL INCOMPLETE story "Kamen 22" should recognize this line.

And for people that like Takami, I'm not trying make him seem so evil! D: I just didn't realize that I did after I had typed this up… he was just suppose to be the person that's like "I can't better myself anymore, so I'll do whatever it takes to win"…

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