Okay, so I know people aren't supposed to hold grudges, right? Well, this is

kind of a grudge. First of all, there's this girl I know. Her name is Jazzy

Harrison. And second, she is with the most perfect man in the world, Jasper

Hale. I am not at all jelious! Okay, now I'm lying to myself. It's more than

just jeliousy, it's pure hatred. Yeah, sure, maybe she saw him first. But he's

only been in this school for three months and everybody loves him. The first

day he was here, every girl in the school was hitting on him left and right! If you

ask me, it's just plain sickening. My name is Alice Cullen. I'm your average

straight-A student. Not a murderous thought in my mind, right? Wrong. Now

don't get me wrong, I would never actually murder someone.

1. I am way too short

2. I have absoluetly no guts what so ever

3. My best friends father is a cop

So in other words, I can only dream of perminantly getting rid of Jazzy. Now

most people think that they are 'the' perfect couple because of the whole

"Jazzy, Jasper" thing. Yeah right! Just because their names pretty much

match and they both start with a 'J', doesn't mean that they're meant to be

together. I mean, you don't see me going out with every guy who's name

starts with an 'A' just because mine does. Especially because the only guys

who's name starts with an 'A' in this school is a freshman. I may not have

gotten a lot of boyfriends, but that doesn't mean I don't have my limits. I'm a

junior, so there is no way that I would ever go out with a freshman. The thing

about Jasper is that he's a senior.

I still have somewhat of a chance with him, but the only thing I have to do is

figure out how to get him and Jazzy apart. Yeah, I'm gonna need a lot of

help with that one. Luckily, I have Bella Swan to help me. She doesn't know it

yet, but sooner or later she's going to help me get Jasper, while also getting

my brother Edward. I know that sounds weird, but it's obvious that Bella

and Edward are meant to be together. I actually want them to go out and

so does Bella. The only thing is, whenever Bella tries talking to him, she always

blushes like crazy and studders a lot. Poor Bella, so helpless sometimes. Anyway,

soon Jasper Hale shall be mine, and Jazzy will never know what's coming.