I Need Attention!

I went to sit in my seat in Trig when Bella held onto my arm.

"What's wrong, Bells?" I asked.

"I'm just nervous"

"Still? Come on Bella, you'll be fine. Trust me"

"Okay, thanks Ali"

"Any time", I smiled at Bella and walked over to my seat, still getting a few stares. I sat down and noticed Jasper look over at me and his mouth was wide open, just like Bella's was before class. I smiled innocently yet seductivly at him. He closed his mouth and smiled weakly back at me. I couldn't help but giggle under my breath. All through class, I could feel two sets of eyes staring at me. One was Jasper's, which of course I was happy about. But the second one was Jazzy's, which made me nervous. Although, she was probably just jelious because Jasper was looking at another girl. Oh well! That's just fine with me.

My first three classes went by pretty fast, meaning it was already lunch time. When I walked into the lunchroom, I looked over towards Jasper's table and I saw that he was talking to Emmett while Jazzy was resting her head on his shoulder. I couldn't help but roll my eyes and walk away. Of course,
not until I noticed that Jasper looked over at me. I smiled and sat down at my table to wait for Bella. About five minutes later, she walked in with, Edward by her side! I tried to hide a smile when they sat down.

"Um, I gotta ask Bella something, we'll be right back", I said before grabbing Bella's arm and running out of the lunchroom.

"What's wrong, Alice?" She asked when we were by the entarance to the lunchroom.

"Were you finally talking to Edward?" I asked. She blushed for a second before saying,

"Yes!" We both screamed, "OH MY GOD!!" Before holding each other's hands and jumping around in a circle. And of course, Jazzy just had to walk out while we were jumping around.

"What happened? Did you two finally get some human contact?"
We both stopped jumping and turned to face her. I could tell Bella was about to say something when I was hit with a huge amount of courage.

"Screw you, Jazzy!" I yelled. Her's and Bella's mouths were wide open, while I had my hand over mine.

"What did you just say to me?" She asked. Obviously, she was furious. She grabbed my shirt and held me up to the wall. I had no idea she was that strong.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot you were used to hearing that as a question", Man, I really need to learn to shut my mouth. I guess Bella was right,
I never know when to shut up. I could tell by her face that Jazzy was extremly pissed off. She tried to punch me, but I ducked and hit her in the nose instead. Bella's mouth was still wide open, and now mine was. Jazzy was on the floor, holding her nose that was obviously bleeding. I looked at my hand and noticed that there was blood on it. I said, "Ew", before shaking the blood off.

Jasper came running out then, helping Jazzy up.

"You'll pay for that, Cullen!" She yelled before running off to the nurse. Bella and I laughed at her before turning our attention back to Jasper,
who was still standing there.

"Uh, gotta go!" I said, grabbing Bella's arm and running back to our table. Yes, I know what you're thinking, not the smartest thing I've ever done. But then again, nothing ever is.

"Alice, that was great!" Bella said when we sat down.

"What was?" Edward asked. Before I could tell Bella to not say anything, she said,

"Alice punched Jazzy in the nose!" She said a little too loudly. People looked over at us for a split second before turning back to what they were doing. Hmmm, this situation reminds me of another situation. Oh well, must be just me.