A/N: This is the final chapter. Thanks to everyone for reading

"Bones get under the umbrella; you're going to get soaked."

Brennan quickly obliged as the rain began to fall faster. Wrapping an arm around her, he pulled her closer to him under the umbrella. Brennan began to think about the last time she was huddled under an umbrella with him. They had been leaving a funeral and Booth had asked her to come visit him when he was dead. She had surprised not only him when she quickly told him that she would. She was a better person for him being a part of her life and she could not deny it. Yet, he still let her be herself. Sully had tried to take her away from her work, telling her it was going to destroy her. Peter had tried to make her submissive. David had tried to get her to join a cult and Michael had tried to ruin her reputation because he was jealous of her success. But Booth…he never tried to change who she was, he accepted that she didn't believe in God or marriage, even if he was disappointed. He brought out the best in her, things he knew were there but that she had never allowed to show. She knew that she could trust him with every secret and that he would always be there for her, even when she didn't need him but most importantly she knew deep in her heart that he loved her more than anything else (expect his son) and that he wasn't going to leave her if he could help it. Whether she wanted him there or not, he was going to be there because he loved her. And she knew that she wouldn't leave him either; she may be afraid of commitment but she wasn't going anywhere without Booth. He was her home, her family. Someday had come…now what was she going to do about it.

"Bones were you even listening to anything I just said?" Booth's voice finally penetrated her thoughts.

"What? No sorry I was thinking" Brennan said quickly. Booth sighed but had to chuckle; it was to typically Bones to get caught in her own world thinking.

"You do that too much" He said playfully "what were you thinking about?" They had arrived at his SUV but were merely standing in front of it.

Brennan chewed on her lip, "It stopped raining" she said to buy herself some time. Booth lowered the umbrella and closed it; he unlocked the SUV but didn't get in.

"You weren't thinking about the rain" Booth pointed out before getting in. Brennan got in the passenger seat shaking her head.

"No I wasn't"

"Are you going to tell me what you were thinking about?"

"Maybe someday Booth." She said mischievously. Booth noted her repetition of his words and smiled to himself.


"Booth wait, turn left, I want to go to the Jefferson memorial" Brennan said suddenly, they had been driving back to her apartment in silence.



"Since when are you that vague?" He asked faking shock but he was slightly concerned. Temperance Brennan was always very attentive to detail.

When they arrived at the Jefferson memorial, Brennan jumped out of the car and quickly went up the steps. Booth followed close behind, still perplexed at the way she was acting.

"Bones?..." He began.

"I wanted to see the sunset" She said, Angela's words from months before were floating in her head 'haven't you ever noticed how much prettier a sunset is when you watch it with someone you care about?'

"It's beautiful" She whispered staring out towards the horizon. Booth looked up and smiled.

"Ya it is"

They stood on the steps of the Jefferson memorial long after the sun had set. Darkness was settling around them but they continued to stand there. Brennan still had her eyes on the horizon; she was attempting to overcome her fears in order to be able to let herself and let Booth be happy. Booth stood one step behind her; he had taken his eyes off the horizon after the sun had set and was now watching Brennan. He could practically hear the wheels turning in her brain and was itching to find out what she was thinking about so hard. Silently he slipped his hand into hers and gave it a small squeeze, reassuring her that he was there if she needed him. She didn't need anything else, that one act had taken a large eraser to her fears and made them disappear, it was Booth, and she had no need to be afraid. Acting purely on her heart she turned around placed a soft chaste kiss on his lips. Booth was stunned for a moment, he had always thought that when someday arrived he would know in an instant. He brushed his lips against hers letting her know the full extent of his love for her in the electricity that coursed through her when he did. Then grabbing her waist he pulled her close and kissed her passionately, the way that he had been dreaming of kissing her for years. When they broke apart for air they wore matching grins; taking his hand in hers they walked back to the SUV. No more words were needed. It had taken long enough for someday to arrive, now both were determined to make it last forever.