It was 10:30 AM. Ziva just arrived at work.

"Hey Ziva" Tony said.

"Hey,I think i just felt a kick" Ziva said.

Tony and Ziva walked to that little spot by the steps.

Tony put his hand on Ziva's belly.

"Wow" Tony said. Tony smiled. "That was a strong one" Tony said.

"Yeah she just started doing that" Ziva said.

"Thought of any names" Tony asked?

"I thought of Anna DiNozzo,No first you wanna choose"

"How about Bella, Bella Anna DiNozzo" Tony said.

"That sounds good" Ziva said.

"We should tell everyone" Tony said.

"I think it is time too" Ziva said.

Ziva was 5 months pregnant and she was walking the waddle..

"Gibbs can me and Ziva talk to you" Tony asked?

"Sure" Gibbs said.

"Ziva he is all yours" Tony said.

"I'm pregnant" Ziva said.

"I can see that" Gibbs said as he touched her belly. "What is it" Gibbs asked?

"A girl" Tony said.

"Got a name"

"Bella Anna DiNozzo"

"Babies father" Gibbs said.

"Tony DiNozzo" Ziva said.

"We got a case gibbs" Tony asked?

"Yes,Grab your gear" Gibbs said.

"Ziva i would like you to stay here" Gibbs said.

'And do what" Ziva asked?

"Help Abby" Gibbs said.


Ziva walked into Abby's lab.

"Hey Ziva" Abby said.

"Hey,she is kicking" Ziva said.

"Can i feel" Abby asked?

"Sure" Ziva said.

Ziva put Abby's hand on her stomach.

"Wow she is kickin away" Abby said.

"She has been doing that" Ziva said.

"You better hurry up and leave" Abby said.

"I'm not leaving" Ziva said.

"Why" Abby asked?

"Gibbs thinks it is best for me to be here" Ziva said.

"You told hem" Abby asked?

"Yep,Mcgee has no clue" Ziva said.

"Tony will tell hem" Abby said.

"Yeah" Ziva said.

"Guys have you seen how big Ziva is and how she walks" Mcgee asked?

"Yes" Tony & Gibbs said.

"What's wrong with her" Mcgee asked?

"She is pregnant" Gibbs said.

"Who is the father" Mcgee asked?

"Me" Tony said.

Mcgee laughed.

"You" Mcgee asked?

"Yes me ask her yourself" Tony said.

"Gibbs can you put on Video chatt" Tony asked?

Gibbs put on the video chatt

"David" Gibbs yelled!

"Yes Gibbs" Ziva asked?

"Mcgee has to ask you something" Gibbs said.

"Okay,ask away" Ziva said.

"Is Tony the father of your baby" Mcgee asked?

"Yes,why" Ziva asked?

"I just wanted to make sure" Mcgee said.

"Ziva how is she" Tony asked?

"She is good,just kicking" Ziva said as she smiled. "OUCH" Ziva yelled!!!

"Are you okay" Tony & Abby asked?

"Some of her kicks hurt" Ziva laughed!

Gibbs cut off the video chat.

"Happy Mcgee" Tony asked?

"I can't believe it" Mcgee said.

"What can't you believe" Tony asked?

"You and Ziva having baby" McGee said.

"Well you better believe it" Tony said.

at 2:30 PM Tony arrived back at NCIS and his waddleing Ziva came up to hem.

"Hey" Tony said.

"Hey" Ziva said as she hugged hem. "Put your han don my belly in front of McGee" Ziva said.

McGee walked past.

Tony out his hand on Ziva's belly.

"Wow,she is having strong kicks" Tony said.

"Yeah" Ziva said.

"She is gonna be strong like her mom" Tony said.

Tony was already wrapped around his daughters finger and Ziva was only 5 months pregnant. 4 more months left then he can actully be wrapped around her tiny little fingers.

"Ziva come over here" Tony said as he grabbed her hand.

Tony and Ziva went near the interrogation room.

Tony got on his knees and pulled out a ring.

No one was around

"Ziva David will you marry me" Tony asked?

"Yes i will" Ziva said.

Tony put the ring on her finger

"I love you Tony" Ziva said. with her head in his chest.

"I love you too" Tony kissed the top of her head.

Tony and Ziva walked back

"McGee wanna feel her kick" Ziva asked?

"Of course" McGee smiled.

Ziva put McGee's hand were Bella was kicking.

"Wow she has some powerful kicks" McGee said.

"Yes she does" Ziva said as she took Mcgee's hand off her stomach.

"What's her name" McGee asked?

"Bella" Tony said.

Ziva fixed her hair in front of McGee,Abby,Ducky and gibbs.

"Ziva is that ring on the wrong finger" Abby asked?

"No" Ziva said. 'Why?"

"Who is your special man" McGee asked?

"Baby's father" Ziva said.

"Oh my god Tony,you did it" Abby said.

"Ducky wanna feel her kick" Ziva asked?

"Of course" Ducky says

Ducky felt the baby move, as Ziva beamed bright and proud.

After that Ziva went back up to the squad room. Everyone was working quietly, Ziva sat herself down and started working.

Ziva was working quietly when suddenly she felt sharp pains down her side. She figited, which caught Tony's attention.

"Ziva sweetie you okay?"

"Yeah" She said through gritted teeth and a fake smile

Tony walked up to her. "I dunno. I feels weird. It hurts Alot!" Ziva stated clamly her faced lined with worry.

"I'm sure it's nothing" Tony lied, he didn't believe it,

"Tony I think we should go to the hospital" Ziva stated.