Sam opens the door of their motel room, balancing the pizza boxes in one hand, to find Dean sitting less than three inches away from the TV with a look of intense concentration on his face. Sam rolls his eyes.

"Sitting that close to the television's bad for your health, Dean. Try and tear yourself away from your porn, and come eat."

Dean growls ferociously without moving. "In the ads, Sam."


"In. The. Ads."

Sam blinks, confused, then shrugs. "Hey, it's your cold pizza, man..." he grumbles. He's halfway to the kitchenette when something clicks in his head. Since when does porn have ads?

"Um, Dean?"

The next, obvious question is on the tip of his tongue when he hears a distinctive thunk-thunk sound. That sound only belongs to one show (and its spinoffs, but whatever. Tomato, tomahto...)

"Dean, are you watching Law and Order?"

There's an ad break, and Dean finally turns to his brother, looking flushed and excited. "It's Special Victims Unit. Sam, this is really exciting! See, this girl says her college professor raped her, but he says it was consensual sex, and..." he trails off, suddenly noticing the look of utter confusion on Sam's face. "What?" he snaps defensively.

"It's just... Dean, this is a heavy show."

"Yeah. And?"

"Well, the last thing I saw you watch that wasn't NC-17 was Top Gun. It's not like you to... well, care, I guess."

Dean sighs impatiently, and Sam has a sudden, vivid flashback to when he was thirteen and had demanded that Dean tell him what the different 'bases' guys always talked about at school meant. Then he remembers how quickly that discussion turns into a demonstration... mentally shaking himself, Sam tries to focus on what his brother's saying.

"...moral and ethical dilemma, and the way society is trained to automatically believe a rape vict- Sammy? Er, is this... exciting you?"

Sam glances down - he's hard. Shit.

Dean grins at him mischeviously. "So, you like it when I get all brainy on you, huh?" He jumps up off the floor and manhandles Sam onto the couch, biting at his neck. "I know some big words, Sammy... wanna hear 'em?"


"Yeah?" he murmurs, running his hands up Sam's torso and lifting his shirt.

"Shut up and suck me."

"Gladly," Dean growls, undoing the zipper on Sam's jeans with his teeth - quite a trick, that Sam thinks, but then Dean's licking a line up from the base of his shaft, and then Dean's mouth is around the end of his cock and he's sucking for all he's worth. Coherent thought kind of slips away at that point.

The distinctive thunk-thunk snaps Sam back to reality. Dean starts to move away, but Sam's too quick for him; he winds his hands in his brother's hair, keeping him firmly where he is.

"But Sam!" Dean grumbles around the obstruction in his mouth.

"Dean Winchester, if you ever want to get laid again, you will not stop."

And clearly Dean realises that it's not an empty threat, because after a second's hesitation, he continues with the blowjob.