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Sitting at Aunt Muriel's was plain dread. I wanted to do something, I wanted this all to just end. Not to worry about anyone.

Everyday left wondering if someone you love may end up captured or worse dead, it was wrong. At least when I was at Hogwarts I had something to keep my mind of the constant worry, at least I was helping other people, I was giving them hope by doing graffiti. Hope to keep going, to keep the faith. Now, all I was doing was sitting in my room with that constant worry picking at my brain.

Where was Harry?

What are they doing?

Worry...Worry..all the time, but I guess that was how it was during a war.

How was Luna?

What was Neville doing?

Neville promised me that if Harry showed up he would send a message with the fake galleon. I hung onto the galleon like it was my life line. Which was technically true...if I got a message...then Harry was alive.

That galleon was my hope, like the graffiti to other people, my hope that Harry, Ron, and Hermoine were okay. That Neville was alright.

That is how I got the message. Sitting on my bed staring listlessly at my wall clinging to the galleon like it was my air supply. Praying to whoever would listen that something would happen. When the galleon started getting warm I almost yelled out of pure bliss. Keeping my head though, I looked down at the message.

Harry's back, Going to fight

He was alive! We were going to make a stand!

I could breathe, I felt a little bit of my worry crumbling away. This is what I wanted to hear. I wanted to do this.

How to get to Hogwarts though?

I knew that I had to get to Hog's Head, but the question of how? I felt my relief turning into despair when I had tried to think of all the ways I could get there. I couldn't get there by myself, but maybe I wouldn't have to go by myself. I knew who would help me.

" Fred, George!" I screamed for my brothers.

They would help.

My brothers walked through my door with amused expression on their faces. They knew why I called them. They knew what was going on.

"Yes, Gin?" Fred asked.

"I want to go" There was no way I was going to get left behind, I would convince them someway even if took inflicting them with my famous Bat-Bogey Hex.


That is why I loved them. They knew I wouldn't want to sit behind and wait.

We spent the next few minutes trying to figure out how to get there without Aunt Muriel finding out. When had everything settled we headed out past the boundaries so they could apparate with me with them.


Getting to Hog's Head was again pure relief. We had made it. The relief was marred a little by the first sentence that left Aberforth's mouth.

"What the bloodly hell is going on?"

We told Aberfoth all about the galleon and in turn he told us about Neville, Harry, Ron, and Hermoine. While we were talking, with me still twitching to go see Harry to prove to myself that he was okay, a few other members of the D.A started apparating into Hog's Head. Aberforth getting more surly with each addition. First was Lee Jordan followed by Cho Chang.

Before I could even say hello or get jealous that Cho had showed up Aberforth spoke.

" Well I want a kip, so bugger off now."

"Good luck with that. I doubt we will be the last to come through." Fred said while I had started to go through the tunnel. aberforth didn't have to tell me twice.


Walking through the door into the Room of Requirement was thrilling. As I made my way through I saw Harry turn around to see who was coming through, when he caught my eye I smiled grandly. I could see him drinking in the sight of me but I also saw how he was not pleased that I was there. I ignored that, there was no way I was missing this. Crossing to sit in a chair I noticed that Harry, Ron, and Hermoine were talking. I was guesing they were trying to convince him to let us help. I knew that it would work. A second later I was proved right.

"Okay" He said turning to all of us. "There's something we need to find, something---something that'll help us overthrow You-Know-Who. It's here at Hogwarts, but we don't know where. it might have belonged to Ravenclaw. Has anyone heard of an object like that? Has anyone ever come across something with her eagle on it, for instance?"

I had no clue of anything, but then again I was in Gryffindor. Luna mentioned something about Ravenclaw's lost diadem. While they all sat there discussing it, I was watching Harry seeing the disappoint when no one knew anything. It wasn't until Cho suggested that she take him to Ravenclaw tower that I said something.

"No, Luna will take Harry, won't you, Luna?

There was no way I was going to let her go with him. I don't care if I did overreact. Luna had by now led Harry out of the room and we were left waiting for...well something to happen.

"Real smooth Gin." Fred said smiling.

"Bugger off Fred"

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