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Tarja Nilsson scowled as she watched a very familiar black SUV drive into her small garage. She tucked a strand of her waist length curly red hair behind one ear and shoved a grease covered rag into the back pocket of her faded cut-off shorts. "Spencer! Vat ze hell are you doing back 'ere?" She stopmed around to the dirver's side and screamed in anger. "Vat is zis Spencer?! Zat car was a piece of fucking artvork! Vat have you been doing to get it all shot up like zis?" She poked a gloved finger into one of the bullet holes riddling the side of the vehicle as Eliot stepped out of the SUV to face to tiny woman's wrath. She stormed over to the much larger man and grabbed the front of his shirt and shook him violently. "I put my fucking soul into zat car! It vas perfect! What ze fuck have you been doing zat would do zis to one of my cars?!"

Eliot opened his mouth and closed it several time to try and speak, but the fiery haired mechanic's screams kept him from getting a word in edge-wise. Finally he wrapped his hands around her mouth to shut her up and said loudly, "Nice to see you too Tarja, how've you been?"

Tarja fumed yanked the hitter's hand off of her mouth. "Vat ze hell do you vant Eliot? I am very busy so spit it out."

"I need you to fix the SUV, replace the armor, right headlight. New tires too. And uh, the passenger floorboards need to be replaced." Eliot glared right back at the tiny woman, "If I let go of you, are you going to bite me again?" Tarja shook her head and Eliot sighed. He let go of her mouth and yelped when she smacked him hard across the back of the head.

"You said zat you were going to stop vith ze gang fights Spencer. No more guns shooting at you, remember?" Tarja glanced over at the SUV and gave it a withering glare.

"Shit happens Tarja. Can you fix her?"

"Of course I can fix her Spencer, I can fix anyzing vith veels." Tarja clicked her tongue thoughtfully as she circled the car, inspecting the damage. "All of zis damage. You want zis done under ze table yes? No paper trail?"

"No paper trail." the hitter nodded. "Can you get it done by the end of the week? I got a job taking me out of town on Sunday."

"Please Spencer, give me some credit, I vill have her ready in zree days." She jabbed a finger into his chest. "You are damn lucky zat I have ze parts already in stock. I vill call you ven she is ready and you text me ze address you want me to bring her too." She waved at the open garage door, "Come on zen, driver ze baby inside so I can see how much internal damage she took."

Eliot gave the small woman a wry grin as she stepped inside the garage before climbing into his SUV and backing it through the open door. "Damn that woman drives me crazy."