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With a sharp roll of my eyes and a few huff of breath, I decided that today was the day I hired someone to come in and help me. I have no clue how my life ended up this way. I married my high school sweetheart, had two beautiful children and I live in a house right out of my dreams. As perfect as my life seems on the outside, the inside isn't so pretty.

My husband barely pays attention to me anymore and my kids are always fighting. Don't get me wrong, I love my family dearly but with picking up after them all day long and doing online classes I was falling way behind on the housework.

Housework wasn't the only issue I was having. My sex life left something to be desired. It has gotten so bad that I have begun to use my secret toy box just to get myself off. Pathetic I know but at this point I am seriously thinking about jumping the next man I see. With my kids and lack of sex life pushed to the side right now my main focus was getting the house in order.

So my last resort was to hire a cleaning service to help me. I didn't know where to look for something like that so I decided to call Leah and see if she knew anyone that could help on such short notice. I pushed myself off the door after kissing Edward goodbye and seeing the kids off to school. I thought I would die when I noticed the mess the kids made during breakfast as I walked past the kitchen to get the phone. I grabbed the phone and made my way into my room.

"Hey B." Leah answered. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"I need so much help around here. Edward is acting strange and ignoring me and the kids are messier than ever. Do you have the number to a place that can help me? I am desperate at this point." I heard her take a breath and the unmistakable sound of paper rustling before she spoke again.

"Hold on, I have…. to…find…ah here it is. It's a place called Rent-a-Wolf."

"Rent-a-Wolf? What the hell? This ain't no princess cartoon. Why would I want some damn animals helping me clean?"

"It's not like that, Bella. They are from the reservation and the wolf is part of their heritage." I took down the number and said a quick goodbye to Leah before going and starting on my long list of chores. I decided to start on laundry. Once I had the washer loaded and running, I decided to give the cleaning service a call.

"Thank you for calling Rent-a-Wolf, Sue speaking. How may I help you today?"

"Ummmm… I would like to… I mean I …" I suck at asking for help but I had to suck it up and get it out. "Can you please send someone to help me?"

"Not a problem ma'am. We have someone available for 12. Would that be alright for you?" After agreeing on the time I set back to the task of picking up in the kids rooms. I glanced at the clock and noticed that I had 30 minutes before the cleaning service arrived. I quickly made my way into the bathroom to take a shower. They were helping me and they didn't deserve to smell my funk while they were doing it. I laughed to myself again thinking about the name of the company. I made quick work in the shower and managed to pull on my shorts and white tank top just as I heard the doorbell.

As I made my way to the door yelling out for them to hold on, my phone rang. "Leah, are you on break already?" I asked as I rounded the corner.

"Nope, I wanted to see if they came yet."

"She just got here. I have to let her in now."

"How do you know there are sending a woman. Men can't clean?"

"Why would a guy be employed at a cleaning service?" I asked as I opened the door. The site before me made all attempts at speech very difficult. The man standing before me was sex on legs. He was at least 6'5 with flawless russet colored skin and silky black hair that framed his face and stopped at his chin. His black shirt clung to his muscular chest so tight it was begging to be ripped off. His jeans were low on his hips showing a perfect trail of hair leading to what I can only imagine was the promised lands. If this is what cleaning help looked like then fuck me blind.

I saw his perfect lips moving but I couldn't hear what he was saying. Shake it off Bella. I told myself. Now is not the time to… oh shit who was I kidding, this man was razor fine. I licked my lips and shook my head a little to clear of the thoughts that were currently fogging my mind. "I'm sorry, what was that?"

"I said, hello. I am Jacob from Rent-a-Wolf. I was sent to help you today. You do know that someone is screaming at you on the phone right?" He said as his face broke out with the sexiest smirk I have ever seen.

"Oh shit, I am so sorry. Come in. The kitchen is down the hall on the right if you want to get started in there. Let me finish this call and I will be right there."

With that I ran back to my bedroom and proceeded to give Leah a piece of my mind. "What this fuck is this? Did you know what that they were sending a hot guy to my house to help me clean? You knew didn't you? I have to go. I will deal with you later."

I didn't give her time to respond before I hung up and slammed the phone on the table successfully shattering it. I can do this. I thought to myself as I made my way back to the kitchen. I can deal with him being here. Just when I thought I had myself in check, I looked up to see Jacob standing by the sink with his back to me without his shirt. Oh sweet baby Jesus, his back was ripped. I noticed he had a tattoo along his spine that looked to be made of tribal markings that formed words.

"What does your tattoo mean?" I managed to ask. He turned to face me allowing me a view of another tattoo of a wolf over his heart.

"It's Quileute for Russet Wolf." He replied. "I wasn't sent here to help you clean a house you know."

"Oh really, then what were you sent here for then? I know what I called for and that was for help around the house."

He didn't answer me as he slowly made his way to stand before me. Part of me wanted to run far away from him, ok I am lying my ass off, and I wanted to run to him.

"What are you doing? I… answer me dammit." I yelled.

"I came to help you and that is what I am going to do Bella." With that, he leaned down taking my face in his large, warm hands. "Allow yourself to feel Bella." He whispered against my lips. "Allow me to make you feel better." I closed my eyes at his words and felt the softness of his lips press gently against mine.

Oh this is so wrong, what about Edward. I can't do this; I can't bring myself to cheat on my husband. I have kids to think about too. I can break up my marriage for a one night stand. I have to stop this; I have to stop before this goes any further. "Please, I can't do this." My words sounding of breathless whispers. "I am married; I can't do this to my husband and what if he catches us?"

"Trust me, I have this under control. Now, what do you need me to do?" He walked to me picking me up by my ass and placing me on the kitchen table. Slowly he lifts my shirt over my head. He trails open mouth kisses along my neck until he reaches the valley of my breasts. He took my nipple into his mouth causing instant wetness in my panties.

"I can't do this." I moan as his tongue flicks across my nipple. He trailed his hands down to my stomach resting on the button to my shorts. "Please." I moan. "Please, I can't do this." Oh god that feels so good. "Please, lower." I whisper. He moved lower and gave my whispering eye a gentle kiss as he slid my shorts and panties from my hips. Kissing along my thighs, I felt his warm velvety tongue circle my swollen nub. At that I allowed my eyes to roll back into my head and let the warmth take over.

Gently, he ran his teeth over my clit as he slid two fingers into me. My moans increased in volume as I felt the power of his mouth on me. "So good, so… fucking… good." I managed to moan. With one final bit to my clit, I felt the power of my first orgasm take over. Edward never made me feel like this. My whole body was on fire. Jacob kissed his way up my body pausing to worship each breast before taking my bottom lip into his mouth. I could taste myself on him.

He pulled back allowing me to catch my breath. "How does that feel? Would you like more Bella?" I nodded not trusting my voice. "How much more? Tell me what you want. What you desire."

I couldn't speak; I didn't know what to say. Do I let this go further? Do I stop? "I…I um…I don't know. This is so wrong. I am married and I have a family."

"I am not here for them, I am here for you. To make your body feel good, to make you feel good. To worship your body like it should be. Let me do that."

"Jacob, Pl…please"

"I love how you say my name; I want to hear you scream it this time." His breathy moans went straight to my core. My mind was battling my body. He kissed down my body again and placed my hardened nipple into his mouth again biting gently. My back arched pushing myself into him more. "I think I have my answer."

I don't know how he was able to get the condom on so fast. Before I could process this he was teasing my entrance. With one perfectly arched brow he asked if I was ready. I could only nod once I took in his size. With a control I would have never thought possible he pushed into me inch by glorious inch. When he was completely sheathed within me he paused allowing for adjustment. Slowly he started to pull back. I quickly wrapped my legs around his waist.

"Please," I begged. "More" With a moan of my name he slammed that magical cock into me. "Jacob" I screamed as a smirk danced across his face. "Oh fuck yes… that feels so good."

"Say it again Bella, say my name again." He said as he slowed his pace and slamming into me again.

"Jake, oh shit…harder Jake…harder please." I begged. He lifted my hips and continued to slam my pussy.

"Bella, you feel so good on my cock. Oh fuck you are so tight. Do you like how I feel in you?"

"Yes…oh yea, right there. Please don't stop." I felt my walls clamp down around him. I knew my release was coming.

"Cum for me, my beautiful Bella. Come now and say my name." He said as his hands caressed my body. I felt his thumb making circles on my clit and I exploded around him. I tried to come down from my high thinking he was finished but he continued to push into me. My body was on fire once again as I felt him slowly filling me.

Between our moans and his mouth on my breasts, I felt myself lose control again. One more thrust of his hips and my walls clamped down again. This time milking his orgasm as we released together. Jacob came this time with my name falling from his lips and his from mine.

I couldn't believe how he made my body feel. I knew in my heart what we just did was wrong but it felt so right. "What just happened? I thought you were supposed to help me with my cleaning."

"I told you before that I wasn't here for that. I am here to help you feel pleasure. What kind of help did you think you called for?"

"I called for cleaning help."

"I got that call also but I was set to come here a week ago." Ok now I was starting to panic. Leah was the only one that knew I was having problems in the sex department. Why would she set this up? Note to self: get her something really good for Christmas this year.

"So who called you then?"

I was hoping he would say Leah. I wanted him to say Leah. I wasn't expecting the answer he gave me though.

"Your husband did."

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