Author's Note: I have a bad habit of not finishing what I start, so here's hoping that these "one shot" stories will have more luck. I do not own any of these characters, just the story line. Enjoy this one day stand with Jasper and human Bella. :)

The heat that radiated from my pajamas, that were now drenched in my sweat, was almost unbearable when I had finally woken up. As I reflexively felt around the bed with one of my hands, I was saddened to find that Edward was not there. My fingers brushed against something papery and when I turned my head to check, I saw that he had left a note. With a yawn and a rub of my eyes, I sat upright in the king sized bed that Edward had bought for us a few months back.


Hunting with Emmett and Carlisle. I will be back as soon as I can, love.


I read the note over and over before realizing that it would be a while before he returned. It was hard being away from Edward, even if it was for a few hours. I turned my head to peer through the glass window that took up an entire wall of Edward's room. The sun was setting just beyond the trees, its ray of light shining through each empty space that separated the branches from one another. How long had I been asleep? Was I the only one home? I tugged at my pajamas once more. The heat was truly starting to irritate me. I searched around for an Air Conditioner but saw none. Of course they wouldn't have one. Nothing was colder than a vampire.

Sighing in defeat, I turned to a hamper that contained a pile of clothing Alice had handpicked herself, in hopes that there would be something lighter for me to wear. Something that didn't make me want to roast to death. My stomach gurgled. Roast didn't sound like such a bad idea right about now. I was relieved when I came across a pair of white shorts and a baby blue tank top to go with it. I quickly changed into them and proceeded to go downstairs to see if the Cullens had stocked anything in their kitchen. I was surprised to find that the house was unusually quiet. Not a sound from the grand piano that Edward or Rosalie usually played, or the familiar chuckle from Emmett when he cracked one of his jokes. However, when I had finally reached the end of the steps, I saw that the TV was on, though there was no sound from what I could hear.

As I checked to see who was home, I saw Jasper propped on the couch by himself. His golden eyes fixed on the television, though I was almost positive that he had heard me since I had started moving upstairs. After a few moments of unresponsiveness from Jasper, I wondered if I should say something. Before I could open my mouth to even utter a word, he had beaten me to the chase.

"Good morning, Bella." He said coolly, not taking his eyes off of the TV.

I laughed nervously and walked closer.

"Morning, Jasper…where is everybody?" I asked, hoping to break some tension that was already building.

Of course I knew where Emmett, Carlisle and Edward were, but it never hurt to bond with your future in law.

"The boys are out hunting, they should be back in a few hours. Alice, Rosalie and Esme thought it'd be a good idea to go shopping for shoes in Venice." Jasper replied, rolling his eyes on the last five words.

I raised my eyebrow in disbelief, of all people; Jasper was usually the last person who would choose to stay behind with a living, breathing, blood pumping human. And for a moment, I thought he could read my mind just like Edward.

"Don't worry, I already ate and shoe shopping in Venice isn't exactly my cup of tea." He teased, turning his head to face me to give me a wink before taking in my outfit.

I saw his eyes quickly scan my body up and down, resting on the flush of my cheeks from the heat, before they returned to their usual disciplined composure.

"You're sweating. Should I turn on a fan?" Jasper suggested, already beginning to move from the position on the couch to flick on the fan that was just beside me.

"Oh, no. I got it." I replied, standing in front of the fan to look for the on switch.

"Um." I said, after a few moments of unsuccessfully trying to operate it.

"White button on the top." He instructed.

I nodded and pressed my finger against the button. It pushed down with a click, and the petals of the fan began to spin. But perhaps I couldn't have been as stupid as I was in that very moment. In that very moment, as the fan spun at its patient speed, all it took was a few seconds for my scent to fill the room and right into the face of a blood thirsty vampire. Had it not been for the fact that Jasper had hunted earlier, I probably would not be here to tell this tale. I gasped softly, moving out of the way of the propeller and looked at Jasper, whose eyes were closed tightly now, hands gripped to his sides.

"Nearly two years and I still can't used to your smell." He joked, pursing his lips tightly.

"I'm sorry, Jasper. I should've been more careful…" I started, but he put up a hand to stop me.

"It's not your fault, Bella. I just. Need something to get my mind off it." Jasper said quickly.

His eyes slowly opened but remained in a squinted position. He stared in the direction of the TV but I knew he was seeing right past it.

I thought for a moment before lighting up.

"Um, alright, let's play a game or something." I offered, stalking around the room in hopes to find a pack of cards—anything that wouldn't result as me being Jasper's next meal.

My eyes finally locked on a Monopoly box. I had brought it over the night before in hopes of playing it with Edward, but we were…distracted. It had finally come in handy after all. I quickly grabbed it and hurried towards Jasper.

"Bella, I don't think you being closer than you already are is such a—

Too late. I should have known better than to trust my own two feet. The next thing I knew, the game board flew from my hand and I was sent tumbling on top of Jasper. The impact from falling on him felt like smacking head first against a body of concrete. As my vision finally returned, I realized that my arms were wrapped around his neck and the place between my legs rested directly against his…well, you know.

Neither Jasper nor I said a word as I shyly pulled my head up to meet his eyes. They were closed again…almost afraid to open. I felt something throbbing against my center, but I ignored it. For all I knew, it could have been the inner monster convincing him to eat me. I took the time to examine his face, it was tense. His pale lips pulled tightly together once more, his snow white skin almost like a marble statue as he sat motionless. I was about to get off when I felt his body relax, catching me off guard as his face drew closer to the arch of my neck.

I winced, "Jasper, please…" But he was gone.

"Edward is going to kill me…" Jasper mused, to no one in particular, as he softly sniffed my neck.