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"Alice!" I hissed.

Her name was perfect for hissing. I wanted to name everything Alice, just so I could hiss it all day long. I'd ask Jasper when he returned home from the grocery store: 'Did you get the Alice?' Or while we were at the bar: 'Can I get a shot of Alice, please?'

"Bella," she groaned at me. The sound of her voice made my eyes flutter closed. My beautiful Alice.

A hiss and a groan—this was us. When we could reduce each other to basal sounds, we could forget that what we really were was a complicated string of words. We would always be difficult to translate.

"Alice, God. Don't stop!" It should have been illegal what she could do with her hands. Her hard pale body had always been a dangerous temptation to me. She was capable of breaking me in two, of draining me of life in seconds. Her silky smooth skin glistened with our juices. I left a trail on her with everything I had in me. She slipped from under me and lifted my legs up and out.

"I won't stop, baby," she whispered in my ear, "You know I like to make you come first."

When I initially laid eyes on her, I would have sworn she wasn't yet old enough to vote. It was her dirty mouth that made me question that.

After everything we've said and done since then, I've learned that where Alice is concerned, nothing is as it first appears.


In an all too common moment of weakness, I had decided to reward myself with a little shopping spree. It was time to celebrate with designer; I'd had enough of Target and the Goodwill. We had a killer week at the salon. My girls pulled in a solid two grand a piece, leaving me with almost five thousand dollars in profit. There was amazing hair in Forks this week. Thank goodness for prom.

I had just slipped into the newest 'Stop Staring' when I heard someone opening the door. She was inside so quickly I didn't have time to protest.

I would forever remember those words, in that velvet voice. "Fuck. Me." She stammered both her speech and her breaking and entering.

She barged into the dressing room just as I was flirting with myself in the mirror, acting out all my favorite pin-up poses. I should have been at least a little bit embarrassed by my position; chest pushed out and practically seducing my reflection, but I wasn't. I'll never forget the shocked look on her face, or her devilish smile.

My first thought was, 'When and where, little one?'

She had a look of pure determination on her face. I was in awe.

I sauntered over to her and held out my hand. "Hi. I'm Bella. Do you like the dress?"

It was, no question, the hottest little number I had tried on yet that day: a shiny black halter with a sweetheart neckline and a pencil skirt that would catch even the most prude eye.

As I took in her appearance, I realized she wasn't as young as I had first thought. She certainly was the height of an adolescent, maybe five feet. Her skin was flawless and pale. She had spiky black hair and a delicately curved figure. She reminded me of a precious porcelain doll.

She wore a thin, shimmering, silver top with a deep V neckline, giving me a nearly unobstructed view of her perky little tits. Her nipples were hard and teased me from their asylum. The fact that she was shamelessly checking me out, combined with the heroin chic shadows under her wide eyes told me that, though precious, she was anything but innocent.

She held her ground, clearly not ashamed of her ogling. I moved closer, licking my lips. I felt like I was being pulled to her, like my legs had a polarity all their own.

Standing two feet from her, I noticed her eyes were like a glowing black agate. A strange color I thought, but Jesus, they were amazing. They seemed to be memorizing, yet seeing right through me.

For several minutes she just stood there, paying no attention to my outstretched hand. I was beginning to fidget, unsure if I was out of line with my tone. I hadn't really intended to be so suggestive and was now feeling a fool, wishing I hadn't come on to her so strongly.

She finally snapped out of her daze and took my hand in hers. It was freezing cold and hard, so much harder than it should have been. For a split second, I was startled. What the fuck was this? Her smile and melodic voice broke through my alarm and hypnotized me immediately.

"Hi, Bella. I'm Alice."

I was shocked when we touched. Her hand tingled in mine, like she had a million tiny sparks in the palm of her hand. The feeling crawled up my arm and coursed through my body. I knew that any minute I was going to tackle her to the ground, tear that shiny fabric off those tits and claim them as my own. I smiled so slyly at my own fantasy that she couldn't help but mirror it.

Her teeth were a bit large for such a tiny mouth, they were also very straight and had a beautiful pearlescent sheen to them. I could almost see the pink of her blood through the surface. Nothing about this girl wasn't strange and beautiful.

"So, do you come here often?" The words flew out of my mouth before I could stop them. Her ringing laughter was pure heaven to my ears.

"As often as I can. You?"

"Frequently. I'm surprised we haven't run into each other before."

"Hmm, me too." She was eyeing me like a hawk as she continued, "Though, now that we have, nothing will stop us."

I raised an eyebrow. What was that supposed to mean? I realized we were still holding hands. It didn't feel awkward, quite the opposite actually.

"Sorry," I said, releasing myself from her grip as I walked back toward the mirrors. "I'll be done in a minute. I think I'm going to get this one. What do you think?"

"I think you should get two," she offered.

I couldn't help but giggle at her admission. Shit was so easy with this girl. "If they had it in red, I would."

"I can make one in red for you."

"Really? You'd make me one? You can do that?"

"Absolutely. Once I have a garment, I can duplicate it flawlessly. Of course, I could make one from scratch perfectly as well, but having the exact pattern in my head is helpful."

"Wow. Um, yeah. That would rock. Where would you get the fabric?"

"You let me worry about that, sugar." She started digging in her bag for something. A small card, it looked like. She handed it to me.

Alice Cullen

"My address is on the back. Come by around 8. Shiny or matte?"

"Um, matte," I said absentmindedly, taking in the little bit of information on the card. "You're a psychic?"

"Seer, Bella. And, yes, I am," she clarified with a grin.

"Hmm. You didn't see me coming, then?"

"You were never very clear before, but what I see now would take your breath away. See you at 8!"

Without another word, she was out of the dressing room so fast that she blurred. She hadn't even tried on her clothes.

I stood there, with her card in my hand, dumbfounded. Who the fuck was this girl? I wondered if the whole encounter had been a figment of my imagination.

I slowly peeled the dress off, still woozy from the "Alice" high. I felt something in the pit of my stomach that was not unlike butterflies, but also not unlike fear.

She wasn't scary, but the whole encounter made me uneasy. I'd been attracted to girls before, but hadn't dated one in years.

Damn my timing!

Jake was taking up a lot of my life lately and getting way too comfortable. The fucker was probably waiting at my house right now. How the hell he got in was beyond me, as I certainly hadn't given him a key. I think it was high time to nip that behavior in the bud.

The idea of Alice was quite tantalizing. Her words were a puzzle and honestly, kind of freaky. I didn't trust a psychic as far as I could throw one, but it did feel like something connected when I first saw her. She was so sure of herself that I didn't even think to question it.

I gathered the dress and the peep-toes heels. I didn't see her on the way to the cashier.

I gave the girl my credit card. As she ran it, I glanced around the shop. It wasn't large, but I couldn't quite see all the way to the other side.

Finally, I spotted her over by the shoes. She was with a tall blonde man—a fucking beautiful tall blonde man. He was watching her as intently as she was inspecting the footwear.

She abruptly looked up at me. I smiled coyly and she smiled back with a wave. The blonde looked up as well. He seemed to be annoyed or maybe tired. He didn't smile.

Figures, she's taken. They're together. Oh well, beautiful company was always appreciated. Even if they're unavailable.

I quickly made my way out of the shop, googling her address on my Blackberry as I walked to my car. She lived in the middle of fucking nowhere. I was definitely nervous about going over there later, but I couldn't come up with a single reason not to.


God, I was close. Her little tongue was better than any vibrator I had ever tried.

"Are you ready, sugar?" She was knuckle deep and I was soaking wet and more than ready for her. Four of her fingers were twisting inside me.

"Yes," I barely breathed out.

She turned her palm up and four of her fingers pressed hard on my G-spot. I screamed her name as she closed her tiny fist, sliding it inside me with relative ease. My whole body was shaking. Her knuckles dug hard on my front wall, her hand filling me more completely than I could ever remember. It had been too long since I had last felt her, last tasted her. I was sure I was losing consciousness every second that went by. Her tongue was working my clit in hard circles. Her petite body was curled between my legs, pulsating, as she twitched her arm to keep me soaring.

"Fuck, Alice!" I screamed. My muscles clenched like a vice and vibrated around her stone fist. I couldn't even open my eyes to watch. I was gone.

"I missed you Bella."

"I missed you too, baby." My breathing was ragged and caught in my chest as my body trembled.

She stilled her movements, pulling out of me slowly, and used a conveniently placed towel to dry herself off.

God, it had been a long two weeks. I couldn't help but be somewhat bitter about it. The first week was fine. I worked a lot. The second week was fucking torture. We were slow at the salon, so I left early every day. When I ran out of shit to read or eat and finished catching up on my sleep, I just wandered around the house. With Nick Cave bellowing in the background and a glass of wine as my constant companions, I counted down the drunken hours until they returned.

This huge house felt even bigger when I was alone in it. I always wondered why two people would need such accommodations; ten bedrooms and twelve baths seemed a little overkill.

The thing was, it was so desolate, so quiet all the time that some freaky shit would have been welcome.

It was just silent and still. No ghosts. No bumps in the night. Even the animals stayed away. I had figured that a vampire's house would have been a little more interesting when empty, especially at night. Disappointed!

When I heard their car pull up, I bounded out the front door as fast as I could. Alice was excited to see me, but Jasper only nodded in my direction. He didn't even follow us into the house.

I had been so lonely that I wasn't going to waste another minute thinking about what kind of mood he might be in today. It wasn't long before Alice was following me to my bedroom.

Jasper was still outside, tending the grounds. I tried to keep up with the weeds and the whatever, but I wasn't really into playing in the dirt. I know I told him that before they left.

They had gone on a vacation to Alaska, of all places, to visit some family. Alice assured me before she left that I would be fine. Of course I would be fine, just lonely as fuck. But not anymore, my babies were home!

I curled into her tiny body as she stroked my hair mindlessly. Her cool skin smelled like rain and leaves and me. I sighed into her chest, so happy they were back. Even if Jasper was being distant, it might just be one of his little games. I was always prone to paranoia and he took enormous pleasure in pushing me to my limit. Or it could have been something else entirely—something I didn't really want to think about.

"Alice, please don't ever leave me here for two weeks by myself again. I'm not sure I won't jump off the roof from loneliness," I pouted.

I felt her giggle. She continued petting my head like I was her cuddly Havanese. "Oh, sugar, I'm sorry. It was unavoidable, but your reason for being is back now, and all is right with the world."

Alice thought she was funny. I tended to disagree. Jasper was funnier because he didn't mean to be. I was the funniest because I couldn't differentiate between harsh and hilarious.

"Yes, yes. Bella cannot function without Alice and Jasper. How did she even find the will to get up in the morning?"

"Har har, little girl. We missed the shit out of you, so shut it. Jasper talked about you the whole way home."

"Yeah, about how I neglected his precious gardens, no doubt. Or how I put his books back all wrong. He barely looked at me before he was out back with his pink palmed gloves on." I paused, trying to find a way to breach the subject I was more content to keep locked up tight. "Al, is he having a hard time? Two weeks is a long time."

Alice knew I had a hard time with outward sincerity. It was actually painful for me to voice genuine concern. This was in direct opposition to how I felt of course, so therefore it was a safer road to travel.

"Aw, you really did miss us! I thought 'the bitch squad' had finally, fully possessed you in our absence. Don't fuss, Bella. Jasper is fine. I think if anything, he's just so worried about overwhelming you, and himself, that he's convinced he is having a hard time, but, he's not."

I hated talking about my blood. Jasper did really well after a few weeks of my constant presence. I had "strong blood," Alice had informed me, and Jasper hadn't been on their 'humans are friends, not food' diet as long as she had. It was a little harder for him to not suck me dry.

If Jasper was indeed desensitized to my scent, I wondered whether or not he still craved my blood. I was nervous that if he still did, that it would mean starting all over again once they returned. Before they left I suggested that it might be beneficial if they took some things of mine with them, just so being around me wouldn't be a shock when they came back. I also jokingly asked if they wanted any particular item of my dirty laundry. Jasper growled and adamantly refused.

I wished they would just change me already, so we wouldn't have to worry about it. Alice said she had her reasons, chiefly to do with the salon, but I suspected something more. They had told me how unstable new vampires could be, perhaps they just didn't want to deal with me. I wasn't about to tempt Jasper. I might not make it out of that little transaction alive.

"He just doesn't want to admit how much he loves me and missed me, is that it?"

"That's exactly it, Bella." Jasper's voice startled me. Eight Ball must have known he was standing there, shifty little imp. She knew that that shit pissed me off.

"Man, you vampires are too damn quiet. I'm going to tie bells to you fuckers, so that I know where you are at all times. Like cats," I spat.

Alice giggled at my venom, hiding her face in my hair. I just rolled my eyes and huffed in complaint. We were still naked and tangled in the damp sheets. Jasper's presence in the bedroom indicated he was looking for some "company." I suppose I had blown his avoidance of me out of proportion.

I had gotten over any weirdness of being naked in front of them. That happened very quickly after I moved in. I had never been very shy and Alice's bathroom was sent from fucking heaven above. I've slowly weaseled my way in. Vampires are also quite nosy. Getting them to stay out while I spent hours bathing, preening and coiffing was just about fucking impossible.

The sexing just sort of happened one night. I was drinking and bitching about Jake being the last decent lay I'd had. I was also inwardly lamenting the fact that there were two perfectly fuckable, gorgeous, yet completely untouchable vampires in the room. Alice got that glazed over look she gets when she has a vision. Somewhere in the background I heard Jasper say something like, "Uh, oh."

We did it right there in the library. Jasper watched.

"If you want me in nothing but bells, Bells, all you have to do is ask. I won't bite, promise." Jasper was at the bedside in less than a second, arching one eyebrow, licking his chops like a starving dog. He trailed his fingers from my shoulder to my hip.

I shivered. Damn, I had missed his voice. It hypnotized me, just like Alice's. Where her high trilling was joyful, like a violin, Jasper's was low, like a blues bass, sultry and dripping with drawl. They both played me expertly.

"Funny, Jasper!" Alice squealed like a five year old. She jumped up and pulled him down on the bed. I moved myself out of the way just in time.

"Careful of the human, Eight Ball," I scolded.

"I knew you would make it in time." Her last word was mangled by Jasper's lips claiming hers.

Having sex with Alice and Jasper was just about the most delicious thing in the world; watching them was absolutely captivating. The overwhelming lust and adoration that Jasper absorbed and threw off was mind blowing. When the three of us were engaged, I could swear that my mind and body blasted out into some sort of spectral plane, expanding and reaching realities heretofore unknown. Nothing existed except for us.

Jasper was mauling Alice's tiny body. She was heaving and writhing under him. His clothes were in pieces all over the bed. I settled myself for the show, knowing full well I wasn't going to be able to sit still.

Jasper was magnificent. It would be a lie to say I didn't crave his presence. I was even more tempted by him because of his apparent loathing of me when we first met. Alice had already made up her mind about me and firmly informed Jasper that I was to remain a permanent fixture; he better just get over it. What Lola wants, Lola gets, evidently.

His body was a moving sculpture of male perfection. Every muscle was broad and defined; everything proportioned and everything hard as a rock. His dirty blonde hair was wavy and constantly taunting me to twist my fingers through it as it tickled like silk on my skin.

Jasper had one hand on Alice's right breast, twisting and pulling her nipple like taffy. The left was in his mouth, his tongue and teeth torturing her. He was being deliberately slow, rubbing the length of his cock along her slit.

Alice was dilating. I knew he loved to tease her. It was cruel, almost, but Alice always got her way. This was one of the only times that Jasper got exactly what he wanted.

"Jasper. God, please Jasper," she begged.

I saw his mouth curl up into a devilish smile. He looked at me out of the corner of his eye as he plowed into her and stilled.

Alice wouldn't be tamed so easily. She bucked against him, straining the bed frame, and tried to get him to move.

He conceded, slowly pulling out. Alice whimpered as he sheathed himself again at the same pace. Watching him and knowing how he felt that deep inside made me ache for it. I shook involuntarily and groaned.

Jasper was driving into Alice relentlessly, methodically. He so got off on the power trip of being the only real cock in the house. We both preferred his anyway. The duplicate we had made was unfortunately inanimate, and therefore came in a distant second to the real thing.

"Be patient, kitten, you're next," Jasper growled at me.

That was all I needed to hear. I melted into the sheets. I knew he was just teasing me now, avoiding me after they got home. They both had reassured me that if he had the strength to be intimate with me once, then my blood wasn't a problem anymore. I still winced at the thought of causing him pain.

Alice screamed his name as she came. Jasper was kneeling on the bed, she was propped up on his cock and wrapped around him. He held her firmly by the hips, slamming her body down onto his. He came with a ferocious growl, nearly casting them off the bed.

Jasper and Alice always had to go first, when we were all together. It was safer. He could be as forceful and wild with her as he wanted. He sated his monster with her, saving a gentle beast for me.

We had come to the conclusion that it was a male vampire thing. Alice claimed that she lacked the compulsion to spear me in two. She had a theory about it, of course. She equated it to basic human hormones. She posed that since testosterone was "more persuasive" than estrogen, it must enhance the male's sense of the females.

When a human is changed into a vampire, the hormones change as well. Vampires can't reproduce, but the basic human urge isn't gone. My blood was already quite enticing to Jasper, and my hormones weren't altered by venom. On top of the fact that he was physically attracted to me, the mixture was like an elixir, especially when I was ovulating, thus provoking Jasper's latent human desire to aggressively imbue me with his seed. On this, Jasper had no comment.

It took months, nearly a year, before he and I could actually have sex. Alice had to be right there, and I had to be on top (I didn't mind), and Jasper had to hold his breath. Oh, and I had to be in a certain stage of my cycle, and he couldn't come inside me. I made a list once.

At first, the rules turned it into a fucking lab experiment, but it got to be more fun and spontaneous the more we "practiced." Few stipulations remained.

We even managed a few times without Alice there, but for whatever reason, I prickled with guilt afterward. The idea of fucking my best friend's husband while she wasn't there just didn't sit well. It brought back memories of past infidelity. I had been both victim, and culprit.

It wasn't as if she didn't know, but that did little to ease my mind. I was trying to let it go, and it was getting better, but I knew I loved them both more than I should. I knew from experience that when love finally got involved, the whole pretty world would come crashing fucking down.

It was impossible to hide these feelings, obviously. Thankfully, we rarely talked about it. We all knew when we needed space. The two weeks apart was really just what the doctor ordered.

Jasper had literally just laid Alice down when he whipped his head around to me. She pounced off to the far corner of the bed and knelt like a monk. He turned, dug my feet out from under me and pulled me down around him by my ankles.

He looked my body over savagely while he grazed his hands over my thighs.

"Did you miss me, darlin'?" His eyes were so black that the whites barely registered. He looked absolutely possessed. I was always a little bit afraid of Jasper, but my sick head mixed the fear with desire, swirling the two together, and when Jasper intensified them, the euphoria was mind numbing. When he dug his thumbs into my pubic bone, I nearly fainted. I had missed him terribly and wanted nothing more than to have him completely consume me.

"Yes, Jasper, I missed you." I think I was speaking out loud. He licked from my navel to my throat and his cool venom stung my hot skin. His cock was pressing on my clit. My nipples hardened on his cold chest as I scratched my nails up his back and snaked them through his hair, drawing his mouth to my neck. He licked and sucked and kissed the flesh below my ear.

"I missed you too, baby girl," he whispered. He always knew exactly how to take my breath away, how to make me feel like I was the only thing in his world.

His hand was massaging both my breasts as he sloppily mouthed my face and chest. I arched myself up into him, looking for as much contact as I could get. Grinding against him was exactly like grinding against a marble table, sans any sharp angles or corners. The feeling of such solid resistance let me find out exactly where my limit was. I always knew where he ended and I began—merely putty that opened, folded, bent, and reformed over and around him.

He didn't wait for me to beg. Holding most of his weight off of me he entered me slowly and fully, capturing my lips with his. Our tongues danced in my mouth.

I tried to lock my legs around him, but he kept me still, instead angling himself upward, holding me under my knees. In lingering undulation, he rocked himself completely in and out of me. With each agonizing withdrawal, he elicited a direct hit in return.

When I could open and focus my eyes, I only caught glimpses of him. His calm was frightening, and the devil had not left his eyes. I could see venom dripping out of his parted lips; felt it falling on my skin.

I kept my legs spread wide as he moved his hand to my abdomen, massaging my skin and tracing my bones. I throbbed and flared like a wild animal under his touch.

His thumb found my clit and I cried out his name in torment. He pressed the flat pad of it against me, keeping his pressure firm. I felt huge waves building—suffocating, blinding, killing waves. My eyes closed. I was not in control of my own body anymore. He plundered me with a slow pace and rhythm, now circling on my nub.

"Quiet now, Bella. Open your eyes."

When I did, what I saw in his eyes was pure adoration, and resolve. I tried to return the same. I was falling, he knew. With the most minute increase in speed and pressure he brought me there. I hit, clutching at my breasts. My body arched, the went completely rigid. Every one of my muscles tensed and flexed. I locked my breath away, and like an atom bomb, I exploded, concussively, seeing blue skies, red blood, black nights, and gold eyes.

Hours, days or years I could have been in lost in the ecstasy. I felt his cool release hit the walls inside of me, provoking another peak to my orgasm. I slid myself further onto him, enveloping him completely; his hips slammed into me a half dozen more times as he came with an aching wail.

I let out a guttural blast of air, finally letting my muscles relax. He lay hovering over me with his eyes closed, trying to keep his breathing calm.

I wanted to keep him inside me forever. With resignation in his piercing eyes he sucked my bottom lip into his mouth and slowly withdrew himself out and off of me to lie at my side.

Alice smiled like a fool as I held my arm out to her, needing her with me as well. She kissed me and snuggled into my chest. Jasper stretched his long body behind me; both their arms held me tight.

"See?" Alice asked. "I told you so."

"Shh, Alice, you're ruining my post orgasmic radiation," I said. Jasper chuckled into my shoulder.

"When did it get dark out?"

Alice just laughed. I joined her. I could feel Jasper still grinning as he traced my spine and shoulder blades with his face. We laced all our fingers together in a ridiculous cluster near Alice's stomach.

"Next time, I'm going with you guys," I declared.

They locked eyes for a second longer than necessary, then turned them to me.


Jasper cleared his throat.

"What?" I asked again, turning my head from Alice to look at him, this time afraid of what they had to say.

"Next time, they're coming here."