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Author's Note: I was rewatching Driven and after Ziva told Gibbs about Tony going to the hospital and him having a hospital bracelet on when he got into the elevator he looked a little worried.

Not Again

I listen to Ziva as she tells me that Tony had been going to the hospital and is wearing a hospital ID bracelet. It seems to me that she is worried for him. As I walk to the elevator to go back home I get in and wait for it to close. I let my guard drop. I am worried too. I remember the blue lights as I ordered DiNozzo not to die and he obeyed me. I remember the blood on his lips and how he was coughing. He gasped when he tried to talk to me.

It was true that it could come back. I had McGee find me some information after Tony had been discharged from the hospital. I just wanted to know what we were up against when he came back. If there was anything we had to worry about, or any other complications we might face when Tony came back.

Why didn't he tell me if there was something wrong with him? He should know by now that he could tell him anything. He had been on the team longer than any other agent. The only one that was here longer was Abby. I knew that I had to make sure that something wasn't seriously wrong with Tony. He was like a son to me and Abby was like a daughter to me. I couldn't lose one, or both of them. It would hurt too much.

I watch as Tony leans on his car and waits patiently for someone. He gets out his other phone. I can see that he has two phones and I wonder at this, but don't think any of it when a beautiful woman walks up to him. Tony talks to her and then kisses her and she kisses back. This must be his new girlfriend and she works at the hospital. Normally Tony would be telling us of his current girlfriend, but not this time. I have no idea who this woman is.

I look away, start the car and drive away. Tony had no idea that I was there and that was a good thing. Well, at least that latest mystery could be laid to rest. I will tell Ziva that there is nothing to worry about and I also have nothing to worry about either.

The End