Three Words

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A/N: I didn't think of this three-word sentence at first, but then I remembered it because someone totally different said it. In Torchwood. But it gave me another one to write, one that I liked better than my "I'm the Doctor" one – which I still have. I'll get back to it later; maybe re-do it.

Anyway, here's another taste of what these will look like.

Chapter Two: I'm so Sorry (406 words)

"I'm so sorry."

They're never enough.

He can try, as hard as he wants to, to make them enough. But apologies will never make what he has to do any better. It can make things easier, but it's still no better. He can excuse anything with the right words, the right phrases. The problem lies not in rectifying what he does, but in preventing that which drives him too such horrors in the first place. Prevention always works better than rehabilitation. Sometimes, though, being who he is doesn't give him the chance to prevent whatever horrible event will happen. He almost always arrives too late for that. What would be the point of him arriving before anything particularly significant has happened? He should be the one going around, preventing disaster before it strikes, but he doesn't always succeed at that. Sure, sometimes he manages to get away before anything horrible, anything too horrible, happens. He wouldn't let the world end on his watch, oh no. That's the last thing he's going to let happen. He'd die – really die, no regeneration involved – before he'd let that happen.

He says them too much. He apologizes for too much, really. It's not always his fault that such horrible things happen. Humans are such a horribly violently destructive race. He can't fix that. They can't really help that they do and will end up destroying everything, eventually. He can't help that they die. He can't help mortality. It's just him and his immortality, doomed to forever roam the universe with so much to apologize for.

He tries, though he apologized for too much, to mean it ever time. He usually does. Apologies have always been one thing he's found he couldn't fake. The truth is, he doesn't really need to fake them. He doesn't like to see anyone or anything suffer. He doesn't want to bring destruction about when there are other options. He needs to always find a way out of whatever he's threatening to do and present the choice. Then, it's their fault, not his. He can still be sorry when they chose death and destruction over simple relocation. He always is sorry. He wouldn't have gotten this far; he wouldn't have gotten here; hell, he wouldn't be him if he didn't have the capability to be so sorry for everything he's brought about by no fault of his own.

But he's found that being sorry isn't enough.

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