True Shinobi

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Summary: What if after bringing back, Tsunade, Naruto realised that its time he stopped acting like a child and grew up. What if he took his training as a Shinobi seriously?

Author: Retrieval Arc will be delayed (By about 8 months or more….)

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Chapter 1

Our blonde hero watched from the fourth's over and over looked the village. He looked at his jumpsuit, "Am I still only a child? Aren't I a Shinobi? I am but I don't act like one. Is this why everyone sees me as the dead-last because I do not take my training seriously? Or is it because of my title back in the academy? To them I will always be the dead-last. But I'll prove them wrong it's time I took my training seriously!" The blonde turned and slowly walked away. The young Jinchuuriki strolled through his village thoughts running through his mind, "They'll never respect me even if I become the Hokage. Why did I ever think that? I was so selfish but what do I want now? Do I want to become a Jounin? No I'll aim to be the Strongest Shinobi!" Naruto soon found himself in front of a Shinobi store called 'Shinobi Palace'. He raised an eyebrow and walked inside. The blonde is greeted by the sights of a giant store filled with Shinobi clothing, weapons and other accessories.

An elderly man in his mid forties approached the blonde. He had short black hair and was dressed in a brown t-shirt and black cargo pants, "How may I help you young sir?" Naruto looked at him, "Um I was just looking to change my look." The man smiled at the Demon Container, "I can see that now why don't I find you some suitable clothing while you take a look around." Naruto beamed at this, no one had ever offered to pick out cloths for him, "Thanks mister!" The man chuckled, "Call my Dusty" With that Dusty left. Naruto started to walk around the shop. He looked through the vast supply of weaponry that filled hundreds of racks.

Naruto soon stopped and looked at a single Katana. It looked like a standard katana except it had a dark purple handle and a circular hand guard. Naruto stretched out his hand and touched the blade. As soon as he did he heard a soft elderly voice, "Take me Child you will need my help in the near future." Naruto took a step back in shock. He reached out and grasped the Katana in both hands, "That's it child take me and use me as your blade!" "Who are you?" "I am the soul that resides within this Katana…my name is Ryuujin Jakka (Flowering Flame Blade)." Naruto held the handle of the blade when, Dusty walked over, "Ah I see so you've picked a fine sword my friend. That Katana was said to have been used by the Legendary Swordsmen Genryuusai Shigekuni Yamamoto! He was a swordsman of unparalleled power with a high affinity towards fire! Now come let us finish." Dusty walked through his store and grabbed random items, "These are the normal supplies you'll need." Dusty walked over to the counter and laid them out. Naruto looked over the items. He looked at the clothing to find a long sleeved high collared black shirt, A Chunin style vest, Fish net shirt, a black cloak with a white cloud design and long Dark navy blue Jounin style pants. Lying next to them was three Kunai knife holsters.

He also found a belt with four items pouched attached to the back. Ten block scrolls, a scroll detailing the basics of sealing, another scroll detailing the basics of Kenjutsu. He also found ten packs of three hundred Shuriken and five packs of one hundred Kunai knifes. Dusty then came back over with three pairs of steel toed black combat boots and twenty packs of soldier pills.

Reaching under the counter he pulled out a strange piece of paper, 'Kid channels your chakra into this piece of paper will ya." Naruto accepted the paper and channelled his chakra into it. He jumped back when it sliced into three pieces. The first piece became drenched, the second crumbled into dirt and the last burst into black flames.
Dusty laughed at this, "Jeez who would have thought a Genin like you would have four elements. The cutting in half was wind drenched is water dirt is earth and the flame is well fire of course. Kid you are lucky most Jounin only have two or three not even a Kage has four chakra elements!" Dusty quickly left the counter to grab more items. He soon came back, "Okay I have four scrolls detailing the basics of element manipulation for each element, a scroll on chakra control." Naruto nodded before he spoke, 'Um do you have any training weights?" Dusty gave a booming laugh, "We have three times the first is the ones Rock lee wears. Since you were at the Preliminary rounds its obvious you sore correct?" Naruto nodded his head, "The second is chakra. They have a seal placed into them that when chakra is channelled a number will appear lets say 25kg! Third is gravity weights this increases the gravity around your body to more then the earths! I recommend chakra weights for you." Naruto nodded and dusty left once more. He soon came back carrying a pair of ankle and wrist bands, "Okay each of these bands weighs ten Kilograms for a total of twenty. Increase the weight channel chakra into the seal and a number will appear!" Naruto nodded before, Dusty started to add up the total price, "1000ryou for the pants, 500 for the shirts, 300 for the vest, 250 for the fish net, 10000 for the Kunai, 25000 for the Shuriken, 8000 for the element scrolls, 2500 for the blank scrolls, 500 for the sealing scroll, 300 for combat boots, 300 for the holsters, 150 for the Belt, 100 for the Kenjutsu scroll, 150 for chakra control scroll, Chakra weights 1000 and the sword is free!" Naruto stared at him, "Free?" Dusty gave a toothy grin, "Ya see everyone who has tried to take the sword as been burnt alive. So I'm giving it to you for free since you're the only person who hasn't been burnt." Naruto nodded his head in understanding, "The total price comes down to 50050 ryou!" Naruto pulled out the correct amount and paid the man. Dusty pulled out a scroll, "Alright kid let me seal it away for you!" In a puff of smoke all of the items vanished, "Here on the house!" Dusty chucked him the scroll, "Just channel chakra into it and it'll all appear." Naruto thanked the man and left to his apartment. He walked in and unsealed everything. He instantly changed out of his jumpsuit and tied his hair in a pony tail.

He strapped Ryuujin Jakka to his back and placed the belt around his waist. He attached his holsters and grabbed the training scrolls. He then sealed them inside the same scroll, Dusty game him. The blonde then ran off to the library.

He walked in and walked over to the reception, "Um excuse me." The woman appeared to be in her mid thirties wearing reading glasses and had short brown hair, "Yes?" "Can you tell me where the Shinobi section is?" The woman smiled and pointed in the direction. Naruto thanked her and ran off. He soon arrived and looked through the scrolls. He grabbed a few D-C Class Ninjutsu for each of his elements plus fifteen B and eight A. He grabbed the basics of Fuuinjutsu and basics of Genjutsu. He grabbed a few scrolls of poisons, the human body, pressure points, basic Medicinal Herbs, Basic Medical Ninjutsu, and a few scrolls on how to make your own jutsu. Looking over the scrolls and grabbed a scroll labelled 'Kasaiken or fire fist'. Intrigued he grabbed the scroll before he noticed a Kenjutsu scroll behind it. He looked at the Kanji and raised an eyebrow at the label 'Kuro-Kasai Satsujinken' "Dark fire Murdering Sword?" Naruto grabbed the scroll and signed them out. He left the library and headed towards Training ground 12.

"I've searched your memories Naruto and I recommend using the Kage Bunshin. What ever the clone learns you learn!" Naruto grinned at this "Why didn't I ever discover that?" he channelled his chakra and formed over a thousand clones, "Alright split into 27 groups of a hundred! I want group 1 practice tree climbing, group 2 water walking, group 3 leaf balancing, group four chakra control scroll, group 5 Wind Manipulation, group 6 Fire Manipulation, Group 7 water Manipulation, Group 8 Earth Manipulation, Group 9 Wind Ninjutsu, Group 10 Fire Ninjutsu, Group 11 Water Ninjutsu, Group 12 Earth Ninjutsu, Group 13-14Kenjutsu, Group 15 Taijutsu, Group 16 Genjutsu, Group 17-18 Fuuinjutsu, Group 19 study Poisons, Group 20 work on the Rasengan, Group 21 Study The Human Body, Group 22 Pressure Points, Group 23 Creating Ninjutsu, Group 24 Kunai Practice, Group 25 Shuriken Practice, 26 Medicinal Herbs and 27 Medical Ninjutsu!"

One of the clones stared at the original, "What about you?" Naruto grinned, "I'll be doing Physical exercise!" "I want you to run twenty laps around the lap then perform fifty push ups, sits ups, squats jumping jacks, left, right, up, down and diagonal sword swings with each hand then with both, then fifty right kicks, fifty left kicks, fifty right punches and fifty left punches NOW START RUNNING!"

Naruto ran off and started to run around the large lake. The clones went off to do there own tasks. In the shadows, the toad Sannin Jiraiya smirked at his student, "So he's finally becoming serious oh well Time to do some research!" Jiraiya disappeared to do his 'research'.

"Naruto from looking through your mind I know that the next Chunin exams is in six months time. So for the next six months you'll be doing nothing but training! You will sleep five hours a day and train none stop. You will use Shadow clones to help your progress. For the first four months you will train your body and change your diet. I will do the best I can to alter your body to make it stronger. Be glad that because of the fox your body is ten times stronger then what it should be. Your muscles will regenerate within hours allowing you to increase your training weights.

The last two months I will be teaching you Shunpo or Flash Step along with Kido or demon arts in Bakudo and Hado or way of Binding and Destruction. Your clones will learn Shunpo and Kido while I teach you Shikai or initial release. All sentient swords have a Shikai and Bankai. Bankai takes years to achieve it is your final release. When you acquire Bankai in the state your chakra is increased ten fold and you become stronger and faster.

After these six months I plan to have you at least Low Jounin in strength! So train hard it is the only way you will become stronger!

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