A/N: Well I was distracting myself from my story. And this came to mind and I just had to write it down. Don't know if I did any good. So here goes.


Bella's POV

~Who I truly loved and missed~

Each day was a blast

Even though I whined and complained

Every time you took me shopping or play Barbie doll Bella

It was fun

I loved every minute of it

I loved spending every day with you

You always know how to make me smile

To make me laugh

You know how to say the right things

You always know what to do

I love you

Not him

I wanted to spend every waking day with you

I wanted to tell you

But when the day he took you away from me

My world started to crumble

I couldn't move

I couldn't speak

I was a zombie

Just wasting away

Then I found something else—something that wasn't you

He was my sun

My heart was healing but there was a piece missing

And that piece was you—my pixie

He couldn't heal the piece

I was suffering even when I was with him

But I just put a happy mask for him

And when I was alone memories of you filled my mind

I suffered more than ever

I couldn't take it anymore

I jumped off a cliff to end my misery

But I never thought my sun will save me

I wanted to die

I wanted to end it all

But he didn't want that

So I bid him farewell and went home

To suffer in silence

Yet I never suspected to see you

I was in shock

I collapsed sobbing

Thinking it's a dream—a cruel sick twisted dream

You pulled me into a hug, feeling you're icy—warm skin I knew it couldn't be a dream

You comforted me

Like you always did

I was in heaven in your arms

You didn't say a thing

You always knew what to do

You just held me, like your life depended on it

As I held you like mines did as well

I was in heaven

I didn't want to leave

I couldn't and why would I?

The missing piece in my heart is now filled

You was the one who I truly loved and missed

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