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Bella's POV

~Only yours~

Its heaven on earth

Having you here

Nothing can get any better

But it did

Confessions of our love for one another

But then he had to ruin it

Trying to commit suicide

We had to save him—I had to save him

I wouldn't want to save him but I'll do anything for you

And I know you losing your brother will slightly destroy you

Saving him was the worst part

Seeing the man who took you away ignited a raging flame

He tries to reach for me but I move away

Going to your side, where I really belong

We left before we drew anymore attention

He stayed by my side all the time

I tried to stay calm only for you

When we're in the clear

He tries to kiss me I turn away

Only my lips are for you my dear

I'm at my limit, one more lovers move from him I'll go ballistic

I can't take the way he looks at me, like I'll take him back

The way you look at him, like you're ready to pounce

I'm touched

But I had enough it was time to tell

I don't want to see you hurt

I don't give a damn about him

So I confess the truth

That I don't love him

That I'll never take him back

And that I love you

That I've always love you

He becomes in rage and storms off

But I don't care I'm with you, the one I love

I smile as you embraced me into a hug

I'm only yours and forever will be

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