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The following is a compilation of posts from the Tiny Toons Adventures Fanfiction Mailing List. I'm certainly not the only author of this, I'm just posting this awards ceremony here on Fanfiction.net for your enjoyment. Thanks to all the presenters, everyone who posted, and all the authors of the fanfic clips portrayed here. Enjoy!

A few of the fanfics mentioned are available here at fanfiction.net, but ALL (and many more) are available at http://members.aol.com/HKUriah/index.html


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Good evening.


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In the true overblown style of the Emmys......

(A flair of yellow-white light erupts from the dark stage. A sound like that of an aircraft cruising overhead accompanies the flair.)

Like the majestic fantasy that is the Viewer's choice Awards....

(A second flair illuminates the stage. This one is more of a yellow-orange hue. Instead of the previous aircraft sound, a synthesizer slow downbeat echoes out over the speaker systems.)

As fulfilling as every actor's ecstasy - the Oscars....

(Small violet hued lights begin popping, like jumping jacks, in the front center of the stage. Quickly, they shoot towards either side of the stage. At the same time, their hue begins to change to more of a brilliant blue. Meanwhile, a chorus of drums pick up the downbeat of the synthesizer. They all beat as one, slowly building up their pace.)


(The lights change to green as they rush up the sides of the stage. The drumbeat picks up at a steady pace.)


(Yellow is the next jump in the color scheme. A steady drum roll is heard over the speakers.)


(A fast orange color and then a red takes over the lights' color as they zoom right up into the ceiling and come together at the center top of the stage.)

First Annual UKE Awards!

(Dozens of sparks of light flair out as the entire ceiling is light up with the letters U-K-E. The drum roll finishes out with a grand finale drum blast. With the entire stage light up, you can see several rings glittering in the stage's center. In the center is a door. As the door opens, the rings flicker with their traditional Tiny Toon Adventure colors. Through the rings and down the stairs walks an elegantly dressed lavender rabbit. She shimmers delicately in a royal blue glittery floor length, form- fitting, gown. Two short puffy sleeves hang just below her shoulders. Around her neck is a simple necklace of silvery pearls. Her usual ear band is decorated with a glittery star that matches her gown. For once, her ears lay down behind her, her left ear flopped over her left shoulder.)

That's right, Tiny Toonsters! You voted and you've chosen. So now, at long long last, you get to find out the best of the best and the silliest of the silly. Without further adieu, let's get this sucker started! May I introduce our first presenter of the week; the Mexican Jaguar with the spots of a superstar (hope he intends to give them back to the star someday.)

The J.A.M.!!!!!!!

(The light falls away from Leloni and back to the door at the center of the stage rings again. Leloni makes her exit silently as the applause roars up.)