The Jaguar entered from stage left, chuckling a bit because of the peanut butter bit, but as he did, Pete Puma also entered and began sweeping up the stage, and several anonymous stagehands were disassembling some of the props. The Jaguar glanced around, and a sad look came onto his face.

"Well, Leloni, I guess this is it," he said, sadly, while sitting down. The rabbit, being a little tired herself, sat down beside him. "Pepe? Bear? Peter? Nate? Could you also come up here, pretty please?" Moments later, the other four presenters came out, and also sat on the stage. As the stage continued to be disassembled, a spotlight shone on the six of them as they sadly picked up their microphones. Then, the band started playing a familiar tune, but it was played very slowly, and with a mellow key. The Jaguar began to sing:

"The UKE's...concluded," Leloni continued,

"Some toons became deluded," Pepe added,

"Some even intruded," Peter said,

"And challenged to a bout!" Now Bear,

"Ballots.nominations," and Nate,

"The few who paid attention," all sang,

"The presentations have got everyone all tuckered out!" The J.A.M. continued with the next verse,

"So at last we can now get to writing our fics again." Leloni,

"The next awards," Pepe,

"Won't be so hard," Peter, to Pepe, a bit annoyed,

"You'll just take them all again!" Bear stood and sang a bit faster,

"New scripts and new stories," Nate,

"New toons to take the glory," all now stood,

"We'll call you if you want another show again!" The J.A.M. once again, now singing at normal speed,

"More songs, for you folks," Leloni wiped her forehead,,

"Perhaps even a new host," Pepe,

"More winners that will post," Peter, to Pepe,

"If you don't steal the show!" Bear, to Peter

"Well, now others might get lucky," Nate,

"If Doc Lord runs amoky," Pepe, again,

"Now don't you get cocky,

Or I'll pick up and go!" The J.A.M.,

"And there will be more who vote to make this much more fun," Leloni, laughing,

"In your dreams!" Pepe, to Leloni,

"Hey, we can dream," Leloni again,

"Oh, let's just all begone!" Everyone stood surrounding Leloni,

"We're tiny, we're toony, we're all a little looney,

The Tiny Toons UKE awards are-now-gone!" But to the side, The J.A.M. added,

"But this show isn't done!"

Suddenly all the toons cleared the stage, as in front of the TTA rings some platforms began to rise, obviously with some toons on top, but their identity was hidden because they had their backs to the audience. Yosemite Sam suddenly walked in, holding his huge bass (from the Porky Pig Show). He jumped to the arm, and played a sliding note.

And at that point all but the toon on the highest platform turned around. Gogo Dodo, his father, Taz, Dizzy, The Wolverine, and The J.A.M. (who unwarped at the last moment), were all dressed in Caribbean clothes, and all began to play their bongos, congas, and maracas, dancing with the beat. The audience applauded.

From stage left, a familiar toon came in: the Wolf, from "The Three Little Bops", dancing his trademark step, and of course, holding his trumpet. When he reached center stage, he began to play, and to everyone's surprise, he actually played *correctly*. The audience gave another cheer, but just as soon as he finished his intro, the highest toon turned around, and it was-

Mary Melody!

Dressed with what appeared to be a blue bikini, adorned with Caribbean bracelets on her wrists, neck, and ankles, and with plenty of translucent veils, as well as an elaborate headgear.

And she sang,

"When the sun is setting in the sky-" The audience roared as all the guys joined,

"Everybody knows it's party time!" Mary,

"And when the moon is rising high," Everyone,

"I'll be yours, I know you will be mine!." Speedy zipped in and joined with the guitar. For no reason, Dizzy said,

"DUMBAWA-" To which Babs, added to the side,

"Party time."


"Party time."


"Party time."


Out of nowhere, Babs came in and pulled out her saxophone, and she was joined by Buster, Bugs, and Sneezer, with their trumpets, Plucky with his horn, Daffy with his trombone, and Hamton with his tuba, as they played a short instrumental, swinging in unison to the beat. Finally, Mary continued, walking down her column,

"All day the world goes round and round,

You can feel the changes coming down.

It doesn't matter who you are,

With love to give you will go far.

We see the treasures all around,

And burn ourselves into the ground.

Everyone's trying to survive,

We're not just born to be alive." When she reached the bottom, Fifi joined with her harp, and Plucky with his keyboard, and everyone sang,

"I.know," Mary,

"What I feel inside is true." Everyone,

"You.know." Mary and Babs,

"Every road I follow's leading me to you!"

"DUMBAWA-" Mary,

"When the sun is setting in the sky-" Everyone,

"Everybody knows it's party time."

"DUMBAWA-" Mary,

"And when the moon is rising high," Everyone,

"I'll be yours, I know you will be mine!" For no reason, Dizzy now said,


"Party time."

"Party time."

"Party time."

"Party time."

The trumpets came in again for a while, while Dizzy said,








"DUMBAWA-" Mary now shook her booty,

"We live our lives in mystery,

While everything is meant to be.

No reason here to wonder why,

All that we seek is in the sky." For some reason, she caressed The J.A.M.'s cheek, making his spots turn red.

"You are the one I want to hold,

I feel you deep inside my soul." GAZING into his eyes,

"Only our love will set us free,

This now belongs to you and me." She stopped her flirting, as everyone continued,

"I.know," Mary,

"What I feel inside is true." Everyone,

"You.know." Mary and Babs,

"Every road I follow's leading me to you!"

"DUMBAWA-" Mary,

"When the sun is setting in the sky-" Everyone,

"Everybody knows it's party time."

"DUMBAWA-" Mary,

"And when the moon is rising high," Everyone,

"I'll be yours, I know you will be mine!" For no reason, Dizzy now said,


"Party time."

"Party time."

"Party time."

The trumpets did their thing again, with everyone dancing. Even the audience members had now stood and joined in the dance.

Then all the percussion took it in, as Dizzy said something that sounded like,


The percussion silenced, leaving Fifi, Plucky, and Speedy,



And Dizzy again,


The percussion entered softly, as everyone sang,


"You.know." Mary and Babs,

"Every road I follow's leading me to you!"

All instruments hushed except for one bass drum, and Mary exclaimed again,

"When the sun is setting in the sky-" Everyone,

"Everybody knows it's party time."

"DUMBAWA-" Mary,

"And when the moon is rising high," Everyone,

"I'll be yours, I know you will be mine!"

"DUMBAWA-" Mary,

"When the sun is setting in the sky-" Everyone,

"Everybody knows it's party time."

"DUMBAWA-" Mary,

"And when the moon is rising high," Everyone,

"I'll be yours, I know you will be mine!"

All started playing normally, with Dizzy mumbling something unintelligible,


"Party time."


"Party time."


"Party time."


Daffy was really getting into it, as he now began to lead all the brass instruments in a conga line across the stage, with the audience actually cheering for him again. Then, they all surrounded Sneezer, who began playing the intro sequence again, arousing an even louder cheer. As he did, Taz and Babs did their thing.


"Party time."

"DUMBAWA-" Only Fifi sang too,

"Party time."

"DUMBAWA-" Babs,

"Party time."

"DUMBAWA-" Fifi, etc., with Dizzy mumbling mantras again.

"Party time."


"Party time."


"Party time."


"Party time."


"Party time."


"Party time."


"Party time."


"Party time."


"Party time."

Everyone hushed and the lights went out, except for two spotlights on Dizzy, who kept on playing some nonsense on his little drum, and Babs, who repeated,

"Party time."

"Party time."

Her spotlight faded out, leaving Dizzy alone, who stopped after a moment.

With the song over, the lights came on again, but now dance music began to sound as the credits rolled, and the auditorium became a dance floor, as toons of all types danced the night away...


Produced and directed by:

Leloni Bunny

Created by :

Nathaniel T. Freeman & Leloni Bunny, based on the Harley Awards from (created by Anthony "Brainatra" Dean, with Robert Dougherty, Craig Marinaro, Jennifer Lynn "Sharklady" Weston, Jonathan "DR. BELCH", John "Captain Caps" Kilduff, Romey, Colin Feder, Danielle Berse, Beth "Siren", & Dot Warner)

Associate producers/directors:

The J.A.M.

Nathaniel T. Freeman

Pepe K.

Peter Bunny


In Absentia:

Angry Dave

Music director:

Danny Elfman


Thomas Alva Edison


The J.A.M

Nathaniel T. Freeman

List Poll:

Leloni Bunny

Voting Supervision:

Leloni Bunny and Bear Prower

Award statue designed by:

The J.A.M.

Stage designer:

Leloni Bunny



Orville Wright, Wilbur Wright, and Henry Ford

Kraft Services:

WinnieBurger, McDonald's, and Burger King


Control-C and Control-V


People who are anti-extremists

Ink and paints:

Dainippon Ink Co.

Character Posing:

Maddona and Julie Brown


Samuel Morse, Guglielmo Marconi, Thomas Alva Edison, and Alexander Graham Bell

Sanitation services:

Pete Puma


Acme Co.


Dr., Sir, Judge, King, Duke, Count, Viscount, etc.


Get one on yourself

Best Boy:


Worst Boy:


Gaffer (what's a gaffer?):

The anonymous stagehand


Leloni Bunny as herself

The J.A.M. as himself

Nathaniel T. Freeman as himself

Pepe K. as himself

Peter Bunny as himself

Bear as himself

Pepe K. as Lord Dr. Pavel D'Lord

Noel Blanc as Bugs Bunny

Noel Blanc as Daffy Duck

Noel Blanc as Sylvester Cat

Noel Blanc as Speedy Gonzales

Noel Blanc as Tweety Bird

Noel Blanc as Wile E. Coyote

Noel Blanc as Elmer J. Fudd

Noel Blanc as Porky Pig

Noel Blanc as Foghorn Leghorn

Alyson Court as Eve Ill

Darryl Hickman as Eddie

Kath Soucie as Fifi LaFume

Hadley Kay as Hamton

Kevin Mickel as himself

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Andy Fox as himself

The Crusher as himself

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Noel Blanc as Costello

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Billy West as Stimpy

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Tom Kenny as the Mayor

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You as The Weird Person To Read All The Way Down Here

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Executive in charge of production:

Leloni Bunni

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