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Bella's words were my breaking point.

"When is this stupid game over" I growled

"Once everyone has had a turn" Emily said sweetly

"Damn game, getting in the way of my lay" I mumbled sourly

"Jake your turn to pick" Bella said rubbing my thigh. Oh Jesus she is killing me!

"Quil I know you going to pick dare so how about you just let Leah give you a blow job" I spoke out.

Quil went bug eyed and looked at Leah "No man she will bite my dick off!"

Everyone burst out laughing, well everyone but Leah.

Leah got up and moved to Quil. "You will pay" was all she said before yanking his shorts off and sucking his dick.

I would have been paying attention if Bella wasn't rubbing my already to hard dick.

I leaned over still watching Quil moan while Leah sucked hard.

"Bella keep that up and I won't last much longer"

Quill let out a moan that got Bella's attention before I could convince her to let me drag her out to the truck and show her a really good time.


Listening to Jake's words made me wetter and more eager. Apparently Leah stopped before Quil was done because he moaned in protest. Leah only smiled and walked away.

Quil looked at me in vengeance.

"Bella Truth or dare?" he smiled wickedly

I shyly smiled and said "Dare"

"Take Jacob behind the bushes way down the beach and have your way with him"

I looked at Jake for approval, but before I could turn my head to answer Quil Jake was pulling me down the beach.

Behind the trees the Jake pushed me up against it and kissed me passionately. His big warm hands roaming my body while his mouth moved its way down on neck back to my hicky.

"Its not dark enough" he growled and bit down hard.

"Ahhhhh Jacob" I moaned and he growled in response. Jake pulled at my bikini strings with his teeth while his hands held my hips in place.

"Jake this is my show" I demanded and he looked at me confused.

This was my chance. I pushed him to the ground and straddled his hips. Reaching down I rubbed his shaft through his swimming trunks. We both moaned when he started to move with my hands movements. I pulled my bikini top all the way so he could take me all in.

Jacob grinned are hip together.

That was when Jake flipped us over and said very huskily in my ear "I don't care if this is your show Bella, I am always in control"

I leaned up and bit his bottom lip to antagonize the shit out of his. He ripped my shorts off along with my bikini bottoms. I pulled down his trunks and stared at his huge manhood. Oh shit is it really that big? As if reading my mind he said.

"Its only half hard thanks to me waiting for you to hurry and stumble here"

For the joke I wiggled under him until his dick was in my face. I circled his head with my tongue.

"Ahhhhhh Bella Jesus don't stop baby"

I moaned when I sucked him all that way in. I cradled his balls with one hand and rapped my hand around the base of is dick with the other. I licked and sucked in time with his thrusts into my mouth. Jake grabbed my head and stopped me.

"Bella unless you want me to cum in your mouth you better stop now"

I wiggled back in my place. Jake reached for his to is trunks and threw a condom at me.

"Put it on me Bells"

I only giggled at him and said "you know I am on the pill right?"

Jake nearly came right there.

"Bella get here now"

I tossed the condom behind me. Jake was on me again looking at me lustfully and some thing else. It was love, I knew in that moment I loved him also. Jake grabbed his dick and rubbed it at my entrance.

Jake threw his head back as I moved with his head. He slid it across my clit and Jake growled.

"God Bella you so fucking wet"

"Ah Jake don't stop"

"Is this what you want?" Jacob asked almost shyly

"Yes oh Jacob yes I want this"

Then Jacob pushed into my entrance. Inch by inch, it hurt so badly but right now I didn't care. Half way in he stopped.

"What… Jake?" I protested

"Tell me you want me" he said his face looking hurt and looking for release.

I rapped my legs around his waist not wanting to talk but to finish.

"God damn it Bella fucking say it, say you pick me and you want only me!" Jake yelled demanding me to.

"Jacob I want you, I pick you, Ahhh…. I love you"

Jacob slammed into me at that moment. Damn did it hurt but Jacob didn't care. He sucked on my nipples and thrush into me hard and fast. I felt my walls tighten around him and then I felt my body explode. Jacob kissed me while I came. Coming down from my high Jake was still thrusting in me harder and faster. This only set my body on fire again. I herd Jake whispering something that made no since to me. My body finally was thrown into another mind blowing orgasm. Jacob rubbed my clit as it came. I felt Jacob stiffen above me as he shot his red hot seed into me. Still rubbing my clit as I rode the waves of my orgasm, Jake watched me. Jacob crashed on top of me as he slid out.

I heard cheers coming from far away and someone yelled "finally! Can we go home now?"

Jacob rolled off me and laughed.

"Bella I love you too" I smiled and kissed him

"Jacob please don't ever leave me" I asked giving him my heart.

"Of course not Bella, I will be with you forever and always" he said pulling me close.