Diary of Haruko

Night of February 9th

After the death of my real father, I was adopted by a powerful ninja. One day, my foster father, he took me to a lake. We sat on the edge and talked. And then it came around...

"Why don't you hook up with Sasuke-Kun? He's a nice boy, don't you think?" I knew who he referred to. I saw my reflection in the lake's clear surface of the lake. I kicked the image away out of shock. I had- never really- seen my own face at or before this time. My foster father- he kept me in isolation, and when we went out, I wore a mask. "You've met Sasuke-Kun once before, yes? Did you like him?"

"...No. I refuse to date Sasuke." I had told my foster father. "Who would want to date someone- who looks like they were hit by a bus?" I asked plainly. My foster father didn't say anything but-

"I really wish you two could get along."

When I remember this memory- It makes me wish I had been able to get alone with him.


Little Darling

Once upon a time,

There was a small family of a husband and his wife.

The wife was pregnant with their first child, and the husband was very happy.

But, when the child came to be, the wife died in child birth. The last thing she requested before her death,

Was that her baby never be left alone.

So, the husband raised the child with love and kindness,

But never allowed the child to leave the house without a mask.

Rumor has it, that the child was born deformed- or so they say.

When the child was 2, the husband was chosen to go into battle against a fearsome demon fox.

But a single Ninja, stayed behind. The child's father knew, he would never return,

So he gave the custody of the child, to the lone Ninja,

With the condition that she never face the world without her mask or a hand fan.

The Ninja agreed, and took her with him out of the village-

Taking care of the child to the best of his abilities.

This is the story of that child.

"Haruko-San, it hurts-" The patient complained, tightening their grip on her hand.

"I know, I know, just a little longer, ok?" She said, putting her hand on their forehead, making them close their eyes. "Think of good things- after this, what do you want in life? Think, don't speak." She said softly, and they relaxed, their breathing slowing, until, they no longer breathed.

"I'm still amazed on how you do it." A jet-black haired male, said, shrugging. "But, at least there's not screaming."

A tear slipped down the female's cheek. "Indeed." Their hand moved to a mask, on the table where the now dead patient lay. They put it back on to cover their face, turning, and leaving. The surgeon in the room and the male watched her leave.

"She's so fond of that mask...I think she's soft-Orochimaru-Sama." The surgeon, a silver-haired boy with glasses, said.

"Not like Sasuke. If someone takes off her mask- they instantly die. So- she's not as soft as she looks." Orochimaru said. "She's just very shy is all, Kabuto." He explained shortly.

~Orochimaru's Chambers (Sound Base #3) ~

"Tell me a story, please." She begged, and he sat there.

"No dear. Maybe... another time." Orochimaru declined gently. Only with her and Sasuke.

"Then- tell me about the Old Days!" She insisted happily, smiling.

"It hurts to shuffle through the memories, dear." He said simply.

"Then... how about when you were in the Akatsuki? Are those painful?" She asked, sitting next to him, as he sat in his bed, the sheets up to his lap, as he reclined. He closed his eyes, smirking.

"Alright, Haru, you win. Actually- those are pretty funny ones." Orochimaru grinned. "This one time- I pissed off my partner, Sasori, and he got so mad, he started choking me with one of his puppets." Orochimaru laughed, and she smiled, switching to a more comfortable position, of laying on her stomach, her head in her palms, kicking her legs in the air.

"How many members are there?"

"Hm... When I was in it, there were 7 people."

"Were there any girls?"

"No, darling, there were not."

"Well- was Leader-Sama sexist?" She asked bluntly, making Orochimaru glance at her.

"Who knows? But in those cloaks, no one knew what gender you were, unless you took it off." He chuckled. "You could have been in the Akatsuki too- and they'd only remember you're a girl, if you flashed them." She frowned.

"That's not funny."

"It's an inside joke, dear." He said, patting her on the head.

"Someday- will you tell me about Leader-Sama?"

"Someday. But not today. Go to your room and go to sleep." Orochimaru ordered. She groaned and whined, but, he refused to let her stay up any later. She finally gave in, got up, and lifted up her mask, kissing him on the cheek.

"Good night, Father."

"Stay in your room tonight, Haruko. I don't want to be woken up once more about you going to some party like you did last night." Orochimaru said plainly, and she smiled.

"Of course not. I'll be smarter." She promised, leaving the room to her own chambers.

~ Haruko's Chambers ~

She opened the door to her room- just like all the others, but, there was a picture, on the ceiling, she had drawn herself, of a basilisk. She closed the door, going to her closet, reaching down, to remove her shirt, to change into her pajamas. Another presence was in the room, aside from her own, and she removed her shirt from her back, her mask on the near by night stand.

"SCORE!" She heard, as she was about to untie the bandanna around her head. She whipped around, covering her chest, and let out a scream, the door being thrown open, and Kabuto running in, Orochimaru behind him.

She stood there, still covering herself, her mask on, panting heavily. A raven-haired boy, lying on the floor. She sighed.

"I hate- going to my room for sleep." She muttered, throwing her shirt back on. "He's either lying on my bed, or ambushing me." She kicked him. "You're such a prick. I can't even sleep."

"If you'd let me see you're face, then I'd leave you alone- maybe your hair- I know you dye the parts not covered up." He muttered.

"Why so determined?" She demanded.

"Sasuke, stop sneaking up on Haruko-chan like that. I almost had a heart attack-" Orochimaru said, as the raven-haired boy got to his feet.

"I agree with Orochimaru- you need to cut it out. You scared her so bad two nights ago; she came and slept in MY room. "Kabuto said, pushing up his glasses. "Although I enjoy the company, she was too scared to go to sleep, so she just sat in the corner." Sasuke went over to her, making her flinch, as he reached for her mask.

"Ah, well, it's just another friendly scuffle." Orochimaru said, watching, as Haruko withdrew and brutally kicked Sasuke in the balls.

"That hurt, little girl..." Sasuke said, and she smirked.

"I'm not 'little' I'm 'fun-sized'." She commented, and he grabbed her wrist, attempting to swipe the mask, but she kicked him in the face, and sent him on his way. Kabuto bowed to her.

"Good night, Haruko." He said, and Orochimaru smiled, turning to Sasuke to scold him.

Had the thought of ever having a normal family ever crossed Haruko's mind?


Because Kabuto and Orochimaru WERE her family.

Sasuke was like- the pedophile cousin.

July 23rd

I woke up today- with tears staining my cheeks. What a pain. This has been happening the past week- it's really irritating. I don't know- why I cry sometimes- the passing of others I know- that's one reason. But in my dreams- there's a beautiful woman- her hair is to her hips, and it's of a platinum blonde color. She smiles at me, tears in her eyes.

"Mommy loves you, Haruko." She says- and then a figure appears and stabs her in the stomach, killing her, and blood splatters everywhere. I wake up crying. I threw off my bed covers, going to my bathroom and showering, before dressing myself. I go to my father's room- after putting my mask on. He does my hair for me. I knock on the door- then let myself in. I wipe away my tears- but he calls my bluff when I say I wasn't crying.

"Your eyes are puffy- were you crying this morning about something?" I say nothing, not wanting to admit I woke up like this, but he hugs me. "Poor Haru-Chan. I can't have the Memory Eater sad, can I?" That's right- I was 'Nightmare Eater'. That was my ability- I 'ate' all the bad memories of my victims, and calmed them down. "Its- Sasuke's 16th birthday today- you should be nice and visit him. Just today." It didn't benefit me- so I refused. "I'll take you shopping- you need new night shirts, yes?" A chance to go outside? To see the sun and hear the birds twittering? The sound of people chatting- the feeling of being social? I agreed. "Now- it's his birthday- so he'll as questions and just comply, ok? Try wearing this." He said, pulling out a short, black, back-less dress.

"Are you trying to make me look like a whore, father?" I asked bluntly.

"No, I just want you two to get along. I know he likes you." I took the dress and changed into it.

"Uchihas don't like anyone but themselves." I said plainly, allowing him to tie up my hair with a ribbon, covering it all with an extra blanket- like a wedding veil. He told me to slowly strip with every step I took; I laughed and said "No." I left the room, laughing, going to Sasuke's room. I opened the door, the Uchiha lying on his side, back to the doorway. I shut the door quietly.

"Who's there?" I glanced at Sasuke.

"Haruko." I said, and I walked over to him. He rolled over and sat up, when I was on the side of his bed.

"WOW." He muttered, seeing my dress. "That's the one I got you, right? Looks good on you." I went and sat down in his lap, wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Happy 16th Birthday, Uchiha Sasuke." I said formally, and he grinned slightly.

"So- Do I get you or any special present?"

"Consider me degrading myself for your enjoyment a present. Now, you can ask me anything you want, and I'll do it." I told him, and he nodded.

"Could you- show me your hair?" He asked, and the thought of ' if you comply, I'll take you outside' hung in my mind, when on the inside I screamed 'NO!' I reached up and pulled a part of the bandanna, and let it fall to the ground.

"Anything else?"

"I don't see you hair." Sasuke tormented. This fucker...! I reached back and untied the ribbon that held it up, letting it all fall down. "So-your hair is silver-" He said, twirling a piece of it around his finger, looking up. "Can you remove your mask?" I hesitated greatly.

"F-Fine- but I don't know how I look- so- don't criticize- alright?" He nodded, and I allowed him to reach up and remove my mask. He blinked and his eyes went wide. I suddenly, became self-conscious of my face. My foster father had done the same too- and Kabuto. Was I that hideous? I covered my face and sat back. "I- um- forgot that father wanted me to do something for him-" I said, swiping my mask and putting it back on and trying up my hair once more, running out. "H-happy birthday, Sasugay!"

o o o

Night of July 23rd,

Sasuke came into my room- tried to hide. But I was in there already, so I called his bluff. He asked me out- tried to anyway. With the way he talked, I couldn't really tell him and his mumbling. I shot him down coldly (on purpose of course). I thought that, like normal, he'd just go away- but today was different. Maybe his birthday gave him extra courage? maybe filled his head with the thought that today was DEFINATELY the day I'd say' yes' to his god-awful proposal? Anyways, he slammed his hand on the desk, pissed, and demanded a reason to why I rejected him every time he asked. And I said, "Because isn't there supposed to be some common ground between the both of us?" He complained and stated everything that was common between the two of us- which was more than I thought- and all with a cucumber cool demeanor. Then, I told him again, I refuse to date him, and in fact, hated to even see him. I closed the book I was reading, and pronounced I was going to bed, and that we could do whatever he wished.

"Its still- my birthday. You still have to do what I say- right?" He asked. I replied with a yes, and he reached down, taking off his sword and setting it on my desk. "Then- I want you to let me sleep with you." I yelled, "WHAT?!" with the thought in mind he meant letting him have sex with me. But my mind was in the gutter, and he removed the waist tie, and walked over, taking off his shoes and shirt, and slipping under the covers, lying next to me in my bed. "I want you to let me sleep here- let me lay next to you." I felt more relaxed, and nodded, turning my back to him though. "I want you to come closer and not turn away from me." I groaned, turning to him and inching closer a little. He hugged me to his bare chest, his left arm around me, and his right hand on the back of my head, as he did so. "Good night, Haruko." He purred, closing his eyes and falling asleep. I retied the drawstring for my pajama pants with a special knot, so he couldn't get in them, and fell asleep.


July 24th,

I woke up from a wonderful dream of being kidnapped by Sasuke (that was the bad part), and saved by a dashing prince charming (That was the wonderful part). Something that probably would never happen. I opened my eyes and saw Sasuke- and immediately, I jumped out of bed, ran to my bathroom, and vomited into the milky white toilet bowl. I got my clothes and rushed to my father's room to change, afraid of the Uchiha waking up and catching me changing out of my pajama shirt and catching a vivid view of my bra. Father was awake- and so was Kabuto-San. I told them both about the day before, and father smiled.

"WELL! Very courageous of you to let Sasuke-Kun sleep in your bed, Haru-Chan! That ALONE deserves THREE DAYS WORTH of being outside." I smiled as I changed in his bathroom. I didn't mind if Kabuto-San watched- (He could watch all he wanted *blush*) But, I looked at myself in the mirror, with my mask on. I was done dressing, and father wished to try a new hairstyle on me today- but I wasted the time reaching up and gingerly touching the mask, about to remove it. Father appeared beside me, putting his hand on mine and kept the mask from going neither up nor down. "No child. If you're curious about how you look under the mask, as Sasuke-Kun. He knows now. Unless he fainted." I nodded, and let him brush my hair.

"Could- I- keep it down today?" I asked uncertain.

"Sure- you're going out today and won't be here, so what does it matter?" Father smiled, and I hugged him. I went back into his bedroom, Kabuto looked up.

"Oh- hey- I forgot about your hair color." He commented, smiling. "You cover it up so well; it looks as if you don't have any at all." I frowned, looking down. "But hey, cheer up." Kabuto continued, tilting my chin up so he could look at my mask. "I think it's a very nice hair color." Even as he turned away to give Father his medicine, I silently squealed like a school girl. Father smiled at me, as I blush and panicked, before laughing.

"You make effective impressions, Kabuto." Kabuto-San looked up from what he was doing.

"What? Oh, yeah. I guess so." He said, doing all the physical things.

"Father, when are we going out today?" I asked eagerly, Kabuto shaking his head.

"That wouldn't be happening, Haruko. He's not going anywhere. I have to run yet ANOTHER physics exam because he won't chill out on the jumping jacks." Kabuto said scornfully, and Father apologized.

"I'm so sorry, Haru-Hime!" He said, and I stood there, silent. Suddenly, I turned on my heels and bolted back to my room. Sasuke was gone, thankfully, and I shut my door, before throwing myself onto the bed. I sat in his LAP! He could have fucking raped me! I put my virginity on the line for that chance to go outside!