Little Darling

Chapter 6

I was silent, as Mada-Kun waked me most of the way to my Father's house. It was deep in the forest, but when we'd get there, as much as I'D like him to come, I couldn't let him. "T-Thank you." I murmured, and he looked at me. "For the clothes- and stuff, but, y-you can't come home with me." I looked down, saddened. "Father- will be mad."

"I see. Well, no wonder he'd isolate you from the world, Haru-Chan, you're a very pretty girl." My face felt hot from his words, and I wanted him to stop, but then again- I didn't. Part of me wanted him to come in and fall asleep, let him keep saying embarrassing things to me. Madara looked away. "Look- its that boy who interrupted us last time." I looked up, Sasuke standing on the side of the road. WHY?! Why was he always ruining everything for me? "You sure are persistent." Mada-Kun chuckled.

"You again- your a nusicence. Leave Haruko alone." Sasuke said bluntly, offering his hand out. "I'll take those bags..."

"Sorry, but I can't let you." Mada-kun told him, grinning. "I'll take them in." Sasuke didn't looked too surprised, but he glanced at him. Oh no! He saw my outfit!

"W-What are you wearing, Haruko?" He asked, and I took shelter behind Mada-Kun, who stood up for me.

"She's wearing something I picked out for her- isn't it cute?" He offered, "Now, Haru-Chan, let's go to your place-"

"Her Father doesn't allow her to wear anything other than skirts, dresses, and kimonos. He'll punish her severely for wearing shorts." Sasuke told him. Stupid god-damn Sasuke-! "It would be annoying for you if she wasn't allowed out, right? I brought a change of clothes so she could throw it on quickly and her father wouldn't notice."

"How inconsiderate of you!" Madara said, frowning. "Think about poor Haru-Chan! She'll be unbearably hot with all those layers of clothes on. If you really care about her, you'd think about things from her position than your own, instead of saving face by bringing her back to her dad and taking credit for bringing her home." I blinked, and Sasuke glared at Mada-Kun icily.

"I don't know what you're talking about..."

"Don't lie, you know exactly what I'm talking about in fact, all your selfish decision reflects on the people around you- and that's why Haruko fled in the first place." I looked at him in shock- he knew?! "I didn't know before, but, something must have made her run into a storm, and you seem to be a probable cause." Sasuke stood his ground in silence, and Mada-Kun leaned down to me. "Haru-Chan, come, let's go." He said, kissing my hand, and I blushed. "I'll explain everything to your father, and we'll work something out, I'm sure." He assured me, and we walked right past Sasuke, and continued onwards.

~Sound Village~

I knocked on the door. "I'm home, Father. Can I come in?"

"Of course. The door's open." He responded, and I opened the door, entering, looking down, not knowing what to say, as Mada-Kun entered the room, and Father stiffened.

"Now, Don't blame her, I came here of my own free will." Mada-Kun said, and I stood there, as Father glared at him. "Haru-Chan, why don't you wait for a while?" I nodded and left, shutting the door.

"How's your boyfriend?" I yelped, not even noticing Sasuke there, his arms crossed over his chest. I didn't want to talk to him. If he wasn't such a jerk then- then I would've never met Mada-Kun.

"Thanks for being a Jerk, Sasuke." I said, bowing to him. "If it wasn't for you, then, I would've never met Mada-Kun." I stood up and turned to go to my room, but he grabbed my arm and dragged me to his room. "Let go of me!" He kicked the door shut, and pinned me against the wall next to it, "Can't you get a clue, Sasuke?!"

"I've never been good with games." He responded and kissed me. He kissed me! I winced as he bit my lip. Jerk off! I hit his chest, but he didn't budge. I want him off!

WE don't like him! WE'll get him off!

The black strings wrapped around him, but he still kissed me- and slipped his tongue into me mouth! GROSS! He flinched and withdrew, bleeding. "Keep your body parts to yourself, Sasuke!" I snapped, but he picked me up. "PUT ME DOWN!" I hollered, and He dropped me on his bed, getting on top of me, and he grabbed my jaw.

"I'll have you before that bastard does." He said, kissing my forehead, before he was pushed off.

"Lay off, Sasuke." I growled, standing up, before he was wrapped up in a black sheet, and he struggled, but I just walked off to my room- seeing Mada-Kun standing in front of it.

"Haru-chan, he agreed." Mada-Kun smiled, looking at Father, who stood next to him. "Isn't that right, Orochimaru?" Father looked way uneasily, arms crossed over his chest. I went over to Father and hugged him.

"Thank you, Father!"

"Don't thank me, Haru-Chan, your boyfriend black-mailed me." He put on the table, and I blinked. Mada-Kun-? I looked at him, and he smiled as if he had just commonly convinced him. "Every Wednesday to Saturday, you will spend with him, anything left over you'll spend here- holidays have not been discussed."

"Yes, yes, I'll treat her well, Kirepapa."

"You ignorant, son of a bitch...(vein)" Father growled, and Mada-Kun smirked, taking my hand.

"Watch it now, even like this, I can still beat you down." Mada-Kun warned and Father growled. "Do you want to go back to my place, Haru-chan?" Of course I did! Anything to get away from Sasuke! I left with a happy but heavy heart, because Father didn't really approve, but I was with Mada-Kun, so, it made it all the better.

~Else where~

"Your highness has arrived." Her hand servant said, and she stood there, arms crossed over her chest. With a flick of her wrist, she sent her amber hair back over her shoulder, and her ears twitched, before she smirked.

"Come, let's go get my mate, Tiger Demon. It bowed, and she walked past it, her tails flying behind her.

~Akatsuki Base, Tobi's floor~

Mada-Kun's kisses were a lot sweeter than Sasuke's bitter ones. "Something wrong, Haru-chan?" He asked.

"...Sasuke kissed me while you were talking to Father." I told him, feeling guilty. "I'm sorry, Mada-kun."

"It's alright, Haruko. I had a feeling he'd do something stupid." Madara told me, kissing me again, looking at me. His eyes were always so nice... "Are you wondering how I black-mailed your Father?" Way to ruin the moment of silence.

"I don't want to know, because I don't want to know Dad's secrets. They're secret for a reason." I answered, and he chuckled.

"Alright, Haruko." He said, kissing me again, then my neck. It tickled a lot but if felt good too.

"Mmn..." I moaned softly, blushing, and he chuckled, kissing me again.

"Haru-Chan, does that boy bother you often?" He asked. Was he reffering to Sasuke or Kabuto? Kabuto was nice and he only hassled me when he needed help. Sasuke liked to screw me over each and every way he possibly could. Figuratively, because I was still a virgin.

"Kabuto? He's really nice to me." I answered, and he laid his head in my lap, listening. "Then again, Sasuke likes making trouble for me."

"I see." Mada answered, closing his eyes. "Hm...if you had the option- would you live here?" He asked, and I looked at him, "Would you abandon your father to live her with me, Haru-chan?" I thought about it. I loved Father because, well, he was my dad, even though he couldn't really tell me much about my Mother.

"...Yes." I answered, rather unsure, and he was quiet.

"that was a long-drawn out reply, Haruko. You're unsure of something?"

"Well- I've always wondered a lot about my mom." I answered, laying back on the bed, and relaxed. "Wow- I feel really tired right now."

"Then let us both sleep. This is a conversation to be continued later, I suppose." Mada-Kun said, and- I think I fell asleep first- but I couldn't tell.

SHE is coming for US


She stood over the two, glaring down at the male. "Your Highness, He is Madara Uchiha, he died several decades ago."

"Ah- There's my cute girl- seperate them." she said the last part coldly, and her attendant did so, handing Haruko to her, and she smiled. "Come- let's go back to the palace." She said, and he nodded, their background changing until they were outside the building, and walking back to the place they had came from. "Look at her- she's beautiful."

"Yes she is, your Highness." Her attendant answered, and she pushed a strand of Haruko's hair behind her ears, "Its amazing- I don't recall someone with such white hair in Orochimaru's family tree..."

"That's because she's not his kin, nor does she have any relation to him aside from on paper." The woman responded, "Orochimaru couldn't produce a child like this even if he made her from scratch. Its impossible. None of this matters because she's mine now, and forever." She chuckled, holding Haruko close. "Haruko Zikazi- it has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?"

"Yes, Your highness." Her attendant responded with a sinister smile, "Yes it does."