Percy Jackson has accepted Zeus's offer to become a God. He is his fathers second in command. He will live forever with a family and a kingdom, a cabin in Camp-Half blood has even been built in his honor, but it remains empty, as he supposes it will for all time. Only one particular grey-eyed-blonde has ever truly caught his attention, and he refuses to let her go.

Love's Immortal

I sighed softly and slumped against my throne near the back of the palace in Olympus. The city gleamed with a warm glow as the other Gods moved around, talking cheerfully amongst one another. I knew it was stupid for me to be so brooding, I should be blissfully happy, this was supposed to be everything I ever needed to have perfect life.

I was a minor god, the secondary god of the sea, a son of Poseidon. I was the only minor god with a throne that stood in the same room as the major gods, next to the big three even. I didn't spend much time here thought. There were too many unhappy memories here.

It had only been three years since the war between the gods and Kronos. At the time, this choice had felt right. I took my place beside my father and used it to accomplish many other things.

The minor gods were all recognized within Olympus, every last one had a cabin and a table in their name at Camp Half-Blood. There were more than twice as many campers now that when I'd first attended camp myself.

All of the demigods that had waited so long had finally been claimed, with more appearing left and right.

A map of the camp was placed on the far wall of the palace, I stood from my throne and moved to look at it. The long Island area seemed to have at least doubled in the past three years with all the additions of cabins. Many were filled, like that of Ares, and that of Aphrodite. And some stayed empty, Hestia and Artemis for a start.

I glanced at one cabin with a blue roof, and script over it reading Perseus Cabin. I sighed again…mine was empty too, and I expected it to remain that way. I wished I didn't have a cabin at the camp.

It wasn't that I didn't feel honored, I really did. It had taken a while, but I had gotten used to feeling like a god. It had only taken a year, with the help of the Cyclopes, for Poseidon's kingdom to be rebuilt. With it came a new palace, mine.

I'd finally been accepted by my father's wife. She even referred to me as her stepson on a good day. I'll admit, I found that a little strange at first. I wasn't used to so much respect from such important people.

I'd at lead had to earn respect from Triton. He'd hated my guts until I'd beaten him in hippocampi racing. That seemed to be when he'd accepted me as his 'little brother' and stopped trying to injure me with every chance he got.

I found myself almost smiling at the thought, but I was shaken out of my reserve when a strong hand grasped my shoulder. I turned to see my father behind me, looking just the way he usually looked during these summer solstice gatherings. Bermuda shorts, Hawaiian print shirt and dark hair and green eyes that matched mine perfectly.

"Perseus." He spoke jovially. I'd gotten used to being called by my full name, because apparently 'Percy' wasn't fit for a god.

"Father." I replied, trying not to sound as down as I felt.

He gave me a searching look and I knew he could tell something was wrong. "You've been thinking about her again." he said quietly, his voice full of concern.

I looked up at him, "How did you--?" I started

"I don't have to be Aphrodite to see that sort of thing." he joked lightly, I could tell he was trying to cheer me up. "I know you Perseus…and I worry for you." he said, his smile fading.

"I know…I just wish there was a way…." I drifted off, thinking about Annabeth hurt me too much. Everyone on Olympus knew that. She was what I'd given up when I chose to be a god, and supposedly there was no way to get her back, but for some reason I felt like everyone knew something I didn't.

"Hello Perseus, Poseidon." I was brought out of my thoughts once more by the ringing voice I was beginning to know far too well. Aphrodite, the goddess of love herself stood beside me. She was beautiful, as always, but it never got old. It wasn't as stunning when you were a god yourself, but her power was still very strong.

I nodded once, "My Lady." I said out of respect. As a minor god, it was still appropriate to refer to a major god or goddess as 'my lord' or 'my lady', just as a symbol of their authority.

"Poseidon, if I could have a moment alone with your son?" she asked, giving my father a look that obviously meant more to him than it did to me. He stepped away with a nod and no other words.

Aphrodite took me by the arm and began to walk to the other side of the throne room. She stopped at her throne and turned to me without sitting down.

"You want to see her." she said, very straight forward. It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

I struggled for words, but didn't know what to say, so I simply nodded, looking ashamed.

The goddess of love directed my attention to a mirror on the back of her chair, one I'd never noticed there before.

"Show me now, the true love of Perseus, minor god of the sea." she spoke directly to the mirror and for a moment, nothing happened. I was about to say something when the mirror rippled and a picture formed in it. The sight made my heart jump. Annabeth was hunched over the silver laptop left to her by Daedalus. Her curly blonde hair was cut shorter than the last time I'd seen her. It was at her shoulders, and she hadn't even pulled it away from her face. It cascaded around her grey eyes,, so alive with motion and thought. She was beautiful. Looking at her now, the goddess next to me was only average.

Her camp half-blood t-shirt had the sleeves rolled up and a pair of denim shorts revealed her sun tanned legs under the desk by her bunk in the Athena cabin.

I don't know how long I looked into that mirror before Aphrodite placed a hand on my arm, bringing me back to the present. I looked at her and shook my head slowly.

"Why are you showing me this? Must you torture me with something I can't have?" I asked, my voice full of malice.

She shook her head sadly and pointed back at the mirror. "Look at her Perseus. Is there not something different about her? Her eyes, her face…her skin."

I looked again and understood what she meant. Annabeth's eyes didn't shine the way I remember. They were still alive and inquisitive, but dull. Her cheeks were slightly sullen and drained of color, as if she hadn't blushed in an eternity. Her allover presence was intertwined with a melancholy aura.

I sighed softly "She's in pain too." I replied heavily.

"Yes. She longs for you as much as you do for her. It breaks my heart, what Athena is doing to the two of you, but I can't let her stand in the way of my domain."

I looked up at her, surprised. "What?"

"Athena won't allow you to take Annabeth as your immortal bride, meaning the two of you cannot be together. She feels that her daughter has a better purpose on earth, but the two of you have the strongest love I've seen in centuries."

"What am I supposed to do about it? For a half-blood to become immortal, their godly parent is the most important part of the transformation, you know that as well as I."

Aphrodite smiled, "that's why we're going to handle this a different way."

I looked at her quizzically but she only took my hand and began to pull me away from the throne room. "We're going to see Hades…and your old friend Nico Di Angelo." she said with a slightly evil grin. For a moment, I could see the part of her that kept her interested in Ares.

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