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Chapter 6

Love's Immortal

I sat wit my back against a tree and my silver laptop on my lap. I'd skimmed through a majority of the information saved on the computer already, but it would take years to be able to understand all the ideas and concepts saved here.

This had been my pastime since I'd seen Percy. It had been several weeks, and Nico was due to arrive at camp any day now. I spent most of my time outside, where I could see the top of half-blood hill. Sometimes I'd even been spending time just playing with Peleus because I was so excited by the anticipation of Nico's arrival.

I was more distracted today than usual. I'd been feeling a little nauseous the past couple days. The anxiety was really getting to me. Every time someone moved near the border of the hill, I looked up expectantly. A dark shape walked past the fleece, crossing the boundaries completely unharmed and I glanced up, expecting to see a satyr and a new half blood, or someone coming to visit Chiron or Mr. D.

My heart almost skipped a beat. It was Nico. Finally. I jumped to my feet, closing the computer and taking off towards the boy in one swift motion. I reached him with a smile I hadn't notice before spread across my face. "Nico!" I cried excitedly, barely setting down the laptop before I flung my arms around him. I didn't think there was a time when I'd been happier to see the son of Hades.

The younger boy ducked out of my hug, but I could tell he was smiling none the less. Nico had grown up a fair bit since he'd first come to half-blood hill, he was as tall as I was, if not taller. He was 15 now, even though he acted even older than me. He kept his hair short, and still wore mostly black, but when he came to camp, the girls his age clung to him like glue. He pretended to hate it, but it was clear in his dark eyes he'd rather have them cling than ignore him completely.

"It's good to see you again," I said, grinning. I felt like I shouldn't be so excited by the thought of going on a quest. It would be dangerous…people could die. But just the thought of how things could end…I could finally be happy again. It wasn't that camp didn't make me happy, it just felt a little bit…empty.

It sounds stupid, because we've got way more campers now than we had before, the camp is always loud and full during the day, but I still feel a little bit alone. At some points I can almost ignore the feeling and seem pretty happy, with the help of some friends.

"Same to you Annabeth. You're looking…better," He said uncertainly. I could tell he was a little confused. I hadn't really realized that he didn't expect me to know about the quest yet. Did he even know that I'd be expecting him? "Why so…enthusiastic?" he questioned, raising an eyebrow.

I grinned slightly, "Percy came to see me," I said, practically jumping around.

He looked a little bit alarmed "wait, when? did he tell you about the quest?" I wasn't really sure why he was acting so worried.

"Um…like a month and a half ago…and he told me there was a quest…but he couldn't reveal anything about it." I explained carefully, a little worried about his reaction.

He exhaled slightly, "Okay, good. I'm the one who has to reveal it to you….for some reason," he said, muttering the last part. "Anyway, let's go talk to Chiron."

I nodded and we both turned towards the Big House.


Chiron had called the head counselor from every cabin. I personally thought it was unnesecary, but it was protocol, camp rules said a rep from each cabin would attend all quest meetings. Clarisse sat to my left, with Nico on the other side as honorary Hades counselor. We'd had to get another table in here to accommodate all the additions of cabins. So we had the original 12 seats for the primary cabins.

I wasn't as close to them as I used to be with the counsel. I knew Lottie Dunn, head of Aphrodite, Phoebe Morning for Apollo, Grant McCoy for Dionysus. Then there were a few I knew at the new seats, for the newer cabins, Marie Sanchez for Morpheus, Davis Anderson for Hypnos and Jeremy Summers for the Eros cabin. Jeremy kept smirking at me, and I blushed, knowing what he knew, based on who his father was.

I did my best to avoid the two empty seats across from mine. There hadn't been anyone in those two since Thalia and Percy. The Big Three had only just decided they could have children again, so any son or daughter of Zeus or Poseidon would only be three years old at the very most.

Chiron cleared his throat loudly and the noise in the room died down as everyone settled down at the table and turned to look at him. "You've all been called here, because Annabeth, and our guest, Nico Di Angelo have asked to go on a quest…and we need to first, consult the oracle, then choose, if necessary, the rest of the members embarking with them upon said quest."

There was silence in the room for a moment, until someone finally voiced the question that everyone was thinking, but afraid to ask. "What exactly is this quest for?" A younger girl asked. She was about 14 or so, I think her name was Taylor. She was, possibly the only one in the Nike cabin, but I wasn't sure.

Everyone looked at Nico and I expectantly, and I in turn looked at him. He glanced around at us sheepishly, as if he hated being the center of attention. Even Chiron was waiting for an answer when the boy finally spoke, "We're going to assist Athena in the retrieval of her Spear," He muttered just loud enough for the room to hear.

I looked at him, shocked, "W-what?" I stuttered. If there was anything I didn't want to do right now, it was help Athena…of course, I should have known, how else was my mother going to let me be with Percy? I had to get a wish from her. It was suddenly clear and I felt stupid for not realizing that before.

Chiron looked alarmed at the news, like he wouldn't have authorized this quest if only he'd know. "Nico…do you realize the potential danger that you will be putting yourself and Annabeth through with this?"

Nico nodded and opened his mouth to speak but I interrupted him. "Hold on. Where is it that the Spear needs to be recovered from?" I asked, trying not to act furious about not knowing something was wrong in the first place.

Chiron sighed slightly then looked around at the counselors surrounding him. He seemed to realize he wasn't getting out of answering this question and spoke reverently. "When Kronos attempted to take Olympus, he distracted Athena with matters of her wisdom, and her attention strayed from physical battle. He captured her spear, and when he was banished back to Tartarus, the spear went with him. She has kept quiet about it, planning to retrieve it herself, but the goddess of wisdom knows better than anyone that after entering Tartarus, even for a god, there is no exit, except by means as evil as the recent return of Kronos."

I stared at him blankly for a moment before looking at Nico again, "So…how exactly are a few demigods going to get in and out of Tartarus if a god can't?"

"We might not necessarily be going to Tartarus," he replied evenly.

I tilted my head, still unconvinced. "So where are we going?" I questioned slowly, aware of every person watching our conversation closely.

He sighed and ran his fingers through his dark hair, "I can't tell you Annabeth. I thought we'd established this." I glared at him but he continued, speaking softer, as if he didn't want the rest to hear, "You have to have faith…I trust this plan…Percy trusts this plan. You have to have faith in him, the way he has faith in you," he said softly, his eyes pleading for me to understand.

I finally nodded, turning back to the room, "Fine. I'll do it. Where's Rachel?" I questioned, looking to Chiron.

The familiar red head walked through the door with a smile on her face, "Waiting for someone to wonder where she is," she replied cockily. She took her place at the end of the table, beside Chiron. She'd gotten used to this. You could tell by the ease with which she set her hands on the table and closed her eyes.

The room dimmed subtly, and her eyes opened, glowing green like every other time she'd presented us with a prophecy.

Three set out towards trials unknown

A helping friend returns alone

When a godly mother does what's best

two unchanged will gain their rest

Only to help, will a goddess succumb

When the love is broken, her assistance will come

Her eyes closed then reopened and her voice went back to normal. "So…anyone care to tell me what I just said?" she asked cheerfully. Rachel loved her job, but the only problem she seemed to have was not knowing what she'd said when she gave a prophecy.

A boy several seats down, representing Dionysus slid her a piece of paper he'd already written the prophecy on.

Rachel read it out loud again and at the last line, all eyes fell on me. I blinked slowly before glancing around at the group. I didn't want to think about what that line meant. I kept reassuring myself that the prophecy never turns out the way you expect, but it was still scary. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to look at Clarisse she had a look on her face that seemed to be asking if I was alright.

I nodded then looked back to Chiron. "T-three set out," I repeated, trying not to stutter. "Nico and I obviously, and I choose Clarisse for the third," I stated, trying to change topic from the less than inviting prophecy we'd just heard.

He nodded and no one really looked surprised. "You all will leave tomorrow at noon. Use the rest of the day to prepare yourselves," he answered with a sense of finality that told us we were free to go.

I stood to leave, pushing past people to get to the door. I was stopped by Jeremy Summers who seemed to pop up out of nowhere. "So, it was so good, that you're willing to risk you life to have him again?" he drawled with a smirk.

I blushed and pushed past him, and I'm sure Clarisse would have punched him if he hadn't ducked away, back into the Big House.

"What was that all about?" she asked, keeping pace with me as I continued away from the house.

"He's a son of Eros, the god of sex. Jeremy Summers, and the rest of his perverted half siblings know all about me and Percy. I don't even want to know how." I replied, pulling my hair up into a ponytail. "Now come on, we've got prepping to do."

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