I was my father's most treasured possession- keyword possession- I was never really his daughter. I was a mere prize he received and loved to show off. He chiseled and molded me to be a perfect little girl to add to his perfect little life. I should have known my dad never really loved, getting whipped by his belt until my whole back went numb for missing my piano lesson should have been a clue, but what little girl doesn't idolize her father? He would say "Anna, being my daughter is not a right – it is a privilege" Though back then I didn't know what it meant exactly , only that I had to work my hardest so that daddy could love me.

And let me tell you, being my father's perfect little girl was beyond hard. Sure I had more porcelain dolls than I could count and instead of receiving a doll house for my 5th birthday I got a pony and diamond earrings. But I wasn't allowed to play with other kids, I divided my time between a strict academic and etiquette curriculum, and hug or a kiss were as rare as a lunar eclipse. But it was my life , it was all I had. And it all came crashing down in one afternoon.

The day started like any other day, I was in the middle of a lesson when I began to get a headache. At first it was alight buzzing in my mind but after a few minutes it felt like someone was drilling into my head. My tutor began to talk to me but I couldn't concentrate. It hurt so much. I barely notice my father coming into my room. My tutor was talking and my dad was yelling and this excruciating headache was getting worse.

So I snapped.

One moment I had a headache and the next my mind was clear……and both my father and my tutor were thrown unconscious across the room.

That was the day I went from being my father's prized possession to damaged good.

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