Lavender Temptation

By Father Hulk

Author's Notes: So I was playing Warioware Touched, and I got to Jamie's stage, and I was all like, "I don't think I've ever seen her in pairings," so I decided why not. Cause you know me: if there's potential for a pairing, I'll be there. I do not own WarioWare or any of its characters, subsidiaries, affiliates, parent companies, or concubines.



It was Friday afternoon at Diamond City Elementary. It was around 2:00 and the lessons were about to wrap up for the day… and the school year! Yes, it was the last day of school, and both students and faculty alike were brimming with joy.

It was in Room 202 at the end of the hall that a particularly excited student sat. Wearing red clothes and sporting a custom-made visor and helmet, Leroy "9-Volt" Reich could barely sit still in his seat. His last day of fifth grade was, he considered, the most important event of his life so far.

"Dude," whispered a hulking, jumpsuit-clad student behind Leroy, "I like… can't wait to get outta here…"

"Agreed, 18-Volt!" 9-Volt whispered back. "I can't wait to show you this new toy I got."


"All right, all right, students, settle down," said the teacher, Mrs. Stillson. "We are going to assign the summer reading for this year, and then we'll let you go."

But 9-Volt wasn't listening. In the blink of an eye he had pulled out his wireless internet device and sent Tony "18-Volt" Gavone a picture of the device he had purchased: The FC Mobile 2, capable of playing NES cartridges in both a handheld format and on the TV.

"DUDE! THAT KICKS ASS!" 18-Volt exclaimed, forgetting to keep quiet.

"Is there a problem, 18-Volt?" Mrs. Stillson snapped.

"No, Miss," 18-Volt said quietly, hunching over in his seat.

"Good. Now you are all dismissed. Have a great summer, and be sure to bring your reports on War & Peace and Moby Dick with you when you come back in the fall."

Glorious was the atmosphere as student after student burst forth from the school doors. 9-Volt took a moment outside the doorway to smell the sweet air of freedom. But not only that… he was waiting for someone special.

"There you are, Leroy," said a golden voice behind him. 9-Volt turned and smiled. It was Ashley Penterson, his girlfriend since the beginning of the past school year. She was a bit taller than him, with long, flowing black hair and clothes of crimson.

"Hi Ashley," 9-Volt said, beaming. "Congratulations on finishing 6th grade."

"A mere stepping stone," Ashley said dismissively, but she then reached out and took 9-Volt's hand and smiled faintly. "Leroy, you are coming with my family to our campsite this year, aren't you?"

"You bet!" 9-Volt said enthusiastically.

"Oh, don't think it will be a bed of roses," Ashley said ominously, and the sky around her seemed to darken. "There will be very little in the way of conveniences, there will be bugs and mosquitos galore, and any number of wild animals that could eat you alive and leave your soul to wander the earth alone!"

9-Volt simply stared, eyes glazed over. "Um… okay."

And then as quickly as the seeming darkness had come, it had gone, and Ashley had turned and was walking away. Then she turned back and said, "But if you think you're brave enough to survive all that, then who knows… I might let you kiss me."

"R..R..Really?" 9-Volt stammered, but Ashley had already melted into the sea of people.


"Oh Leroy!" called Naomi "5-Volt" Reich from her kitchen, "Can you come here for a minute?"

"Here I am, mother!" declared 9-Volt, zooming into the kitchen on his jet-powered skateboard.

"Leroy, how many times have I told you not to use that in the house!" 5-Volt snapped. "But as long as you're on it, you can take this package to Jimmy Tazman's house."

"What is it?" 9-Volt asked, shaking the package, which had been wrapped with brown paper.

"It's my old collection of 'Singing Group' cd-roms. Jimmy just picked up the controllers at a used game store, and he wanted the discs to go along with it."

"Ma! Why didn't you ask me if I wanted them?"

"Because they don't make 'Singing Group' for any Nintendo system, and that's all my peculiar little son plays. Isn't he strange? Now go on. Dinner's in an hour."

"Yes, mother," 9-Volt grumbled, and he put the package under his arm and blasted out the kitchen door.

Five minutes later, he arrived at the penthouse of Jimmy Tazman, the star of the Club Sugar Awesome Show and notorious late night party dude.

"Oh hey, little dude," said Jimmy when he opened the door.

"I have a package for you, Jimmy." 9-Volt said.

"Oh that's cool. I was just having my little sister over for a visit. Want to meet and greet?"

"Uh, okay." 9-Volt said.

"Come on in. I think she's in the disco room."

"…You have your own disco room?"

"Well sure. Club Sugar ain't open all day."

9-Volt walked through the living room and pushed open the double doors into the disco room, and that's where he saw her.

Wild lavender hair whirled about her head as she danced this way and that among the wildly spinning colored lights. 9-Volt had never seen anybody move with such grace, style, and what could only be described as "raw funk." And then she saw him watching her from the door. She twirled about once more, pushed down her glasses to make eye contact with him, and smiled. And 9-Volt suddenly forgot everything else.