The Legend of Malefor: Heart of Darkness

A/N: It still made me curious on what was Malefor's past life. Was he a born hero, a born villain or did something really unforgettable happened during a point in his life? Possibilities are interesting and maybe just this once, I let Malefor steal the limelight. This is an original of mine and let me tell you that I read nothing concerning his past life if there's any.

Chapter 1: The Born Savior or Born Devil?

On a planet known as Vetus Terra (Old Earth in English), dragons rule the planet. Much like their human counterpart living on Novus Terra (New Earth in English) in a separate realm, they have a government, educational system, social structure and many more. The only thing that makes the dragons different from the humans is that the dragons is that…well, everything on Vetus Terra is bigger since dragons are huge. It is the year 1800 M.M (Malum Millennium); exactly 10 generations after a great evil first ravaged the planet. The Overlord of Shadows, a dragon named Azurich, was hell-bent on controlling the entire of Vetus Terra and turning it into a world of the dead where his Horde can roam the world and terrorize all living creatures.

Azurich nearly succeeded in his ambition because only one dragon stood against him. As the Prophets have foreseen, he shall be the one who stands up against the Overlord of Shadows and his mighty Horde. Many hoped for the coming of this heroic dragon ever since the Prophets made this prophecy. However, until the year 1800, no word of this savior came nor was he seen. All those creatures that have life in them are still suffering from the wrath of Azurich. Then, in 1805 M.M, everything changed.

"I heard that this…savior of a dragon is born? Is it true?" Azurich asked one of his necromancers while rubbing two claws together.

"The rumor is still unconfirmed Lord Azurich but the signs are there. With the coming of the azure star and the eclipse of the two moons, those are the signs that the Prophets have mentioned," the high necromancer said with a low bow.

Azurich didn't really seem worried. In fact, he seemed more entertained. His eyes glowed blue for a while before the glow faded. Getting up from his throne of shadows, Azurich let out a breath of cold air. His black cloak billowed as a draft from the night's frosty cold air coming through the window blew at him. His enormous stature dwarfed the other dragons and they feared and respected him. The high necromancer took one step back.

"Val'thir, I have a task for you," Azurich said in a deep guttural voice.

"Anything milord, just say your will," Val'thir, the high necromancer, said respectfully and bowed even lower.

"I wish to pay my 'tribute' to this 'savior' of the living. Be my messenger and pass my word to the living creatures of Vetus Terra," Azurich said with an evil smile.

"In what way can we accomplish your will?" Val'thir asked as he straightened himself.

Azurich looked out at the two moons eclipsing before looking at Val'thir again.

"Kill every newly hatched dragon and destroy every egg in Warfang. Let me hear some screams and the cries from bloodletting"

At the city of Warfang, the Horde raided every home and mansion found. Many young ones were brutally killed and unhatched eggs were smashed before they can have a chance to be hatched. The dragons pleaded for mercy but unfortunately, mercy wasn't a familiar word to the Horde. Those that fought back were cut down equally and their souls were drained to create more pawns for the Horde. As for their bodies, they were resurrected to become eternal slaves for Azurich. As the killing in Warfang went on, a black dragoness cuddled a newly born egg while hiding herself in an alleyway. She couldn't bear to see her kin get slaughtered and she broke into tears. She looked at her egg and shook her head.

"It is not right for you to be born. I shouldn't have mated with your father in these dark times. However…you are still my child…and you deserve to live more than I do. By Mithrandir's name I hope you're spared," the black dragoness sobbed.

She waited for the streets to clear before coming out from her hiding spot. The young black dragoness tried to head for the main gate but she was spotted by the undead Horde.

"She's running away with an egg! Get her now!" a bone dragon yelled to his comrades.

The Horde went after her but she was faster than they were. Along the way, she met up with a red dragon named Firestorm. He ran alongside her.

"Lucy, follow me! I'll bring you to the gate through a shortcut!" the handsome red dragon called out.

The black dragoness obliged and followed him. Firestorm led her through alleyways and underground sewers but the Horde was relentless. Luckily for the two, they lost the Horde when they hid inside a warehouse and the undead ran past them.

"Lucy, where is Lothar?" Firestorm asked a panting Lucy.

"He's…dead. When the Horde searched our homes, he fought them but an arrow struck his heart. It's all because of this egg," Lucy said, her voice laced with sadness and anger.

Firestorm looked at the egg she was carrying before his eyes gazed at Lucy. He nodded and peered outside cautiously. There were only a few bone dragons stalking the streets, looking into every building for anyone who was trying to hide.

"We're not far from the gate now but by now, I reckon it has to be heavily guarded. Lucy, as a friend of your husband, let me help you for I do not wish that your child be killed without any reason. Listen carefully, Lucy. There is an underground stream that flows out of the city and towards Avalar. I doubt that Azurich's army knows about this so it should be safe. Let me distract the Horde long enough for you to head for the main sewer," Firestorm said.

They heard the door of a building next to them slam open as the Horde continued their search. The two heard screams and pleading voices.

"Why can't we escape from Warfang together? Surely our lives must be valued as well," Lucy said.

Firestorm shook his head and sighed sadly.

"I value not my life for my duty as guard captain is to protect Warfang and serve the people for the greater good. However, ever since Azurich made Warfang his protectorate, life is different for me now. I still serve but this time, I'm doing it for the living. I value my life but I do not like the idea of being one with the Horde if they take my soul," Firestorm said.

"So what are you implying?" Lucy asked, not understanding what Firestorm was trying to say.

"I'm torn between duty calls and preserving my life. I put duty above self but if I die and my soul is harvested for whatever evil reasons, I might as well run away than to have someone temper with my soul. I don't know what to do," Firestorm explained while rubbing his temple.

Lucy felt sorry for him and she placed her paw on his cheek. He looked at her with a surprised expression.

"Come, you are my friend as well and I do not wish to see a friend suffer physically and emotionally. We're leaving Warfang together," Lucy said softly.

For a moment, Firestorm was blushing and he quickly looked away. He was thankful that he was red and that helped him mask his blushing.

"Okay, whatever you say," Firestorm said.

When the bone dragons entered the warehouse, they were attacked by Firestorm. He burnt their bones into dust and reduced the others into a pile of charred bones. He and Lucy dashed out of the warehouse and quickly ran for the main sewer. They leapt into the sewer and continued running. The Horde was hot behind their tails but the two dragons were not giving up just yet. Firestorm turned his head around and took a deep breath. Then, he breathed out a large jet of flame that roiled in the sewer, burning every bone dragon in one straight line.

"That should distract them for a while," Firestorm muttered and went on his way.

He caught up with Lucy and the two went on their way. When they reached a dead end, Lucy panicked.

"Firestorm, this is a dead end!" she shouted.

"Wait, it's not," he said.

He touched the wall and chanted something incoherently. The wall he touched glowed bright white and Lucy heard an audible click. Then, the wall rumbled and the bricks sank into the wall. After all bricks have shifted, the wall parted like two doors and Lucy saw a cavern with the underground stream running through it.

"Only a select few know about this. Come, follow me," Firestorm beckoned.

They entered the cavern and the wall behind them closed. The two dragons followed the river downstream, presumably out of Warfang. Lucy was mesmerized by the river because it had a blue glow and the strangest thing of all that happened here is that plants grew in this underground cavern when there is no sunlight!

"Wow, what a view. It's like an underground forest in here!" Lucy said with awe.

"This forest is called Crepusculum Silva, or Twilight Forest. From what I heard from the Draconic Scholars, the forest is about 5000 years old. It used to be a haven for dragons and many other autonomous tribes like the cheetah and canine tribes. Unfortunately, when the first great evil ravaged Vetus Terra, the Dragon Elders hid the forest underground, never speaking about it again as to preserve its secret and mystical beauty. Many of the flora and fauna here are rare and some cannot be found above the ground," Firestorm explained while stretching out his paw and brushed against an exotic flower that looked like a dragon's head.

"Who is the mastermind of the first great evil?" Lucy asked while enjoying the view.

"You mean you don't know? The first great evil of this world was a demon god dragon named Lucifer. He plunged the world into total darkness and for two centuries, all inhabitants had to endure his reign of terror until a celestial dragon named Mithrandir slain him in an epic battle that was to determine the fate of Vetus Terra. We had peace until Azurich came along and funnily enough, he was the descendant of Lucifer," Firestorm said and smiled bitterly.

"So, I guess evil runs in the family," Lucy joked.

"I thought so too," Firestorm said.

They stopped to drink from the magic river and Lucy found that the water tasted like pure honey and it refreshed her.

"This water is so…sweet. It is as if this river is made from pure honey," Lucy said and drank some more.

"Be careful, Lucy, its addictive so don't drink too much," Firestorm warned.

"I'm done already. This water is really filling," Lucy said as she got up from her crouching position.

She filled a canteen of the water and kept it safely for future uses. Then, the two went on their way. Another hour of walking and they reached a wall. Again, Firestorm touched it and the wall slid open like the previous wall. What Lucy saw was a long and dark tunnel with dying torches stuck to the side of the tunnel wall. Firestorm grabbed a torch and reignited it.

"W-Where does this tunnel lead to?" Lucy asked.

"It leads to a canine village in the Summer Forest. I'm sure they'll be more than happy to help," Firestorm said.

He led Lucy through winding tunnels and the dragoness saw that Firestorm was rather confident in finding the way out. She wondered if he used to be an explorer or adventurer. After passing by a large silver vein, Lucy felt a draft in the cave.

"We're close to the exit. Follow me," said Firestorm.

Upon reaching the exit, they found themselves standing on a cliff overlooking the Summer Forest. At yonder, the two saw a large opening in the middle of the dense forest with smoke coming from the middle of the opening.

"The canine village is located in the opening. It shouldn't take us long to fly there," Firestorm said softly, the frosty breeze blowing past his body.

Lucy instinctively hugged her egg a little bit tighter as to give it some warmth. Firestorm saw that and he smiled at her.

"Here, let me keep your child warm for you," Firestorm said.

Lucy handed him the egg and Firestorm examined it.

"How very…peculiar. This egg is purple," Firestorm muttered.

"I-Is it bad?" Lucy asked with a shiver from the cold.

"No…it's not bad…but…it's just that…this has to be the savior," Firestorm said with a delighted smile.

"Eh…are you pulling my horns?" Lucy asked with an uncertain chuckle.

"The legend of the purple dragon…born every 10 generations and 5 years ago, this egg should have arrived…" Firestorm muttered.

Lucy waved her hand in front of her friends face, making him snap out of his thoughts.

"I-I'm sorry, my mind was racing with thoughts after seeing your egg. To answer your previous question, no, I'm not pulling your horns. It is as the prophecy has mentioned, the one that is born under the azure star while the two moons eclipse each other and is purple in color shall be the savior of the living world. Lucy, I have every reason to believe that your child is the savior," Firestorm said while looking at her black orbs.

"But…there can be other purple dragons…right?" she asked with uncertainty.

"No, only one purple dragon every 10 generations," said the red dragon.

He controlled his breath of fire as he did his best to keep the egg warm. Soft flames heated the egg to keep it from freezing over.

"Do you want it to be a male or female?" Firestorm asked as he stopped for a while.

"A…male," Lucy said.

"Male it is," Firestorm repeated and continued warming the egg, except the flames he produced were a little bit hotter.

Dragons are like crocodiles. They can determine the offspring's gender by controlling the incubation temperature. The higher the temperature, the more likely the offspring will be a male. For a female, all they need to do is to heat the egg over a soft fire.

"Um…maybe we should get going or we can stay in the caves for the night," Lucy said.

"No, no, it's okay. The heat should last long enough for us to reach the village. Let me keep it warm since you've held the egg for so long," Firestorm said.

Lucy said nothing but she nodded her head. With nothing else to say, the two took to the skies and glided towards the opening. It soon snowed and the snowflakes brushed against their faces as they flew through the light snowfall. Upon reaching the opening, the two dragons landed in the middle of the village with a loud thud. Firestorm swung his head around, trying to spot for any canines wandering around. When he saw nothing, it puzzled him immensely.

"That is really odd…where is everybody?" he asked.

The houses and the town hall were all there and intact and there were no signs of an attack but not a single soul was to be seen. The village was eerily dark and quiet.

"In in carnations are the canines?" Lucy asked Firestorm.

The red dragon merely shook his head. Suddenly, they heard rustling coming from the bushes that surrounded the village. He thought it was the canines but what came out from behind the bushes scared the daylights out of him.

"Hello you two," Azurich said darkly.

"Azurich!" Firestorm said aloud in fear, his eyes wide and his pupils dilated.

"That's Lord Azurich to you, fleshling. Respect your leader," Val'thir said while pointing his staff at the two dragons.

"Let's not be rude, Val'thir. We have to be nice to them," the large black dragon said with mocking kindness.

Firestorm dashed towards Azurich with the intention of scorching him but bone dragons and undead canine warrior surrounded Firestorm in a semicircle with swords and spears pointed at him. Instinctively, Firestorm took a few steps backwards.

"How dare you attempt to attack Lord Azurich?! Harvest his soul!" Val'thir shouted.

The soldiers took lout black scythes and attacked Firestorm. Lucy watched in fear and she slowly stepped away. Azurich didn't seem to care about what was going on but an evil smile appeared on his face. One scythe struck Firestorm in the chest and he grunted in pain. Then, as the scythe pulled out, his soul came out with it, stuck to the sharp tip of the scythe. His soulless body fell to the ground and Val'thir raised him as a bone dragon.

"Even the strongest of dragons cannot do anything when his soul is gone. Don't worry sweetheart, we will put him to good use," the high necromancer said menacingly.

Lucy wasn't sure whether to scream or cry. She just witnessed her friend get killed and even worse, turned into one of the undead. She dropped her egg and ran for her life but Azurich launch a black fireball at her. It hit her in the back and she disintegrated into a pile of bones.

"Do not resurrect this one, just let it be," Azurich told his high necromancer.

He walked towards the fallen egg and picked it up. He examined it and smiled.

"I can always use a son since I have no descendant," he said.

Azurich handed the egg to Val'thir and the latter accepted it carefully.

"Your new responsibility is to educate the young dragon when he hatches. I want to see him grow up to be a strong and mighty dragon. However, keep his powers in check lest he tries to force me to abdicate my throne of power. I want him strong but not too strong for my foresight is telling me of his rise to power," Azurich said.

Azurich has a rather accurate foresight that lets him see what was about to happen in the future. That was how he was able to predict where Firestorm and Lucy will appear.

"Are you sure that there is nothing else?" Val'thir asked.

Azurich turned around and growled at Val'thir. The necromancer shrunk back a bit.

"Do not question my ability, especially my foresight. Just do as I say and everything will be alright. Mithrandir may have defeated Lucifer 1000 years ago but my reign of terror will go unstopped. I will finish his ambition of ruling Vetus Terra and start a new ambition of conquering Novus Terra. The humans will never see this coming," Azurich said darkly and walked away, his black cloak billowing with the wind.

Val'thir looked at the egg and nodded.

"Aye milord, a good ambition," he said to himself.

A/N: Instead of a savior coming in glory and all that, I'm making Malefor an unlikely savior. You'll see what I mean.