Hollow God

By ______


Alright, I do not own any of the intellectual properties contained herein, as even things not from the Bleach universe are most likely... lifted from elsewhere, perhaps even other fan-fictions. And if any particular fan-fiction based idea happens to be your own, it's flattery, not theft.

#The Dream Begins#

The creature awoke, bleary eyed and head pounding. He rolled bewilderedly to his feet, feeling oddly off balance. Hissing in rage, he sought out a target for his aggression.

"Easy there dood. Just calm down." A high, whiny voice pierced his head, sending him into a world of lurching agony.

He whirled sluggishly on the tiny reiatsu presence, claws tearing and jaws biting. Only he couldn't pierce the thing's rubbery hide and for some reason his claws refused to find purchase. With a heave he found he couldn't even lift the thing to throw it aside in frustration. With an annoyed roar he turned his back to it, determined to ignore this indignity.

"You must have been pretty drunk, dood. Come on, the king's about to speak." The thing squeaked again, turning away and starting to move.

As his eyes began to work, making out only the faintest of bluish black blurs as his companion, he growled in annoyance at the thought of someone trying to proclaim that they were stronger than him. He was the king and this upstart would rue the day he chose to steal such a title.

Nonetheless he followed, merging with a larger crowd of similar bluish blurs and tiny reiatsu fields until the reached some sort of structure with a balcony. His sight failed him in identifying the building, yet the balcony itself was easily clear enough to view, in a hazy, misty sort of way.

Squinting up at it, he saw a greenish shape that appeared to radiate five times as much power as the next highest reiatsu in the crowd. The king, eh? Phef, he wouldn't be all that hard to usurp.

...But wait, there was another presence, harder to perceive yet far more powerful standing on the opposite side, concealing itself within the room that balcony was attached to. He realize quite readily that the larger power was hiding behind the lesser, allowing it to conceal his presence like a moon eclipsing its sun.

"Who's that?" He grunted to his companion, only to be quickly hushed by those nearby in the tide of blurry forms present.

"You shouldn't talk while king Kurtis is giving his speech, dood. That's him, the green one is king Kurtis, dood."

It wasn't the green one he cared about. Stretching higher to try for a better angle and being able to see in only the vaguest sense, he caught a hint of gold somewhere. "Gold?" Yes, a vague golden blur, similar to the green one, though much harder to see, standing back from the ledge of the balcony as it was.

"Oh, you must mean god Enel, dood. He tells the king what he can and can't do." The nearby voice replied.

Tells the king what he can and can't do! But the king was the best, the greatest power in his realm, the strongest among his kind. To be the king was to be unbeatable, invincible... wasn't it?

"You know how it is, dood. There's always a greater power." The whiny voice went continued, clearly absorbed in the speech of the king that the creature could not hear.

Always a greater power, phef, if that were true then why was he... With startling clarity it made sense. He had to fight for the position of king, simply because he was limiting himself to merely being a king.

Who cared who carried who into battle when both could be crushed with as little effort as either alone? The power of a king and a chocobo were nearly the same. While a king's strength grew as his chocobo's did, so did the risk of being over turned and enslaved by that exact same chocobo. But that didn't matter. That was a concern for mortals and those with no imagination, who needed servants to accomplish things for them. If you wanted to be stronger, find a strong mount to support you... Except...

Except a god rode no mount. A god had no need to.

The creature laugh hard and loud with a joy his kind were often denied. All his existence he had fought, bled and risked his life, aiming to become the king of everyone else, never realizing or understanding how limiting that goal was. How he had been chewing off one of his own arms all this time, stopping at such a short, lowly goal as that.

A king or a chocobo, no matter how powerful, would easily be erased by a mere second of a god's ire. Why argue over such trivialities when real power within your grasp, waiting for nothing more than one with the will and strength to seize it.

The trick wasn't to always be stronger and fighting with the chocobos as a king would. The trick was to make the gap between yourself and all others so vast that no mortal, king, chocobo or otherwise would dare to consider challenging you. A insurmountable gulf, like that of a vasto lorde crushing a gillian to dust with reiatsu alone when they were careless. A level were mere negligence was liable to slay any who approached.

He turned to his companion only to discover his vision was no longer blurred and hazy. And he was surrounded by odd, penguin-shaped bags with peg legs and pouches on their waists.

His own hands were wrong too, being rubbery, bluish flippers. Reaching slowly for his face, he found a solid beak in the middle of it. He swallowed nervously.

His companion, seeing him do so, provided a convenient full length mirror from its pouch. "Aren't you glad you ended up here instead of Soul Society or Hueco Mundo, dood?"

He screamed.

The creature jolted awake with a start, finding his mask and mane soaking in a puddle of his own drool while his body laid curled in the white, sandy terrain of his home.

He bolted and flipped to his taloned feet suddenly, pinging his reiatsu to seek out any nearby threats.

...Nothing. Good.

His clawed, red and white hands began rubbing and pawing at the matted and crusty spittle, trying to regain some semblance of a regal appearance. The mask was quickly cleaned, but the orange mane refused to be as cooperative and his tail lashed violently behind him in his frustration. He almost wished there was something to fight with out here, just so he could tear it to shreds.

Damn that Magellan, not only was his power venomous in battle, but it made him poisonous to eat as well. Stupid adjuchas, thinking such a minor power would let him kill a vasto lorde.

But then that was how he became a vasto lorde wasn't it. Find one secure in its power and eat it before it realized you actually could. Hmph, the issue with the king and the chocobo again...

That dream...

Tch, poison induced or not, it was right. Stopping at being a mere king wasn't going to cut it. If there was always a greater power, than he'd be that greater power. In a world of kings and chocobos he would ascend beyond such petty rivalries.

What was a mere king before a god, after all?

With a roar of defiance to the limits this world had given him, he set forth to devour all that stood between him and his goal.

The power of a god.

#Author's Notes#

I use 'king and chocobo' because the old 'king and horse' really it fucking old! The only other cliché that's quite as draggy is the old 'Kunai=Demon/Scroll=Naruto'. Find new ways to say things you horrible lot!