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Ikkaku stared at the scene in front of him. He had just returned from turning in the reports from his last mission. Realizing he hadn't seen Yumichika in awhile, he decided to stop by to see if he wanted to get a drink or something to unwind. What he found when he opened the door to his friend's bedroom was Yumichika sitting cross-legged on the floor, glaring daggers at his Zanpakuto which was lying on the floor a few feet away.

"Um… Yumichika?" The vain shinigami whipped his head around at the sound of his name, now glaring at Ikkaku. Really, it was partially his fault he was in this situation to begin with…

Ikkaku was sitting on the floor when he glanced over at his friend who was quietly reading on his bed.

"Hey, Yumichka?"


"You're pretty strong, right? I mean, when we spar, you and I are pretty close matched."


"So how come you haven't tried to achieve Bankai yet?" Yumichika blinked. It was true, he had never really tried. To be honest, he really hadn't thought about it. No situation had ever occurred where he'd really needed it. He shrugged.

"I don't know, guess I never felt I needed to." Ikkaku grinned.

"Well, you should work on it. I wanna see what it'd be." Yumichika smiled back.

"I suppose I could…" After all, it could come in handy some day…

"What Ikkaku!?" The bald man jumped back, a bit frightened by his friends demeanor. He briefly looked down at himself, wondering if there was a stain on his uniform or anything else that would normally evoke this sort of reaction from the feathered death god. Seeing nothing, he looked back up, smiling sheepishly.

"I uh, just wanted to know if ya wanted to get a drink or something…" Sending one final glare to his sword, Yumichika stood up quickly.

"Yes. I would." He said in a clipped tone as he walked past Ikkaku who, after glancing back at the sword confusedly, turned to catch up to his friend. Yumichika was still seething slightly. Stupid bankai. Stupid sword. What did he know anyways…

Yumichika sat his sword down gently before sitting and closing his eyes. Taking a deep breath, he focused on connecting with his zanpakuto. Opening his eyes again, he found himself within his own mind. He looked around at the strange landscape. It looked like a normal scene of rolling hills, except for the fact that the hills were made of crystal clear water, unmoving except for occasional ripples.

Looking around, the shinigami eventually found his zanpakuto. He was rather tall, wearing elegant azure robes and dark brown hair tied in a low ponytail. He appeared to be in his 40s perhaps. Not really young, but not really old either. Approaching him, Yumichika called out.

"Fuji Kujaku!" The sword spirit seemed to tense a bit, but otherwise did not respond.

"Oi! Fuji Kujaku!" A vein of annoyance appeared on his head, but otherwise the spirit still refused to acknowledge the other.

"FUUUUJIIII KUUUJAKUUUU!!!!" Finally the sword turned around, flailing his arms in anger.

"THAT'S NOT MY NAME AND YOU KNOW IT!" The two glared at each other before looking away with a huff. After a moment, Yumichika sighed.

"…hello Ruri'iro Kujaku." The sword grinned with fake sweetness.

"See? That wasn't so hard, now was it?" After another moment of glaring, the sword finally asked,

"What are you doing here anyway?" The shinigami crossed his arms.

"I want to achieve Bankai." There was a minute or so of silence as the two stared blankly at each other. Then suddenly…

"BWAHAHAHAHA!!!" Ruri'iro Kujaku burst out laughing, doubled over and holding his sides as his master sputtered indignantly.

"S-stop laughing! There's nothing funny about- SHUT UP! Hey! Swords are suppose to respect their yielder, you know!" The spirit gave a final chuckle as he wiped the tears from his eyes before standing to face the now red-faced man.

"I'm sorry, it's just… You can barely say my name and you want to achieve bankai? Good luck with that!" Yumichika look at him confusedly.

"What are you talking about? I know your name!"

"Yes, but you never use it. You only ever call me by that horrid nickname…" There was a moment of silence when suddenly, Ruri'iro Kujaku burst into tears.

"Why!? Why are you so ashamed of me? I'm the most beautiful sword in all of Soul Society! Why do you despise me so!?" Yumichika glanced around before awkwardly patting his sword's shoulder. Darn spirit and his mood swings...

"H-hey, calm down. It's ok. I'm not, ashamed of you…" But the statement sounded so fake, even to Yumichika, that is just made the spirit cry harder.

"I'm the prettiest zanpakuto! Everyone should get to see me! If you weren't so afraid…"

"Wait, what!? I'm not afraid of anything!" Ruri'iro Kujaku scoffed, tears suddenly stopping.

"Oh please, your fears are the main reason you can't achieve Bankai."

"But I'm not-"


Yumichika rubbed the top of his head where the spirit had just punched him.

"Yes you are! You wont let anyone see my true form because you're afraid of how they'll react to me being a Kido type zanpakuto!" The feathered man glared.

"I am not afraid. I merely… choose to not use your full released form." The sword scoffed again.

"You wont even tell Ikkaku, and he's suppose to be your best friend. Don't you trust him?"

"Of-of course I trust him!"

"Just not with this?" Yumichika blinked a few times. After a moment, he finally turned away.

"Whatever. I don't need Bankai anyway." And with that, he returned to his room.

At the bar, Ikkaku and Yumichika met up with Renji and Iba. While the three were joking and talking about Captains and missions, Yumichika was putting away a surprising amount of alcohol. Despite his small frame, he could actually hold his liquor better than most of his friends. Regardless, His three companions still shot him a concerned glance when they finally noticed the glasses in front of him.

"…everything alright Yumi?" Renji asked innocently. The feathered shinigami slammed his glass on the counter and turned to force a smile at them. It was actually kind of scary.

"Oh yeah! Everything's juuust peachy! Nothing's wrong. Nope. I am completely at peace physically and mentally, no matter what that vain, know-it-all bastard of a zanpakuto says. I'm as good as always! Better even! CAN'T YOU TELL!?" The three death gods cowered under Yumichika's incredibly creepy, overly-large grin as he stood over them.


"Of course!"

"Never looked better!" Yumichika sat back down to continue glaring at his glass while the others wisely dropped the subject, leaving their friend to think things over on his own.

I'm not afraid. It's just, not how things are done in 11th squad. I mean, it's not like, my biggest fear is Ikkaku finding out my zanpakuto is kido type and rejecting me or mocking me or thinking I'm weak or being angry with me or never speaking to me again…Of course not…

Eventually, night fell, and the shinigami dispersed to their respective squad buildings. As they were walking, a slightly buzzed Ikkaku turned to his slightly buzzed friend.

"Hey, Yumi… you sure you're ok?" Looking over at him, Yumichika gave him a small smile.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Too drunk to discern the false tone in his companion's voice, Ikkaku continued walking, Yumichika falling slightly behind to stare at him as he walked.

I'm not afraid…I'm not afraid… I'm not afraid…







...I'm afraid...

To be coninued...?

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