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It started with a towel. A simple towel.

Thats how the bronze-haired green eyed angel walked into my life, rearranged it, and turned it all around.

With a Towel.



I was in the kitchen of our little condo baking cookies from the premade cookie dough that i stashed in the freezer so rose wouldnt chuck it out. I had just gotten home from my shift at the ice cream shop down the street and i awaited Rosalie and Alice's reaturn from school. My name is Isabella Swan, But i go by Bella. Isabellas to formal.

Rosalie, Alice and I all attend a College a few miles from our condo where currently I am attempting to major in phycology, Rose in modeling, and Alice in fashion design. I had earned enough credits this year to only have a couple of classes in the mornings so I have a part time job at an ice cream parlor were I get paid minimum wage to scoop ice cream for Four-year-olds who scream and yell way to much when they dont get there way. But it was job so i couldnt really complain. As i waited for the cookies to finished i picked up my book where I had left off. I had been reading Pride and Prejudice.

The book, to me, was one of the best out there. The conflict between Mr. Darcy and Elizibeth was so exciting and edgy. I was so into my book that I jumped a foot off the ground when the buzzer went off. I marked the page i was on and shuffled over to the oven, took the cookies out and placed them on the cooling rack, sauntered into the living room, and ploped down on the plush couch we had just recently bought.

Minutes later Rosalie and Alice walked into the condo having a very excited conversation. they looked up from the conversation and smiled at me. " Hello Bella." alice said smiling wider now. oh no. I knew that smile all to well. Technicaly it wasnt a smile. It was more of an evil grin that said Ill-make-you-do-it-anyways-so-just-listen-and-be-good. Alice spoke again. " Bella we were wondering--" "what time Alice?" i said giving in. "Oh Bella thank you! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!" Rosalie squeaked Jumping up and down like a school girl. again I spoke. "what time?" Alice spoke this time "How about. . . . Two hours?" she looked at Rose who nodded excitedly. "Fine" I said as I heaved my self off the comfortable, inviting couch.

" Im going to shower." I said as I made my way to the stair case. Half way up i heard Alice. "Should we tell her? " she asked in a hushed tone. "Nah! later when she gets out." I really didnt care so I didnt ask. I Reached the bathroom and turned the water to 'hot.' Maybe the hot water would relax me before the long night with Alice would ensue. I stripped down and stepped into the now running shower were I was assulted by the hot relaxing water. Letting the hot water pound on my back and my skin i felt the goosebumps rise, and slowly I let my muscles relax. My thoughts swarmed. About school, love, guys. Eventually I pushed all thoughts out of my head and relaxed.

When I was completly relaxed I began my 'Beautification prosses' as Alice would call it. I washed my hair with my shampoo that smelled like strawberry and fressia , shaved my legs, and cleaned my face. After being in the shower for an hour i decided to get out before Alice deided to come up and phisicaly drag me out. Turning off the water, I stepped out and wrapped up in a towel. It was soft and warm and comforting. Kinda like a guys arms. To bad I didnt have a boyfriend. Wallowing in my pathetic lonleyness I headed down to my room which unfortunaly was on the first floor, I neglected to hear that it wasnt just Rose and Alice down stairs.

I hIt the bottom step and looked up to see that i was in the presance of three gorgous men sitting in my living room. the most gorgous guy of all of them had a mess of bronze hair and the most beautiful Emerald eyes that were looking at me in awe. Then i remembered. I was only in a towel.


Jasper and Emmett had come home from classes raving about two girls they had meet last week who had invited us to go out with them tonight. "Edward seriously! They were Hot!!!" Emmett stated matter-o-factly. "And they have a friend as well" Jasper added. I rolled my eyes and laughed. "why is it you guys must always be trying to hook me up?" i was still laughing. "Dude please?" Emmett asked as he got onto both knees and clasped his hands together in a begging manner. "Please bro?" he said as he batted his eyelashes like a love struck teenage girl.

Jasper and I burst out in uncontrolable laughter. "Ok Emmett as long as you never do that again." I told him still laughing. Emmett stood up and cleared his throat. "Agreed." Jasper and I rained in our laughter as Emmett stood there scowling at us.

"I'll go get ready then." I told them and headed off towards my bedroom. Walking into my giant room I walked over to my closet. after stairing at it for five minutes I decided on light blue faded jeans, a tight grey shirt and a light/dark blue stripped botton down tee that I left open. With that done and taken care off i walked back into the living room were Emmett and Jasper were sitting on the couch and looked up as I entered. Emmett was the first to speak.

"Whoa! Dude! You look. . . . Hot!!" Jasper slowly inched away from Emmett. "Dude. . . .?" Jasper Questioned as I looked at Emmett. Shocked. Emmett Jumped off the couch. 'NOT like that! DEFFINATLY not like that!" Jasper and I exhailed and laughed. "Ok" I said. "Im ready lets go." Jasper and I giving Emmett crap all the way there.

Ten minutes later we Were siting in a condo with two beautiful girls who Emmett and Jasper had given there full attention to since we walked in the door. Jasper to a pixie like girl named Alice and Emmetts to a model looking girl named Rosalie. Both dressed beautifuly and ready to go out. We heard the footsteps coming down the stairs before we seen who they came from. when i looked up and saw her.

I could smell the strawberry and fressia that rolled off of her in waves. She was beautiful! Her chocolate brown eyes wide with shock? yes deffinatly shock. Her deep brown hair soaking wet and dripping down her shoulders. She looked like she belonged at a photo shoot. not in a condo. Then when i really took a look at her i realized she was only wrapped in a Towel.


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