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16. Yes, or No.


The day after my party Jacob had needed to go back to Forks one last time. He stayed around for another hour talked to Edward alone for five minutes and then he took off. That was a year ago and It was a year later from that date. And the day was carrying on much like it had that day except Jake wanted to take a "male bonding trip"

"I've gotta get to know him bells." Was what Jake said and Edward smiled. I laughed at that considering Edward and Jake were practically best friends, and rolled my eyes at him. After they booked there flights for that day I went up to Edwards's room to help him pack.

"So….. What are you gonna do up there?" I asked. He walked up to me and smiled. "I want to see where you used to live and Jake wanted to get to know me, have a guy's only trip. Ill Be back in a couple days before you can miss me." He kissed my forehead then my nose and last my lips lingering there longest. He pulled away, smiled and went back to packing.

Once he finished and we were down stairs the guys all exchanged good-bye. "Take pictures" Emmett said "I wanna see where Miss Bella here grew up!" He said with an Emmett smile. Edward agreed with a smile and of course Jake added his two cents "Its not much to see." I nodded my head agreeing. "Well we have to be going so were not late." Edward said looking at the clock. Jacob agreed and I walked them out. At the car I hugged Edward as tightly as I could. "Be safe" I whispered into his ear. "Always" He replied and kissed me good bye. They both got into the car and waved good bye.


Driving to the airport I was fidgeting the whole time. Jacob had assured me all would go well but I was still nervous as Ever.

We got through the flight and the drive into forks. It was hard to believe my Bella had grown into the beautiful young woman I knew in this town. We pulled up to a two-story, white house and Jacob parked. "This is it" He said looking at me, smiling. I got out of the car, shaky and nervous as ever. A knot in my stomach the size of a softball had formed. "Well…" I said. "Let's do this. Let's see what her dad says after all." With that we walked up the drive to the front door, awaiting the answer that would change my life.



I walked into the Airport terminal desperately searching for Bella. I turned a couple times and seen her standing by a bench with the gang. Our eyes locked and she took off for me. I dropped my bag and threw my arms open ready to catch her and hold her tight. I had missed her so much and it felt so good to have her in my arms again and her sweet smell in my nose.

"God I missed you!" She said into my ear and kissed me. I kissed her back just as profusely and set her down. "I missed you too love. I missed you so much!" We just stood there looking into each others eyes for a few minutes and then walked back together to the Gang. I received hugs from all of them and Jacob met up with us as we were leaving. "You get lost at the gate Jake?" I asked, teasing. He smiled back. "No! I just heard this beautiful woman calling my name and I couldn't resist not doing this." He leaned down and kissed Becca. Bella and I smiled and we all exited the airport and climbed into the car, making our way home.

We pulled up to the house and unpacked the car. I dropped my bag in the laundry room and walked in to the living room to find Bella sitting at the grand piano. I smiled thinking about the night she stayed at my house and found me in the morning at the piano. I sat down next to her and pressed a couple keys. She moved her hands off the keys and I began to play her song.

She smiled and watched my hands in silent awe and when I finished playing she looked up at me with little tears in her eyes just smiling. "I Love you" She whispered. I Smiled back at her and kissed her lips softly. "I Love you too Bella." We sat there for a few moments until I remembered I had something else I had to do. I needed to talk to Alice and Rose first.


Edward's fingers moved across the ivory keys gracefully playing the final note's of my song and once again the tears were in my eyes. "I Love you" I whispered to him. He kissed me and replied "I Love you too" We sat looking at each other for moments until he stood up and asked where Rose and Alice were at. I pointed to the garden outside and he walked with fast urgent strides to the glass door, opened it, stepped outside, and then closed it tight. I was confused but was too tiered to worry about it. I hadn't slept well when Edward was away. It was unnerving having him so far from me.

I Layed down on the couch and threw my arm over my eyes blocking out the light. I heard the slider open and close a few moments later and Edward walking towards the couch. He sat on the side and placed his had on my tummy. "Bella, love I have to run into town really quickly. Ill only be away about an hour, Jakes coming with me." I uncovered my eyes. "I'll go with you" I said yawning. He smiled and grabbed a blanket of the back of the couch. "Sweetheart you're tiered. Take a little nap and ill be back before you know it." I frowned at him. "But im not tiered" and as if to prove me wrong, I yawned. He laughed a little bit and covered me with the blanket. "Sleep love" He whispered.

I closed my eyes and began to doze.

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