Author's Note: Hey people! Glad to see you reading this wonderful sequel to Mythaven! It starts out kind of slow, but things will speed up and become more exciting as we go along. And don't think we've seen the last of everyone from Mythaven, because we haven't! :D We're going to be seeing Kankana and Soumya again, and everyone (or almost everyone) else from the book!

I know some of you will want to see the dragons again, and many of you are probably curious about Tlipo and the newly female frank. XD They will eventually make their appearance, rest assured. Another thing to look forward to: a female Joy! He needs a friend, don't you think?

I also believe I should point out now that I LIKE TÉA/ANZU!!! There will be no bashing of her, at least in my mind; anything that she does that is stupid will be in-character (at least I believe it will). And I know some of you think "ohmiGod Téa's such a slut/whore/bitch/friendship-freak/moron!" Well, Téa is. I won't deny that. However, 4kids (or just Americans in general) has made her into that swbffm. In the Japanese version, she gives one friendship speech. She is not the ditz she appears to be.

And the female characters don't get enough love, anyway. Besides, I believe I'm pretty good at making you at least deal with characters you normally hate; you don't have to like her in this story, just don't hate her. She's a good and (maybe unfortunately for you) necessary character.

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The Secret Serpent

Chapter 1

Seto grunted as something heavy plopped in his lap and nearly clubbed whatever it was with his book instinctively. Luckily, his boyfriend was used to this reaction, ducked the book, and snuggled up to his chest. "Mm… I'm back."

The brunet blinked, stunned, then sighed and relaxed, reaching up to idly play with his hair as he looked back at the book in his hand. "Good. I was afraid I'd have to go in after you."

"Aw, you know ya like t' come visit everyone," Joey cooed, then began placing little kisses along his chin and jaw. "Kaii misses ya."

"Yes, I know. However, he says he wants little brothers and sisters, so I'm trying to read all of the books Kankana said to check for about adoption. I just realized I should have tried the journals all the Golden Ones kept first. …But the other books were so much more interesting," Seto sighed, rubbing his temple. "Some of them are just so boring. Do I look like I want to read about a baby unicorn taking its first steps? Whoop-dee-freakin'-doo."

"Mm, poor baby…" Rolling onto his stomach, the blond smiled and let his kisses trail lower to his neck. "But I really appreciate your hard work…"

The older boy sighed and reached down to give his ass a good squeeze with his free hand, making him squeal in embarrassment. "Puppy, you're going to make me horny. We don't have enough time before school for me to give you the love-making you deserve and still get there punctually."

Joey blushed and looked away, then looked back up at him, frowning. "Have ya found anything, though?"

"No. Apparently, each Golden One wanted children of his or her own to take care of. These Golden Ones are very family oriented." Seto ran his hand up and down the blond's side and sighed. "I can't see a way of getting around one of us getting pregnant."

"Yugi says he'd much rather see me pregnant, and Ryou agreed," the blond commented, his rosy cheeks growing even warmer. "They said I'd be more willin' t' let 'em touch my tummy when the baby starts kickin'."

Seto snorted. "Like hell I'm letting them touch me."

Joey took a deep breath, then stated, "That's why I was thinkin' that maybe it should be me carryin' the babies." Then he was up off his boyfriend's lap with his backpack in hand, rushing toward the door. "I gotta go or I'm gonna be late for school!"

"Wha-! You can't just drop a bomb like that on me and run away!" The brunet stood up and scowled, glaring after him. "If you think we're not going to talk about it after you get home from school, you're sadly mistaken!"

Poking his head back into the library, the blond smiled sweetly. "But Seto, don't you remember? I'm spendin' the afternoon at Yug's!"

"…You little brat!"

Seto watched the blond giggle and disappear from sight again, then smiled a little and sat back down. He would be lying if he said he was upset; he was merely annoyed. However, he was pleased at the prospect of the younger boy carrying his children. Just the thought of the blond caring enough, loving enough to carry their children was enough to make him want to just scoop him up and never let him go. And, from what he understood, the gaining of a female reproductive system would just make him more beautiful, from what the journals he'd read implied.

He didn't believe that Joey could get anymore attractive than he was, but if he somehow managed it, he probably wouldn't be able to keep his greedy hands off of him. How unfortunate.

Taking his glasses off, he sighed, then let the book in his hand drop onto the table beside his chair. He'd been reading nonstop for days. And it hadn't been just the journals of the past Golden Ones, which Joey had so kindly leant to him in an attempt to see if maybe adoption would work. No, he'd had to go through report after report when he got back from their stay in Mythaven, and then he'd had to catch up on paperwork from all of the projects that had been delayed by his absence, and then he'd had to go through reports of other various projects.

His eyes wanted to explode. He decided that today was a very good one for a 'mental health day,' as Mokuba called them. And Mokuba had encouraged him to take them as often as he felt he needed as soon as he caught up on paperwork again. He figured if he told his little brother that his brain had threatened to implode and slowly but surely ooze out his ears, he'd understand.

Seto stood and yawned, stretching to get out the kinks in his back. When he found that some of the kinks weren't going to come out, he sighed and rubbed the back of his head, then made his way out of the library, intent on getting some breakfast and going to bed for a nap. His plans changed when he saw the blond's bedroom door open; he wanted to sleep more than anything else right now. And, since Joey wasn't here…

Closing the door to the blond's room, he smiled, then walked over to the bed and lied down, hugging one of the pillows to his chest and burying his face in it. It smelled a little like the softener the maids used in the wash, but it mostly smelled like Joey, and that's all he really wanted. Curling around the pillow, he wiggled around until he was comfortable, then sighed, pulling up the blankets so he could sleep in comfort until Joey came home, when he'd quickly return to his own room, before the blond could come in and accuse him of being a lovesick fool again. …Like he had the last time he'd caught him sleeping in his bed.

Seto couldn't help it if he wanted to smell his mate as he slept. He wasn't allowed to sleep with him—which gave him horrible anxiety as it was—so he had to settle for the next best thing. Besides, it wasn't as if he was making out with his pillow. That would just be weird.

Feeling as if something was watching him, he frowned, then turned and looked toward the far corner of the room. Something felt… off. But he couldn't tell what. After a few minutes, however, when he couldn't figure out what it was, he sank back down into a lying position and sighed, once again cuddling up to his mate's pillow. He was tired. Sleep was good.


Joey raised an eyebrow as his friends walked into class. Yugi had a bright, happy smile on his face, which wasn't in and of itself unusual, but there was just something… different about it. Maybe a slight smugness to it? And Yami, well… his expression carried the same pride and satisfaction that Seto's did after a round of sex. He personally called it his 'I-didn't-just-get-some—I-got-a-lot' expression. Seto had agreed that it was a good name and just continued to smile that damn smile.

"Good morning, Joey!" Yugi exclaimed, his smile becoming a bit brighter.

The blond felt his eye twitch. "What's wrong with you?"

At this, the smaller boy looked confused, and tilted his head. "What are you talking about, Joey?"

"I don't see anything wrong with you, aibou," Yami commented, and smiled when he received a grateful nod. So it was just a weird 'Joey Thing.'

"Ya have a weird look on your face," Joey stated, narrowing his eyes as he leaned closer to him, trying to inspect his face for more clues. "And Yami has his 'I got sex' face on. So why are ya smilin' like that?"

Yugi blinked at him for a few moments, then smiled again. "Oh! I got to be on top last night!"

Every single brain cell the blond had combusted, as well as every capillary in his face, it seemed like. He couldn't think of anything to say, and his face felt like it was on fire. He felt his pencil snap in his hand. Vaguely, he realized that he should probably blink; however, he was too busy staring at his friend in embarrassed horror.

"…I'm… going to go bug the tomb robber," Yami stated after a few moments, deciding that he didn't want to deal with the blond when he currently had that 'you-shattered-my-innocence-you-monster-I-can't-believe-you-did-that' kicked puppy expression. It actually made him feel sort of bad.

Yugi tilted his head innocently, then turned back to his friend, frowning in confusion. "I don't get it, Joey. Why is that such a big deal? I mean, Kaiba must let you—"

"Kaiba has never let me!" Joey hissed, still blushing, and looked away from him quickly. "I don't think Kaiba would ever let me! He's got trust issues even more fucked up than mine!"

The smaller boy blinked, then raised an eyebrow. "Joey, you know you don't have to be seme to be on top, right?" When the blond only turned a darker shade of red and kept his gaze averted, he sighed. "Really, Joey? After all that straight porn we watched [1]? And you're embarrassed?"

"It was never me in those videos, okay?! It's different with me an' Seto!" he exclaimed, then covered his face in humiliation. "Oh, God." He wanted to die. "…'sides… he's been busy researchin' t' see if we could adopt. He says he's too tired, but… I think he's just tired of waitin' for me t' choose…"

Yugi tilted his head again, surprised. "I thought you already did."

"Mmm…" The older boy bit his bottom lip and rubbed the back of his head, softly admitting, "Well, I have, but I haven't told him yet."

"Joey!" The smaller teen looked horrified. "I can't believe you'd do that to him! How could you!"

"I didn't wanna do— He's so—I can't explain it!" Joey covered his face again. "I wanna tell him, but I wanna tell him the right way…" He groaned and let his head fall to his desk with a thud. "'nd I hinted at it this mornin' when I got back from visitin' Kankana, and then I got scared and I told him I was hangin' out with you and Yami, and I just don't know what t' do!"

Yugi sighed and crossed his arms, scowling. "Fine. You can come over. But only if you are deciding how you're going to tell him or you're doing more research about how your pregnancy is going to go."

The blond sighed and looked up at him sadly. "I really fucked up this time, huh? 'nd Seto's gonna be mad at me when he finds out I've been makin' him look through things he didn't hafta look through and the longer I wait the madder he's gonna be—"

"Joey, calm down." Placing his hand on top of the blond's head, he couldn't help a small smile, because he was just so stressed out about something that was really so simple to deal with. "I'm sure he'll be so happy hearing that you'll do it that he's going to completely forget about all the reading he's done." He couldn't help a chuckle. "Heck, I think he'll even disregard you keeping it to yourself for a while, he'll be so happy. He's so funny sometimes, it's weird."

Joey looked up at him and sighed, looking so nervous that his friend wished he could help calm him down. "Ya really think so?"

"Of course. Besides, if he starts to get mad, you can just kiss him and he'll forget all about it," Yugi added, smiling brightly.

"…Nrgh…" The taller boy sighed. "I dunno whether that makes me feel better or not…"


Seto gasped and sat up quickly, horrified, then groaned and ran his hands through his sweaty hair. "Oh, God… Fuck…" He was still trembling from the adrenaline of the nightmare he'd had. He couldn't remember the last time he'd had a nightmare that had terrified him this much.

He tried to remind himself that his mate would never leave him, that Joey was too loyal to do that, but the image of his puppy-eared blond shoving his ass in the air for—for… that pink-haired bastard with that stupid accent. And that bastard had been making his tail wag. His mate's tail had wagged for another man! One that he'd shown open hostility with before! The one he'd called a diva, a circus side-show freak, a freak! So why was he letting him fuc—

"Mother fucking mate-stealing BASTARD!" He probably would have continued in his slander of the other man but for the realization that he had just accidentally burnt a hole in the blond's wall. "…Shit…" Looking around the room quickly, he stood to go push his dresser in front of the burn. He didn't need to know about it. …And he would doubtlessly get a tongue-lashing if Joey saw it.

But back to this disturbing dream he'd had.

Pulling out the chair from the blond's desk (he'd insisted, so he could bring some of his paperwork from Mythaven home with him. Who would have thought that the Golden One had to deal with so much paperwork?), he sat and rested his chin on his laced fingers. 'I know my puppy would never leave me. He's too loyal, and even if he wasn't, I know he'd stay anyway if only to make me happy. So what the hell was up with that?'

Seto had no idea why he would have such a horrifying and infuriating dream. His puppy was loyal, affectionate, and sweet; he was also quick-tempered, feisty, and violent. He had also shown great distaste for the pink-haired man in his dream. So why would he have a nightmare starring his lover and one of the few people his lover hated having sex? It made absolutely no sense, and he was more than a little worried and perplexed. He didn't want to become a jealous mate. He knew he was one, but not to the point that he'd accuse his lover of cheating on him. Still, he was afraid he might become one.

Sighing, he let his head hang. This was just going to give him a headache, and then Joey would be unhappy with him because he'd believe he'd been working too hard. He didn't want his puppy yelling at him—

and may initially include cramps, bloating, and slight bleeding. These are normal when the male reproduction system is made to accommodate a female one as well, and until hormones balance out, mood swings are also typical. Most men are unable to conceive for a month after first gaining their female reproduction system. Once the baby is born (in whatever condition it may), the uterus used will begin to shrink, then disappear, and to have another child the male will need to go through the magical procedure again; time until conceiving will be shortened with each pregnancy.

Seto actually felt the metaphorical cogs whirling in his head stop moving. When they finally began to slowly regain motion, puzzle pieces of his mate's recent behavior suddenly began clicking into place. Joey had been recently complaining of cramps, and then about his pants not being able to fit as well as they used to. Both events had caused an increase in moodiness that had the blond snapping and growling at him, then hurriedly apologizing in a rush of remorse. It also explained the blood he was sure he hadn't caused when they'd had sex.

No. No, no, no. Joey would not make him read through all of those things when he'd already decided what he was going to do. He wasn't cruel. He knew how hard Seto was working and then reading the Golden Ones' journals on top of that. So he would never… He wouldn't…

He wasn't going to lie; he was a little hurt. But he was more pissed than hurt. His mate was getting a good spanking when he got home.


Joey sighed softly and rubbed the back of his head. "Well, I guess I better go…"

"So! When are you gonna get knocked up?" Bakura called, making him flinch as he reached for the doorknob.

Ryou scowled and elbowed him in the side. "Bakura! Don't be so rude!"

"Whaaat? I just wanna know…"

Téa raised an eyebrow in surprise. "Wait, you were serious about that, Joey?"

Once they'd gotten back from Mythaven and Téa had cornered them demanding for an explanation for their absence, (and threatened to beat each and every one of them to a bloody pulp if they defied her) they'd told her everything, from first being sucked in to when Seto and Joey came back out, minus the few intimate details that wasn't necessary for her to know. They'd expected more of a reaction from her, really; Joey had to admit that he was kind of disappointed with the surprised but accepting 'oh.' She seemed to be more surprised with the fact that an entire world was okay with depending on Joey for something than she did with the actual existence of the book.

Joey blushed a little and looked down at his feet, then sighed again and walked over to sit down on the couch next to her, the only open seat. "Well, the books I found told me that it would take maybe a month until I was able t' get pregnant. And I did it about a month ago… So sometime soon. I've been goin' t' Mythaven every week since it happened, just in case, but he keeps sayin' I haven't…" His nose wrinkled in distaste for the next word. "'Conceived' yet."

"You go see a unicorn for that?" Yugi asked in surprise, blinking innocently.

The blond frowned at him. "Who else would I go to? If I went t' a doctor, they'd think I'm a scientific 'specimen' an' keep me under glass. Then it would be in the papers, and ya remember how much the stocks dipped after they found out he was datin' me…"

"And then how they went right back up because about half of Kaiba's fangirls became rabid yaoi fangirls," Tristan muttered, slouching in his seat.

Joey's brows furrowed together in concern. "Is Duke still not answerin' your calls?"

The brunet snarled. "No."

At this, nearly everyone in the room flinched. So Tristan was bisexual and swinging mostly toward girls, but he could like males, too. And Duke wasn't entirely bad-looking. He'd even been willing to work things out and maybe even start a tentative relationship with him at the beginning. Now he was just hurt, because every attempt he'd made to contact the other boy had been met with silence from the other side; Duke had accepted his call once, then hung up on him.

"You seem more upset than usual," Yami commented, raising an eyebrow inquisitively, only to hurriedly duck when a magazine was thrown at his head. "Ack!"

Téa caught it (how she became such an expert magazine-catcher, no one knew) and looked at the cover, frowning. "Have you kept this with you all daaaa… Oh, dear."

"Why, what is it?" Yugi asked, frowning. "Is it bad?"

She cringed a little as she read the headline that had no doubt hurt her friend, and would also no doubt infuriate her other one. "'Dungeon Dice Creator Rolls a Pair: Duke Devlin Has Found a Girlfriend.'" She flinched even more when the others gasped, and could only pray that their reaction to the next part wouldn't be so bad. "'Serenity Wheeler says she couldn't be happier.'"

There was silence for all of five seconds; then, Joey was on his feet, letting out a roar of fury, and the others were reminded how thick his accent got when he was angry. "He's goin' out wit' my sistah wit'out even talkin' t' Tristan!? He's goin' out wit' my sistah?! Get me a phone! I'll rip 'is guts out! I'll strangle 'im wit' 'em! He'll rue th' day! Rue it, ya hear me!?"

The phone was passed in his direction for fear that he would accidentally unleash his powers like he had the last time, when he first heard that Duke wasn't taking any of Tristan's calls. …He'd accidentally blown out the phone line and every other electrical outlet in the building, along with every single one within a mile radius. That had taken some major fixing on his part, once he'd gotten calmed down.

As the others braced themselves for an explosion, Joey punched in the phone number angrily, then put the phone up to his ear and used his shoulder to keep it there as he crossed his arms, fuming. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been so angry with his baby sister.


"So, I hear you're goin' out wit' Duke Devlin," the blond spat, not even bothering to greet his sister, even though he usually would. He could practically hear his sister cringe in response.

"Oh, you saw that article, huh? I was hoping I'd be able to tell you myself, but…"

"Listen t' me, Ren. I'm only gonna say dis once."

"…Yeah?" she asked nervously, biting her bottom lip.

Joey's eyes darkened angrily. "You bettah drop dat cowardly two-timin' jackass bastard wit'in da next half hour or I'm gonna find 'im an' rip out his tiny pathetic heart. I'm gonna do it as slowly an' painfully as possible an' den I'm gonna make 'im eat it."

"You can't do that! Joey, I know you don't want me to date—"

"Oh, ya can date, I don't care 'bout dat," he hissed. "I just care 'bout who ya datin'. And my baby sistah certainly ain't gonna date a cowardly bastard dat won't return 'is crush's phone calls an' when he does get 'em hangs up on 'im."

"Oh, are you talking about Tristan?"

Joey blinked in surprise, then narrowed his eyes suspiciously. "Yeah, sis. I am."

"Yeah, Duke told me about that! He said that Tristan asked him out, but when he said no, he just wouldn't give up on him, and he's had to change his numbers and email addresses and everything— It's so weird; I always thought Tristan was so nice…"

The blond mouthed wordlessly, so furious he didn't know why he hadn't exploded into bright red and dark black confetti that combusted into flame wherever it landed. His friends hurriedly vaulted over the back of whatever seat they were sitting on and ducked down as far as they could. Well, all except Téa. She merely sat back with her soda and watched him, frowning.

Let it never be said that Téa wasn't brave.

Finally finding his voice (and his control of his muscles), Joey threw the phone as hard as he could at the wall, where it became lodged by the antenna. "Mother fuckin' cunt chasin' bastahd ass hat vile evil FIIIIIIIIEND!" he roared, trembling with rage.

Téa offered him her soda, even though she'd promised herself long ago that sharing any food or beverage was just asking for a puppy following her home; she decided that she was safe from him following her, what with the threat of a jealous and possessive Kaiba hovering over him. "Drink this, please."

The blond snatched the can out of her hands and began chugging it, then crushed it once it was empty and threw it at the wall as well; it left a dent. "Who the hell does dat bastahd dink 'e is?! Just runnin' around breakin' hearts an' screwin' around wit' people's lives-! I'm gonna find 'im and beat 'im t' a pulp!"

"Please don't destroy Yugi's living room," Téa sighed, watching as he began to pace. She nodded in satisfaction when the blond stopped throwing things but began choking some invisible person in front of him.

"Gonna strangle 'im an' rip off his dick an'—"

"Joey? Joey, what's going on?"

Joey froze, then looked back at the phone in horror. His baby sister had just heard him swearing like a sailor? About her boyfriend? …He was mad, but he knew his sister could get worse than even he could.

"Joseph Wheeler! You pick up this phone right now! I know you're listening! You've stopped swearing!"

Sighing in defeat, he reached for the phone, only to blink in surprise when he found someone else's hand closing around it and yanking it out of the wall before him. "Eh?"

"Serenity, this is the guy that dressed your brother in a dog suit," Téa stated, placing her free hand on her hip as she began to scowl.

"Well, I know that, but he apologized—"

"He can apologize to Kingdom come, Serenity. That doesn't change the fact that you're dating someone who has humiliated your brother. Also! Duke lies. He's a businessman. It's what he does. Besides, Joey knows Duke personally. Do you think he'd get so righteously angry if he didn't know for sure about what he's talking about?"

"Well… No, I guess not, but how is it different for me dating him than Tristan dating him? Tristan's his best friend!"

"Tristan can beat Duke to a puddle," the older girl replied, scowling. "Not just a pulp; he can do it to a puddle. Now I know you can protect yourself, Serenity, but you just don't have that spirit of maliciousness that Duke feels he needs to deal with. Now, it would be in your best interest to break up with Duke as soon as possible or deal with your brother." She held the phone out. "Joey, say goodbye to your sister."

"…'Bye," he stated softly, frowning.

"But wait—"

Téa turned the phone off, then went to go hang it up. "I expect you'll be wanting to repay me for my help, Joey, so you can buy me a new pair of ballet slippers and go shopping with me tomorrow."

"But—" he sputtered, then sighed in defeat. "…'kay…"

"Now, you better run along home, before Kaiba comes and gets you," she added, waving him away.

Joey tilted his head, confused by this turn of events, but drifted toward the door as she began ushering him toward it. "Gee, if you'd been sucked int' the book with us, Akuju would've been dead within an hour of bein' there."

"I know, I kick ass. Say hi to Kaiba for us!" She smiled at him sweetly before slamming the door shut after him.

Yugi scowled at his darker half. "And you wonder why more people didn't pick on me when we were growing up?! With Téa as my friend, it was like having my own guardian angel!"


Seto narrowed his eyes as he heard the front door open and close, then growled when he heard his mate timidly calling out to him. He assumed that Joey could tell that he was pissed. "I'm in the living room." When the blond hesitantly peeked into the living room, he scowled and growled again. "Come here please."

"…Seto…" Joey fidgeted with his fingers nervously, then made his way over to the armchair, for some reason feeling like a puppy that had done something bad on the carpet. "…Is… everything okay…?" He winced as the brunet turned his glare on him. "Seto?"

"You had me looking through information when you knew you didn't need it," the older boy hissed, then wrapped an arm around the blond's waist and yanked him down, causing him to fall over his knees.

"Eep! Seto, what 're ya—"

"Do you know how tired I've been!?" Seto snapped, then brought the flat of his down on his mate's left cheek, then his right, alternating between them to give him an even punishment; he wanted him to feel the same amount of pain on both sides when he sat down. "When I could have been doing something more productive!?"

Joey let out a yelp of surprise, then began squirming, tears forming in his eyes with every slap. "A-ah! Seto, that hurts-! Stop it!"

"You made me believe you were still trying to figure out what you were going to choose! Do you know how hurt I felt when I figured out that you'd already made your decision and you hadn't told me?!" The brunet growled, then twisted the smaller teen so he was sitting on his lap. "Why would you make me do that, Joey?!"

"I-I-! I didn't mean to— I just wanted to— I was thinking about how—" The blond squirmed, trying to struggle out of his arms. "Seto, I—Lemme go!" He whimpered softly, then turned and let his head fall onto the brunet's chest a little harder than he probably would have under normal circumstances, hiding his face in his shirt as he began to tremble with the want to cry but was too stubborn to do so.

Seto growled again, but his anger had simmered down to an annoyance. "Fuck, puppy, you seem to know exactly what to do to piss me off."

As the brunet loosened his grip on him, he tore himself out of his arms and ran from the room, refusing to cry in front of him. He had no idea how Seto could have found out that he'd made his decision; he'd tried to keep it secret, looking for the right time to tell him himself. And he'd just gotten spanked for it. He hadn't been spanked since that time in Mythaven-! …Well, that was a lie, but he hadn't been spanked as a punishment since then!

Joey knew that he wouldn't apologize. He could feel that he'd truly hurt his mate by not telling him, so he felt completely justified in punishing him. That didn't mean, of course, that he wouldn't feel guilty when he found out why he'd withheld the information and for treating him so roughly. Then he'd rack his brains trying to figure out some way of showing that remorse without actually apologizing, causing him to ignore his work, which he'd then have to make up by working the weekends when he usually took them off, leaving him alone when he needed him most.

The worst part was he'd done it to himself.

Throwing himself onto his bed, he allowed a few tears to escape, but not many. He sniffled for a few minutes, then sat up and rubbed his nose, deciding that he'd only brought this upon himself, and he needed to somehow make this up to his mate. He couldn't do anything remotely sexual, because Seto would still be feeling guilty and probably wouldn't be in the mood for a good while yet.

And then he remembered what Yugi had said and he wondered if it would work. He… he was a little curious about it now. After all… you didn't have to be seme to be on top.


OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD! A LEMON! This is the end of the chapter, unless you want a lemon. In which case, it's down there. |v|v|v …It's not very good, though.


Seto growled and kept thumping the back of his head lightly against the headrest of his chair, cursing in every language he knew (which was quite a few) for his stupid temper. He'd really hurt his mate. Joey probably had a very good reason for not telling him yet, and he'd just gone and spanked him. Hard. …With no intention of kissing it better. He supposed he could go try now, but the blond would most likely try to impale him with the nearest sharp object; most likely a paintbrush.

He frowned as he sensed his mate coming toward him. It made no sense. Joey would still be mad at him, so why was he coming toward him? …Well, he supposed the blond was coming to punch him in the face for being so mean. It had happened before.

He stiffened as he sensed the blond coming to a stop beside his chair and prepared himself for the oncoming pain, and then the barrage of words sure to follow. …But then the smaller teen was straddling his lap, and he was more than a little confused by this.

Looking up in surprise, Seto raised an eyebrow in confusion. "…Puppy?"

"Just sit," Joey cooed, then slid his hand down his chest slowly and used the other one to begin unbuttoning his shirt. "And let me do everything."

The brunet was intrigued by this, and a certain perkiness from a certain part of his anatomy attested to that. "Mmn…"

The younger teen leaned down and began licking softly at his chest with short strokes of his tongue. When he felt the brunet's purr rumble through his chest, Joey smiled, then began rocking his hips a little as he pushed the older boy's shirt off his shoulders. "Mm, Seto…"

Seto let out a surprised growl with the small movements of the blond's hips, eyes beginning to glow with each forward thrust. "Puppy… Nn… What are you…?"

"Nn-!" The blond blushed a little, whimpering, then licked his way down to one of the older boy's nipples, giving it a small, curious nip. When the physical response was a loud, surprised snarl, he moaned and began sucking gently, suckling at the older boy's hardening nub until it was erect, then switched to the other one and lifted a hand to begin fondling the one he'd just abandoned.

The brunet snarled and thrashed his head from side to side, determined to let his puppy do what he wanted; this was interesting, and he found he liked the blond exploring his body. "Oh, fuck, puppy…"

Joey mewled as he felt the brunet's hands sliding down his back, then moving down further to cup his rear. This was soon followed by small whimpers of both pleasure and pain when each of his cheeks was kneaded roughly. "Ooh… Yes… Mn…" Moaning, he dragged his nails down the brunet's chest and bucked forward, grinding their hips together violently.

Seto snarled again and pulled him down against his hips even harder. "Oh fuck yes! Mine!"

"Mn, yours," the blond whispered, leaning up to lick and kiss his ear, before he began rocking from side to side to see what sort of reaction that would get.

"Shit!" The brunet's eyes flew open as he gasped, but then he was pulling him down harder, bucking his own hips upward to meet each grinding movement. "Oh God, oh fuck, oh shit!"

Joey mewled again, then reached down to slide his hand into the other boy's pants and grasp his erection. "Nn, need my master in me… Puppy needs a good mating…"

Seto answered the mewling by reaching down to frantically pull at the blond's pants. "Oh, God, I can do that."

"Ooh!" The blond blushed as his pants and boxers were pulled down and a finger was slid inside of him. "S-Seto!"

"Jesus, puppy, you even prepared yourself for this," the older boy hissed, then leaned his face into his pup's neck. "Fuck, you make me so hard, puppy."

Joey yelped as the finger was removed until to find himself being hurriedly yanked down onto the brunet's eager shaft. "Oh! T-that's—what I need—uh!" He moaned loudly and closed his eyes as he began lifting and lowering himself with his legs, then slid his arms around the brunet's neck. "S-Seto!"

"Joey…" Seto groaned softly in appreciation and used the grip he had on the blond's hips to help him move, jerking upward to meet his movements. "Nn, my puppy…"

"Ha-! Ah…! 'm sorry-! 'm sorry, Seto!" The younger boy whimpered as the brunet grabbed his shaft and closed his eyes tightly. "Ahn…"

The CEO frowned, perplexed. "Sorry for what?"

"I-! I-! I should've-! I shou—Haaa!" The blond threw his head back and moaned, twitching his hips slightly in a way that normally, the older boy would find mind-numbing.

"Sorry for what?" he asked again, yanking him down harder.

"I should've told ya—Oh, fuck, Seto!" Leaning his head on the brunet's shoulder, the pup groaned again, dragging his nails down the other boy's back. "Nnn…! You fuck me so good!"

Seto frowned, then stopped the blond from moving forcibly. "Joey… Are you doing this because you're sorry?"

Joey whined. "No, I wanna have sex with ya! I had my reasons, but—" Growling, he glared at the other boy. "You let me move or I'm gonna bite ya, Seto."

"…Fine," the brunet sighed, then allowed him to move again.

The younger boy moaned and arched his back, then pressed himself up against him. "Ooh, yes… Seto… Nn…" He mewled softly, knowing that the brunet liked his noises, then leaned in to press their mouths together. "Mmn…"

The brunet groaned, eyes fluttering shut, but he vowed to bring this conversation back up later. …Much later.



And now footnotes! …Or footnote.

[1] True story. Jounouchi and Yuugi have a small conversation about Jounouchi's (censored) straight porn. He offers to let Yuugi borrow it. Yuugi is enthused by this idea. Chapter 2, page 1 of the manga (well, technically, it's page fifty-five of the manga, but I read online).