A/N: I've decided to write a fic for Blazblue, which is a VERY VERY good game. I like the Japanese voices, there's Tomokazu Sugita (Kyon from Haruhi, Gintoki from Gintama, and many others), and Kana Ueda (Hayate from Nanoha). Although Yuichi Nakamura (Tomoya from Clannad, Alto from Macross and many others) is playing as a bad guy, it's still good he's inside. The rest of the cast is not very well known to me. So i play the Japanese version, and the story mode is killing me. Followed the online guide word for word, but still can't get 100%. All around 89-98%... what the hell is that suppose to mean?! Am i never destined to finish 100%?!

anyway, so playing the game, i have three favourite characters. Ragna, Noel, and Rachel. I don't like Jin, as he's a psycho yandere. And guys being yandere are simply too freaky.

MAJOR SPOILER in this fic, so don't read if you don't want to be spoiled... i want to be spoiled by noel and rachel, heh heh.

So anyway, there are two groups right now debating on Noel's true identity (as far as i'm concern). Both sides agree that she is related to Ragna and Jin. But one group says she is the reincarnation of Saya, i'm with the other group, saying she is actually Saya who lost her memories. Age wise, it works.

So anyway, i may not have everything down, i'm just writing this since i dislike cliff hangers.... they better make the second game good.

So this fic is supposed to be Noel X Ragna X Rachel. Woo, Ragna's a playboy. Now, although I'm with the group that says Noel is Saya, i still feel that some playing around is still fun, and this strange three would make an EXCELLENT comedy story. Oh, throw in Taokaka and we have a complete set. But Taokaka isn't exactly a romance type... is she? So anyway, let's just turn a blind eye to some strangely disturbing facts and enjoy what is possible! Oh yeah, no flames please. You don't my story, don't read. No one asked you to.


Cycles of the Unknown

Rebel 1

Where it Ends

He bent down, pushing aside the tall grass at the base of the tree. He couldn't confirm whether the enemy had found them or not, but at least he could tell that no one was near them at the moment. They had been just managed to escape the tightened security around the city, yet it didn't seem like it was over. There was still something within the city that was left behind. Rummaging around the base of the tree, he tried to feel around for the certain object that he so desires. Usually, he would have found at least one of those things by now. This time, it wasn't proving all that easy.

Were they all wiped out? No, it's impossible. Those things can't be destroyed even if a thousand Armagus blasted the place. Okay, so maybe that was an overstatement. He looked back at the camp site, where a certain girl sat by the fire, hugging her knees and staring blankly at the flames. Why did these sort of things keep piling up on him? What did he do to deserve this? Okay, maybe a lot of things. His hand brushed over a certain object in the thicket, and his eyes lit up. Was it? Could it be? He grabbed onto it, and tugged with all of his might. Wrenching out from the earth, his holy grail! He found it! He held up high his mighty prize for all to see, or at least the girl who still sat by the fire.

"I have it!"

He showed his prize to the girl, who look from the flames, to the object in his hand. Her expression went from blank, to.... blank.

"A... mushroom?"

Was all she could say in her utter disbelieve. Didn't he say he would find food worthy for a King?

"Don't insult my mushroom! This here, is a rare mountain mushroom! Grown only in the harshest regions, flourishing within the thick concentrations of that dumb black beast's breath."

"You mean Seithr."

She corrected him, though his nerve must have slightly snapped. He hated being corrected. He got enough of that from that damn rabbit.

"Whatever. It is really tasty and can give you enough energy to destroy another five library branches."

"It's the Novus Orbis Librarium Armagus."

She shot him a rather pissed off look, one that said if he said one more word, she would shoot his mouth. But she wouldn't really do that. Would she?

"... Fine, the NOL. Well, it's good food, and i found a couple here in the bushes. Looks like tonight is going to be a feast!"

The girl didn't bother to say anything, just looking back at the fire. So much for a conversation. He scratched his head, unsure on what exactly to do with this situation. He hadn't exactly planned for this to happen. He was more used to travelling alone. He liked the lonely nights, of staring into the sky, and swearing at random people, or running away from the bounty hunters and library officers. But after that last fight, he had to wonder what was going on exactly. That damn rabbit told him to keep this girl with him at all times, and to protect her no matter what. Well, she did save him from being lost in that infernal abyss within that cauldron, so he supposed he did owe her. But she's also part of the same group that tried to kill him in the first place! She's a NOL officer for crying out loud! Or was. Apparently the whacko who cut off his arm many years ago, is also working within the NOL. Going back to NOL would be suicidal for her.

Even though she was wreck after that encounter, muttering nonsense phrases for an entire day, she eventually calmed down and followed him without a word of protest. He looked once more at her, unable to believe what the rabbit told him. That this frail girl would be the true wielder of the Azure Grimoire. Unbelievable, and what's worse, was that his own power was a fake? There's only so much a person can take. He must sit down and rest. No, better yet. He better find some meat to eat. Meat can soothe the nerves. But somehow, he was banned from killing the rabbits and other small critters in the area for meat, by the same snivelling girl whom he had promised to protect. Cute? So what if they're cute?! They're delicious! Grill them with salt and you have a five star dinner plate ready to eat! He can't stand this! now he has to resort to grabbing and eating mushrooms? Luckily that feline master of his taught him how to look for food in different places.

It was a hellish training, which somehow seemed to benefit that damn cat more than it did for him. He did all of the hunting, gathering, and cooking of food while that cat just sat around like a cat. How fitting. He sat down by the fire, piercing the mushrooms he found into sticks and sticking them around the fire. Better to cook than to think about past memories that he would rather forget. He shot a few short glances at the girl. She didn't say a word. Not a single word for such a long time. It was like a ghost was following him where ever he went. And he hate ghosts. The silence was killing him. Maybe eating would help him get over that odd feeling he had. He tested the mushrooms roasting by the flames, before eating one.

"Hmm, such elegant taste, such a refine texture... This is it!"

He never really felt such thrill going over his taste buds in a long time, and it really was a treat. He picked a cooked mushroom and held it out to the girl.

"Here, it's really good."

The girl stared at the food with a curious look on her face. No doubt she was feeling slightly awkward, accepting food from him. But this had already happened for a couple times. Shouldn't she trust him by now? No matter. What she did was of no concern to him. Or was it? Her face was something that he could not get over. She looks so much like... 'her'. So much that it was almost identical. And similar to that psycho girl who tried to kill him more times than he bothered to count, and that psycho yandere almost succeeded that last time, if it weren't for this girl who is now moping around.

"You said this mushroom grows in high concentration of Seithr... Doesn't that make it unfit for human consumption?"

She eyed him and the mushroom, which should be noted to have a strange purple glow about it. He looked at the mushroom, not really thinking about that before. Now that she mentioned it, how did it know it doesn't kill? He ate it once before, but right after that he got into a fight, which caused him to puke out everything he ate before, since that bounty hunter used some sort of vomiting inducing gas.

".... Life is full of mystery and adventure, nothing venture nothing gain."

She didn't seem all too convinced about his choice of words. Well, he must admit that he was never the type for great lines, but at least he should be praised for something? That was when he felt a suddenly change in the air. A tear appeared right in the air next to the fire, almost like a tear in the very fabric of reality. From the tear, stepped a young twin tailed blonde girl, accompanied by a fat large cat and a red plump bat. They looked too unrealistic to be called a cat and a bat. The two of them knew this newcomer, and perhaps they have been waiting for her arrival this entire time. The seemingly young girl curled her lips into a mischievous smile when she saw him. And the mushroom.

"You won't die from eating that, but you certainly would feel sick and be paralyzed for a week."

Okay, now he shouldn't be eating these.

"You should have told me that before i stuffed five of them down my gut."

The newcomer flicked one of her tails in a rich, spoilt pompous noble's way, ignoring him and turning to the girl.

"You shouldn't eat what he eats. His body construct is different from normal humans."

"Don't ignore me, you damn usagi!"

"How is your body?"

She was still ignoring him. The girl didn't say anything, but nodded in reply to the newcomer's inquiry.

"Good. Sorry, but i had to arrange a couple of things on my end. Anyway, it is best if we stay in this city. The NOL has lost their grip over this city and those remaining personals don't have any order, running amuck like a headless chicken."

"Chickens can't run about without heads."

"Shut up, Ragna."

He shrugged, feeling like he had just won that argument, though not in an overwhelming manner that he had hoped for.

"We just managed to get out of the city, and that 'bastard' is still in there. Why should we go back in?"

The newcomer narrowed her eyes at him, angry at him and perhaps rather irritated that she has to explain it to him.

"Because i said so. Besides, there are people in there who can help us."

"Sector seven?"

He guessed who this rabbit had been working with. It was kind of obvious. But there were also dangers waiting for them inside, not to mention if that green guy-

"Terumi isn't here. I've set up a barrier around the place, so he cannot get in. However that doesn't mean he cannot send people in. Since Noel saw him, he would most likely send the NOL after her. Right now a familiar place with people who can help us is the ideal place to lay low."

He got up, dusting his clothes off, though felt a strange sensation starting to flow through him. Great, now the mushrooms were starting to work. The rabbit eyed him, and a smirk formed on her lips.

"Oh dear, starting to feel that? That is why such savages never live long. Never thinking about what they are stuffing in their mouths."

The rabbit walked up to him, placing a hand on his chest and leaning close to his face.

"Maybe if you plead, i can help you?"

Damn, she was annoying.

"Like.... hell... i... will!"

"My, such a strong rebellious spirit. Okay then, i'll take Noel with me, you can stay paralyzed here for one entire week. Try not to die. Come on, Noel, let's leave the monkey here."

The rabbit took the girl's hand and was about to leave. He knew she would never leave him like this... wait, would she? Being paralyzed in a half squat for one entire week? No freaking way! He would have to 'go' answer 'nature's call' more times than required!

"Okay!... Help!! Please!!!"

The rabbit paused, and turned with that same devilish smirk on her face.

"I knew you would come to your senses. A dog should never rebel against its owner."

"Who... are... you calling... a... dog?!"

"Aren't you?"

The rabbit's cat purred in its usual sarcastic tone. If there was anything more irritating than the rabbit herself, is her cat.

"Nago, Gii, go on ahead to the doctor's place. Tell her to prepare some antidotes."

The rabbit instructed her servants, who looked rather surprised.

"Hime-sama? Go on ahead? But-"

"Oho? I thought i said that dogs shouldn't bark at their owners?"

She glared at her servants, summoning a force that made everyone step back and sweat buckets. But it was true, she would never go anywhere without her servants. This would be a first. And they weren't dogs.

"I feel like going about on my own. Seeing you two everyday is starting to make me feel sick."


The servants looked like they were going to cry, wait, they were already crying. He could only offer his silent condolences from his frozen state. With one last whimper, the two servants disappeared in another tear of space that appeared. The rabbit now turned to him, in his petrified state. She stepped up to him, and smiled.

"Now that the noisy ones are gone, i guess this allows me to have some time in private with you."

"I'm still here."

The girl injected, her face showing slight signs of irritation. The rabbit smiled.

"Oh, Noel. Well, i'm sure you don't mind if i take Ragna away, do you?"


She immediately shot out, but then covered her mouth, face burning red and surprised at what she just said. The rabbit's smile just broadened, if ever humanly possible.


"It-... it's not what you think! Ifyoutakeawaythishighlevelcriminalthenwhoknowswhatmayhappenifheescapes?"

First stuttering, then immediately followed by speed talking. Only NOL officers seem capable of such feats. Her face was still burning red and she was clearly losing it.

"I won't let him escape from me... you never could."

The rabbit smiled, cupping his cheeks gently, her face leaning closer to his.

"Wha-wha-wha-wha-NO! NO! NO! NO! I WON'T ALLOW IT!"

Okay, the girl was clearly losing it. The rabbit smirked at her futile attempts to try to seperate him from the rabbit by sputtering more nonsense at extreme speeds. And the rabbit leaned closer, and kissed... his cheek.


The girl stopped, and her face was now completely red. Steam was visible coming from her ears. Angry? Or now frozen solid? Wait... he could start to feel his body again. His nerves were coming back.

"Thanks, usagi."

He rubbed his wrists, releasing the stiffness of his body.

"Hmph, next time, don't do anything stupid. Come on, let's go."

"We're walking?"

"I did say i wanted to be on my own for awhile. Teleporting may be easier, but it would only make such peace i have last for such a short while. Don't you think, Ragna?"

He sighed, shaking his head at her logic. Well, not that he minds. With the rabbit around, things could be interesting, and perhaps easier for him. He picked up his large blade, and looked to the girl, who was still rather frozen. He stood before her, and snapped his fingers before her, shaking her back to reality.

"Are you alright?"

"... You're a M, aren't you?"

Was all she said as she picked her gear, and practically ran after the rabbit, burrowing her red face in her cloak. He sighed, shaking his head.


The Wheels of Fate are Turning

A/N: this fic can be a one shot. I'll decide if i should continue this depending on a few factors. One being if people ask me to continue. But there are other factors that may make me continue too. Like boredom.