Day Five: Compensation

"I don't think compensation was meant to be used in the context that we seem to have been applying it to of late," Kyoya said with a yawn as he woke to hazel eyes blinking sleepily at him from across his pillow.

Kaoru smiled dryly. "Agreed."

Kyoya eyed the boy speculatively. "You talk in your sleep too, you know."

Kaoru's eyes narrowed slightly. "And?"

"And almost all you talk about is your brother."

The boy winced slightly. "Gomen."

Kyoya smiled grimly. "It's fine." He eyed the younger boy. "Although… perhaps you could be a little more forgiving, hmm?"

"I wasn't blabbering on about Haruhi," he snorted. Kyoya smiled broadly, with real mirth this time, and the boy's eyes widened. "I didn't."

"Oh, hai. You did."


Kyoya laughed, real laughter, and Kaoru savoured the sound knowing he wouldn't hear it again soon. "Very eloquent choice of words, Kaoru."

"I know, right?" he replied acerbically. The black-haired boy smirked. "Shit. You know what this means, right?"

Kyoya chuckled. "Are you going to shower first, or am I going to call the limo as soon as you're done repacking?"

Kaoru sighed and stretched, his body cracking audibly.

"I should shower." He gave Kyoya a raunchy grin. "After all, I wouldn't want to go home smelling like you."

"No," Kyoya said dryly. "Wouldn't want that at all."

"So… if anyone asks we slept together how many times?"


Kaoru chuckled. "Alright, amuse me, as you so eloquently put it."


Kaoru snorted, then a feigned sorrowful look spread across his face. "I'm going to go home talking like you."

Kyoya snorted.

"They're not going to believe that, you know."

"But it's true," Kyoya protested with a grin.

Kaoru rolled his eyes.

"But, should you choose to spread rumours, we can tell them once." Kyoya smirked. "Just to humour their imaginations of course."

"Of course." Kaoru moved towards the shower then paused, turning to look at Kyoya where he was stretched out on the bed for a moment. The older boy raised an eyebrow in response.

"Do you take the short end of the stick on purpose?" Kaoru asked, suddenly. Kyoya smirked.

"Why would I do that?"

" 'Cause secretly you're a nice person?" Kaoru ventured. Kyoya chuckled.

"Go take a shower, Kaoru."

The red head didn't move an inch.

"I'm gonna miss hanging out with you."

"Don't you dare get sentimental on me," the Shadow-Lord admonished, stretching languorously. "Besides, you'll see me at school."

Kaoru smirked. "You're right."

Kyoya then fixed him with a look, his eyes glinting. "If you ever get tired of that wayward brother of yours, though…"

"You'll be the first to know." Kaoru grinned lopsidedly. "Or if I ever need to make him jealous."

Kyoya laughed outright at that, and Kaoru watched with a marginally melancholy smile, knowing he would miss this easy banter between them. That laugh, so very rarely heard by anyone but Tamaki...

"Or that," he replied, subsiding into his usual chuckle. "There's always that."

"Young master Hitachiin?" a maid called. The boy looked up at the closed door from where he was lying in bed, his feet propped up against the wall. It was a surprisingly comfortable position, and it was supposed to bring more blood to the brain. Help one think. Usually he reserved it for English and Literature homework, but figuring out what to say to his brother the next time he saw him seemed like a worthy cause.


"Your brother's back from his trip."

Hikaru, in his haste to get up, fell off the bed and slammed his hip into the bedside table, knocking the alarm clock over and into his stomach.


"Hikaru?" Kaoru called, throwing the door open and looking around for his brother for a few moments before realizing that the tangle of sheets and a shock of red on the floor next to the bed was the boy in question. The maids placed his suitcase near the door and left unobtrusively as Kaoru stared down at his brother in a state of disbelief. Hikaru groaned in agony and tried to untangle himself from the blankets.

"You know," the younger boy said conversationally as he walked over to help him, lips twitching as he fought laughter, "this wasn't exactly how I imagined our reunion."

"Really now?" Hikaru said, biting back a moan as he stood. Kaoru bit his lip to stave off the laughter.

"No, not quite." He indulged in a smirk. "Where'd you hurt yourself? How'd you hurt yourself?"

Hikaru sighed and indicated his left hip with a sweep of his hand. "I fell off and hit the table."

"And what were you doing with your hip up by the bedside table instead of halfway down the bed where it belongs?"

"I was sitting in my thinking position," Hikaru said defensively. Kaoru sighed.

"Let me see."

Hikaru unbuttoned his jeans, still red-faced with embarrassment, and pulled them off, pulling down the waistband of his boxers to show a developing bruise. Kaoru fingered the already bluish skin as gently as he knew how, but the older boy hissed through his teeth anyway. "Aw, shit. If it's that color now, I must have hit it bad."

"You fail, you know that right?" Kaoru said, still in the same conversational tone as his lips continued to twitch. He sat up to look back into catlike amber eyes that mirrored his own.

Hikaru scowled. "I wanted to see you."

"So you got excited and hurt yourself." He grinned cheekily, and Hikaru's glare disappeared as he looked at the younger boy with wide, blinking eyes. The circumstances of his situation seemed to have finally sunk in. "Why does this sound familiar?"

"Why… why are you home, Kao?"

Kaoru raised an eyebrow. "I can go back to Kyoya's place."

"No, no!" Hikaru said quickly, throwing his arms around the other boy. One hand slid around his waist and pulled him as close as possible, the other sliding around his neck before burying itself in his hair. Kaoru put his arms around his brother's waist tentatively, the feeling of his hands on the older boy's skin making his chest ache. "I just meant… what made you change your mind?"

Kaoru smirked. "Well… turns out Kyoya doesn't house hypocrites."

Hikaru blinked at him in confusion, and Kaoru shot him a withering look.

"You haven't touched me for five days, seen me in almost two, and the first thing you do when you see me is ask why I'm here?"

Hikaru grinned lopsidedly and pulled Kaoru closer, crushing their lips together with the desperation of a dying man in his last breath. For a few devastating moments the world seemed to stop spinning on its axis, the two of them held in a separate space, a separate moment, a separate time.

Then Kaoru remembered that he needed to breathe.

As he pulled back, both breathing heavily, Hikaru's eyes burning as he stared back at him, he grinned mischievously. Hikaru looked at him warily.

"That's all? Kyoya was a much better-mmhm…"

Kaoru laughed when they pulled apart again as Hikaru pinned him to the bed, pulling off his two black and blue wifebeaters with one smooth movement before moving back to kiss the younger boy.

"Such fervor, Hikaru," Kaoru teased as Hikaru pulled back to remove the other boy's black cargo pants, then his own black sleeveless hoodie and then the white wifebeater under that. "You know-"

"Oh, shut up," the boy growled, kissing along his neck hungrily. Kaoru chuckled. "Is this more of what you were expecting?"

Kaoru chuckled again. "Closer. Although we were wearing less clothing."

Hikaru mumbled agreement between kisses and moved down to his boxers, and it was the last meaningful sound either made for a long time. Afterwards they lay tangled together in the semi-darkness of the room together, relishing in the simple feeling of being with each other again.

"I love you," Hikaru whispered against his neck. Kaoru smiled smugly.

"I know," he said. "And it's not even in compensation."

A/N: Okay so did anyone read the new chapter of the manga, see Kyoya turn around after waking up to see Kaoru there, and think of this story? XD Well maybe that's cocky of me considering it's mine, but I thought it was a pretty funny coincidence since I was putting the last touches on this and reading at the same time. Anyhow, hope you enjoyed this one. I know that I left Kyoya all alone but considering the circumstances I'd put in place for the plot it made no sense for Kaoru to stay with him indefinitely. I hope you understand. And just know that Kyoya is my favorite character, so it makes me sad to see him all alone too. T.T Anyhow, last reviews cause this is the end! Comments, critiques, all of that good stuff. Even flames. XD