Just a silly, little thing that came out when I was trying to write the next chapter of Unwelcome Guest.

Killer Rabbits

By Daylight

"This is all your fault," Much grumbled as he hobbled along.

"How could this possibly be my fault?" demanded Allan in an equally sour tone. Arm wrapped around Much, he currently bore most of the weight of his fellow outlaw.

"I don't know!" shouted Much. The pair were making slow progress through the forest on their way back to the camp. "But there's no one else to blame so it must be you."

Allan shrugged a shoulder. "You could blame the rabbit."

"What? You think that little rabbit set out to break my ankle?"

"It's only sprained."

"How would you know?" questioned Much. "It's not like you know anything about medicine unless Djaq's been giving you lessons in her spare time."

"I doubt you'd be able to put any weight on it for one," countered Allan breathing heavily as he helped Much up a rough hill.

"Well, it feels like it's broken." They paused a moment to catch their breath, Much leaning heavily on Allan's shoulder. "You were right about one thing though."

"What's that?"

"That rabbit was definitely out to get me."

Allan snorted as they continued on.

"It was! It deliberately led me down that trail right into the path of the hole which caught my foot."

"It set a trap then?"

"Exactly. It must have disguised the hole so I wouldn't see it," continued Much. "I could have been stuck out there all night if you hadn't found me."

"And there I was," Allan lamented, "worried that you'd been captured by the Sheriff. Instead, I track you down only to find you were taken down by a vicious bunny."

"You're the one who suggested I blame the rabbit," Much pointed out. "It must have known I was after it."

"Good thing you weren't after a deer. It probably would have killed you instead of just giving you a sprained ankle."

"Broken," insisted Much. "And that's not funny. Maybe if you did some hunting once and awhile."

"I do my bit."

"Right. When was the last time? A couple months ago? Longer? While I spend hours each day ensuring we all have food to eat without, might I add, any help."

"Why should we help when you do it so well?"

Before he could come up with a counter argument, Much unfortunately lost his balance, his arm pinwheeling as he dragged Allan down with him. Allan managed to pull them back upright before the former servant landed face first on the ground, but not before he managed to hit his injured foot on a large rock. Much let out a surprisingly long string of colourful curses.

"You alright?" asked Allan as he helped steady him.

Face squeezed tightly in a grimace, Much nodded. "Thanks," he said once his jaw had unclenched.

Allan raised an eyebrow.

"For helping me and you know, coming to look for me."

"No problem," replied Allan with a smirk as they continued their slow pace towards home. "But maybe next time you should stick to hunting squirrels."