Just a note to my dear readers,

Thank you kindly for having read the first six chapters of my fanfiction. As you may have noticed, for the last two years I have not updated. This is primarily because I lacked the inspiration to continue. It is also because I was awaiting the release of the Gundam 00 movie to continue the fanfiction. As of right now I believe that my writing the fanfiction cannot continue and reflect the characters accurately so I am hence forth terminating this fanfiction to reevaluate and reedit the entire thing. I hope that you will remain loyal fans as I come out with a new updated version that will hopefully have as many quirks and factors that you all enjoyed so much. I apologize for the long wait for this note. But FEAR NOT! As the great govenator of California once said in Terminator 2… "I'LL BE BACK!" *thumbs up*

P.S. The current edition of the fanfiction will remain on the website until I have substantial material to upload once again. Look forward to the new edition of Sand, Sun, and a Whole Bucket of Madness!

P.S.S. or is it P.P.S. Whatever. This new version of the fanfic will have a better explanation as to the nature of characters, i.e. Anew, Nina/Mena (I think that's what her name was in the movie), Graham, and a few other characters. I intend to have this fanfiction cover quite a number of romantic plotlines so there may be one or two original characters… just fyi…

Current relationships

Setsuna/ Feldt

Lockon 2/ Anew

Hallelujah Allelujah/ Soma Marie (technically two different relationships, will elaborate)

Tieria/ Mileina


Patrick/ Cati (dunno if that's how her name is spelled...)

Relationships in consideration…





People not showing up

That psycho asian chick… too weird and not enough material on her

The ninja asian guy… never talked much… not enough material

Lockon… I can't explain away EVERY death… he might show up as a guest somewhere… it would be easier if this were a manga cause then I could sketch him in somewhere discrete.

The 'evil' innovades…

The ELS… well since I don't know much about these guys except they make an interesting harmonic fork noise I won't put in much about them unless I can create a decent backstory…

Oh… third and hopefully final update. I completely forgot that Nena had died in the second season… She may or may not come back… I don't know if I want to keep the psycho girl… might be good for setsuna to have an alternate love interest thingy.