"Ah-ah" Amu sighed as she looked at the calendar

"Ikuto's on vacation for the whole summer!! Wont be seeing him for a while!" Amu cheered

"Uh, Amu? What so good abo-" Miki started

Bam bum bedum bum bum bedum whats wrong with me

"My cell!" Amu said and reached for it

"OMG! AMUUUUUUUUUU!!!!" Utau shrieked into the phone

"C-calm down Utau! What happened?" Amu asked, concerningly

" I WON A RESORT HOUSE!!" Utau screamed

"Oh thats great, Utau!" Amu cheered

" Wanna Go to it with me FOR THE WHOLE SUMMER!?" Utau asked, still screaming

"OMG are you kidding? Of course!" Amu shrieked

"Good! I'll have my limo pick ya up! Bye!!!" Utau yelled

Half hour later....

"Utau! Finally you got here! That limo is HUGE!" Amu gasped

"I know, right? It even has a bathroom and 2 bedrooms!!"


Another 30 min later....

So Amu, no turning back? No matter what?" Utau asked Amu

" NO MATTER WHAT!" Amu yelled

"Whats with all the noise,Utau?" A husky voice said

Oh no, not him... Amu thought

"Ikuto? What are you doing here?" She gasped

"Amu, what are YOU doing here" He asked

"Well, where did you I think I was going for the summer? Hey don't look at me, I didn't know you were even coming!" He said innocently, pushing his face close to Amu's. She blushed several shades of red

" YOU PERVERT!!!!!" Amu asked

"Huh? How was he being perverted?" Utau asked

" He just- Oh never mind!" Amu stuttered, although having those eyes so close... no! What was she thinking?

"Whatever, You know is a 2 day trip to Hong Kong? Right?" Ikuto smirked

"WHAT! But there are only 2 bedrooms!" Amu yelled

"Well, I ain't sharing" Utau said defiantly

"Oh no.." Amu whispered

"So what? It isn't like we haven't shared a bed before" Ikuto said seductively

"WHAAAAT? TELL ME!!" Utau yelled

"Umm, well" Amu began

"OH MY GOD! YOU LOST YOUR VIRGINITY TOO, DIDN'T YOU!?" Then she turned to Ikuto "GOOD JOB, BRO!" She said giving him a high five

"UTAU! Dont be stupid! If I lost my virginity, you'd be the first to know!" Amu snapped

"Whatever. I'm hanging out in my room. Bye" Utau simply said and left

"So just me and you...Amu-koi Ikuto smirked


"Sorry, I have to leave you two alone" Amu could tell she was smirking. Suddenly, Ikuto picked her up bridal-style and plopped her on the couch, and the next thing Amu knew, he was on top of her. Everything was quiet, for a moment, then Amu cried out "YOU RAPEST! " Ikuto smirked, as Amu went all red. "I"LL BE IN MY ROOM!" She called, then Ikuto called "Don't you mean OUR room?" Ikuto smirked

"Here, are your stupid pajamas, now CHANGE OUT THERE!!!" She screamed and tossed him some dark blue pajamas

Ikuto's POV

Ahh I never get tired of teasing her I thought as I changed and knocked on the door.

"You done yet?" I asked

"I-I'll come out when I'm done" She called

I raised an eyebrow "Is everything alright in there?" I asked

"Uhh, my bag's still out there! Can you bring it to me, Ikuto?" She asked

My eyebrow still raised, i told her ok and got the bag

"Amu? Can I come in?" I asked

"N-Not yet. Hand me the bag, please" She asked

I opened the door a bit, and handed her her bag and went to lounge in the living room

5 minutes later

" Kay Ikuto you can come in now!" Amu called

Finally, I thought and went in and got on the floor, near the heater

Amu's POV

"Uhh, Ikuto?" I askd him

"Whata?" He asked looking at me strangely. I couldn't blame him. I was wearing a short black nightgown with pink frills

"Uhh, I guess you don't have to sleep on the floor" I told him and he leaped into the bed

"Thanks, Amu" He thanked me

"No Problem" I answered

"By the, way, when's your Birthday, Ikuto?" I asked him

"December 1st. Why" He grumbled

"So your a Saggita?" I asked again

"Yea." he said then fell asleep. And I did too

In Amu's dream

"Huu? Where Am I" Amu asked as she looked across the... jail cell?

" Finally, The kingdom will belong to me, KING TADAGAY!! *Gay laugh*"

" No! My Prince will come and save me! He swore to it!" Amu said yelling at the random gay dude

"Your prince, is DEAD" The gay guy said laughing

"No! He cant be!" Amu said horrified

"Oh, but he is, princess! I made sure of it!" He yelled

"Oh no I'm not!" a figure said, marching towards them

"Ikuto!" Amu cried

"Relax, my princess!" Ikuto cried and took of his hat to reveal his cat ears

"NO!!!!!! THE SEXINESS OF IT ALL!" Tadagay said mortified an melted

"Ikuto!" Amu cried as he let her out and hugged her

"Amu, never in 100 years, no 1000, no 10000! Years! Would I-" He started

"Oh just kiss me you fool!" Amu cried as the made out into the night

Next Morning

"Amu, Wake up!" Ikuto trying to wake her up

"My prince!" she cried and kissed him

Fangirl(Me): So, what did you think Ikuto?

Ikuto: Amu, kissed me? SWEETNESS!!

Amu: Fangirl, how could you do this to me?
Fangirl : Oh admit it, you liked it!


Ikuto: Fangirl, You made her speechless! Usually only I can do That
Amu: You NEVER make me speechless Ikuto!
Ikuto:Oh really? * Grabs Amu's waist and pulls close to him* How bout know


Fangirl: Amu, you have no idea how lucky you are! Please review!