Fangirl: *crys*

Amu: Wats wrong?

Fangirl: I just read chapter 19 of Hot or Not. SO sad *Starts bawling in corner*

Ikuto: wow.

Amu: Lemme read it! * reads* *cries*

Ikuto: Ok Amu, what happened

Amu: Y-You tried to c-commit SUICIDE!


Fangirl: Now one of THE BEST SHUGO CHARA FANFICS ( and I think we can all agree) IS OVER! GO SHELLY!

"H…Holy Shit." Everyone said but Ikuto, who yawned

"Yawn? How can you yawn?" I asked him in disbelief

"Saw it coming." He replied and wrapped his arm around me

Rima, of course was fuming.

As they parted they were both blushing

"Well, WE KINDA HAVE TO GET A MOVE ON!" Kyomi shouted and ran on with the others

I suddenly felt my legs going weak..


"Amu? Amu? AMU!" Ikuto shouted as Amu collapsed to the floor. He picked her up and chased after the others, who were heading to a near by bus. When Ikuto got there, they all gasped.

"She fainted…" Ikuto said worryingly gazing at her face as he took a seat.

"JIM! Take EVERYONE home!" Utau told the driver as he nodded and started driving

"Cause you know I'd walk A thousand Miles if I could just see you….tonight" Kagomes cell rang

"Kanuki-kun? Hmm what? Your what! Gay?! Ummmmmmmmm okaaayy ummmm Goodbyeno hardfeelings!!" Kagome hung up

"He's GAY!?" Kyomi, Ikuto and Utau gasped

"Apparently. But Now I have Nagi-kun!" She said

"I- um have something to tell you too, Nagi. I'M A LESIBIAN!" Rima shouted and everyone looked at her and she blushed


2 days later

"IKUTO!" Amu shouted in her sleep

"Amu? What is it." Ikuto asked alarmed

"Don't…leave me….please…." She gasped tears now running down her cheeks

"Amu, I'll never leave you. Wake Up!" Ikuto shook her as she blinked awake

"Huh? Ikuto? Where are we?" She asked looking around

" A bus. We're going home."

"T-Then all the madness is over?"

"No. Not yet. Kagome figured out the company name:The Salon."

"T-The SALON?"



"Join the club."

"Ikuto, I love you so much…." I buried my head into his chest

"And I love you more." He said and I felt his arms around my back and his head on mine


"Uh huh"

I brought my face up and gazed into his sapphire eyes, then kissed him, in my head thanking Utau for inviting me




Fangirl: This will be a trilogy, The Vacation, The Enemy, and The New Beginning

Ikuto: Wow

Amu: Wow

Fangirl: This Story was Dedicated to ShellyCullen! The only reason I'm doing this Trilogy thing is because I need to work on The New Girl and New School, New Love more.

Ikuto: You'd better


Fangirl: I wanna Ikuto shaped cookie

Ikuto:…. Insane

Fangirl: So ya hope Ya'll enjoyed this story and I hope Ya'll are looking forward to the sequel and trequel. Oh ya, I changed my mind about Yuki and Kaname. YURO 4EVER! Yuame was ok..

Ikuto : Who are they

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