Hello wonderful readers,

Sorry to all of you that thought this was a chapter (Burning Up readers, the next chapter will be up soon, it is getting beta'd now). I usually don't post non chapters but this is for a good reason.

I am whoring myself out to help "Support Stacie". The Support Stacie organization is a volunteer group which raises money for an uninsured cancer patient, Stacie Holman (truelovepooh on the fandom). This is the 5th author auction being done to support this cause.

Stacie has been battling Stage III ovarian and breast cancer since March 2007 without the benefit of medical insurance. Because of her lack of insurance and over $400,000.00 in medical bills she has no access to hospital treatment and is receiving only the bare-minimum of chemotherapy. Stacie has some procedures taking place this spring which we are particularly hoping to pay for with this auction.

Thanks to the $81,048.80 raised by Support Stacie author auctions to date, Stacie has been able to pay for life-saving medication and medical care as well as pay for a few necessary surgical procedures. As a direct result of the treatment paid for by these auctions, her breast cancer appears to be improving. We have a long road ahead, though, particularly with the ovarian cancer. The need is great but we know the generosity and kindness of our online supporters is even greater.

Here is what I am offering up for Bidding:

A one shot (no less than 2500 words) pertaining to one of my two current fics. It can be anything that fits with the storyline, previous scene, future scene, a scene from a different POV. You tell me!!!

Please consider bidding on me. Bidding opens Friday Jan 15th and ends Monday Jan 18th.

Sign up for the forums (link on my profile) and bid to own me!! It is for such a great cause.