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Summary: "Please Rin, I need to practice!""N-No way! Dude, that's sick!" ;; Len and Rin practice kissing

Rin's POV



I-It was a strange day, now that I think about it… I mean, it started off pretty normal; wake up, get dressed, go to school, do nothing, come back home, homework, and then sleep. Only the last two didn't really happen.

Yes, that was, indeed, a rather odd day for me… and him.


Len has a girlfriend. Her name is Miku. She was a green-haired beauty, who's popular and has everything I don't: long flowing hair, a voice like an angel, and breasts. I have nothing… I am completely flat...

But how did Len ever manage to get with her, I'll never know. I'm somewhat jealous, because he's going out with the most well known girl in school. Why can't I go out with the most well known teacher, Gakupo?

Oh, me? I don't have a girlfriend—er, boyfriend. Well, I don't have a girlfriend either. But I'm okay with it. I don't really need one, because I'm Rin, the trouble making, immature, tomboy. Len, my sibling (twin, in fact), is almost the opposite. Almost. He's a bookworm, more reserved, and a little more mature than I am. But just a little. No fourteen year old boy can resist the call of immature pranks and big breast for some unknown reason…

Right, so one day, I'm at home, in my room, on the floor, about to be consumed by my mountainous amount of homework until Len comes in. That wasn't out of the ordinary, since he always wonders in to check on me and make sure I'm not doing anything wrong.

I'm not that bad, am I?

…But there's something off about him. He looked tensed when he broke eye contact the very instant I gaze at him. He stands there and plays with his thumbs in a nerdy way. "I-I need your help…" he says finally, and blushes furiously.

To watch him like that was funny, but at the same time, it wasn't, and I was conflicted; should I laugh at him, or comfort him?

Well, I'm not a jerk, that's for sure. "What?" I asked, quirking an eyebrow.

Len jumps slightly, blinks at me, then scratches his head. "U-Um…"

Um? "Yes? 'Um' what?"

And the next thing I know, he's on the floor with me at once and looks at me so fixatedly, so closely that I became cross-eyed.

"I need to practice kissing!"

Oh, okay, no prob—

Wait, what?

"WHAT?!" I yell and shove him away from my face. "Are you insane!?"

He quickly recovers and says determinedly, "Please Rin, I need to practice!"

"N-No way! Dude, that's sick!" I waved my hands in the air like a crazed maniac, gesturing at how sick it really was. Because it really was.

Len looked at me like he couldn't honestly believe what I was saying. "Eh? We did it all the time when we were younger!"

"Yeah, when kids do it, it's cute. When teenagers do it, it's wrong."

"Rin… we're related. It's not that big of a deal. We've seen old sisters kiss each other on cheek, and even adults, like our aunt Sweet Ann and her half-sister. Come oooonnn, Rin! I really need you…" He begged.


"Please! I really need to practice! Miku and I are gonna go to the beach tomorrow, and… well, it's our big date! I want to leave an impression on her, you know?"

No, I don't know! And why me? "Can't you practice with anyone else?"

Len cocked his head to the side, "Who else can I possibly practice with?"

"…Mom and Dad."

He gags a little. "…Don't even joke about that."

And I agree that I really shouldn't have. I'm imagining Mom kissing Len, in a sickening way… then I replaced Mom with Dad— "A-Alright, alright! Fine…" I shook my head to rid of the disturbing image, groaned and positioned myself correctly. Len did so himself, only in a more uptight, panicky way. He clears his throat… and clears his throat again along with gazing at me nervously. I sigh and twist my golden locks around my finger. "Alright, so pretend I'm Miku. We're on the beach… the sun is setting slowly over the horizon, and the seagulls cry across the waving azure body of water… you can hear the sound of the waves crashing on the sandy seashore—"


I shushed him. "I'm painting a scene."

"Stop it."

I disobey him and continue, "…The two of you, holding hands, parked yourselves on the coast… The sun is on her face, creating a halo around her head. Her shiny emerald hair flaps against the wind gently as you can hear her giggle. But suddenly, she stops and her deep green eyes watches you mysteriously. You've never seen this expression on her features before…" I open my eyes, and I see him turning a deeper red at me. "What do you do?"

…Len blinks rapidly, and then calms himself with a deep breath and a quick nod. "Okay… I…" He reaches his arms out—

"Wait," I stop him, "This is only for practice, right? You're not playing some sick trick on me, are you?"

"No, I'm not!"

"Really?" I ask skeptically.

"Yes, really. Now, can I… practice?"

And my heart unexpectedly leaps. "Y-yeah…" Why am I so uneasy all of a sudden? I felt the need for more air, so I breathe a little faster than normal…

Once again, his arms reach for my shoulders, lays them there placidly, and he slowly comes off his butt, and on to his knees. "I do this," he says, "Then I lean forward… slowly… like this…"

I widened my eyes as I realize that his face was now barely inches away from my own… Eh, nothing to worry about. I can keep my neutral cool.

…I was doing fine, until I looked at his eyes.

Eyes like the deep blue sea, like the sky… they were passionate, longing for something that it couldn't have. But how did I know something like that? …His eyes were gradually closing as our reddened noses brushed against each other… I could feel his hot breath in my nostrils…

I found myself closing my eyes as well, parting my lips open, and the next thing I know,

We're kissing.


…A lot longer than I expected.

I thought it would be just a peck, just like our innocent kisses when we were younger… when it was cute. Like how one would kiss someone on the cheek. No sane person would kiss someone's cheek for more than five seconds, I'm sure.

The way he's kissing me… n-no, the way we're kissing each other was passionate, zealous, and—

W-Whoa, did he just suck in my lip!?

I began to feel a little weird below the torso area… way below it. It was… tickling. I also remembered that I needed to breathe. But just when that thought occurred to me, Len pulled away hastily, and I ended up slanting forward a little with my mouth still outwards to him and my eyes were still closed. When I opened them, however, I dazedly bat my eyes at him… then my fingers involuntarily touched my moist lips.

"I-I'm sorry!" He apologizes. "I-I got a little carried away…"

What do I feel right now? I'm not upset… I don't think I'm happy… I don't know what I feel… It's a weird feeling… Another thing I don't know is why this came out my mouth: "Do it again."


Len asked, "What!?" like he was reading my mind.


"That's not something you say after I—"

"It's just practicing right? ...You need more practice."

Len's eyes flickers at me like a dying streetlamp on a frosty night. "Rin, are you sick?"

I raise my hand up quickly, threatening to slap him and he flinches. "Hey! I'm only trying to help you, alright?!" My arm falls to my lap instantly and I stare at him. "D-Do it again… but you need to do something different… You need some tongue action."

"…T-Tongue action? Like, using my tongue?" Is there any kind of tongue action I don't know about? "That's sick! The germs—"

Oh, and there he goes on his germophobe speech. I stop him before he even begins. "Len, stop talking. Trust me; girls like her like this kind of stuff… I've seen it on TV. Do you think she'd like that?"

He frowned at me. "I don't know… e-even if I did, I wouldn't practice on you! That's just taking this to a whole 'nother level…"

"Well, let's say she wanted to tongue kiss you. You'll be terrible at it because you didn't practice," I said in a prissy manner. "Just pretend I'm Miku, and it won't be weird, okay?"

"I'm not sure… But fine… fine, we'll do it." He exhales heavily and corrects his position on the floor, only more relaxed this time around. His arms once again reach out to my shoulders. "I do this…"

"Stop," I said, "Don't say what you're doing. Just do it. It would be weird if Miku had to hear you give yourself instructions."

He pouted at me, then curtly nodded. He leans forward to me silently, bit by bit, fervently… his gorgeous blue eyes close, and I close mine as well. Parted, our lips smoothly touch, then they mashed against each other, slipping all over the place… He sucks in my lips again… but this time, more roughly.

I couldn't help myself. My arms reach over and around his neck, pulling him closer to me, and I mused with his hair. He, in turn, wraps his arms around my back and goes under my shirt. I can feel his soft fingers tracing my shoulder blades, like he was entranced at its beautifully carved structure.

Our breaths become uneven, and we make tiny noises whenever pull off each other to take in air. Exhausted "ha… ha…"s were the only sounds escaping from our mouths.

I lug off his ponytail, letting his hair fall all over his face. I don't know, I just really, really wanted to mess with his hair some more. He takes off my bow, and my hair… pretty much remains the same.

We're hyper now. I can feel the adrenaline rush to me as I kept digging my fingers into his golden hair, and his own hands in mine. Then suddenly, dizzily, I'm lying on the floor with him on top of me, our lips still locked together.

Wasn't there something I told him to do?

O-Oh, there it was. The tongue. It was so delicious…

Well, Rin, you've fallen to a new low. You're kissing… no, you're making out with your twin brother. This isn't practice anymore. In fact, I don't think it ever was…

If this is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Unfortunately, Len stops (b-but I wasn't done!), and slowly raises his head from mine, panting heavily. I could feel a sweet tiny trail of saliva that flowed from my damp lips to his.

There's silence between us (well, besides the heavy panting), until he speaks and say, "Wow."

"Wow," I respond.

"Whoa," he says.

"Whoa," I say.

… We're both staring at each other unmoving, almost literally. We're dazed, dizzy, lightheaded, and whatever else describes what you feel after you've made love to your twin brother.

I sigh. "Len?"


"We cannot tell mom and dad."

"Obviously," he says sarcastically as he reaches for his rubber band next to him. I was disappointed, because I wanted him to leave his hair down… I-It was cute… After tying his hair into its regularly neat ponytail, he collapses next to me and sighs contently. "Well, that was… um, fun."

"Yeah," I say simply. It was fun. Yes, that's the only way I can describe it. Fun. Not awkward, not bizarre, not even WRONG, but fun.

Actually, it wasn't really fun. It was just… yeah.

Yeah is a better way to describe such an event that just happened to us.


I look over to him. "Hey, you what else you should practice?"

He crooks his head to me. "…What?"


He glowers at my response. "I don't think I've fallen that low yet."

"Yeah, I don't think I have neither."


Yes, this is, indeed, a strange day. I didn't finish my homework, and I couldn't sleep.

Not with Len embracing my body… in the dark… under the warm blankets... in my bed.

As if the day couldn't get any weirder, he said, "I love you."

I did not see that coming.

"I love you too," I responded sweetly.

And I did not see that coming.

What is love? Baby don't hurt me… don't hurt me... no more…

What is love, really? Was it ever answered? Did his baby ever stop hurting him?

How strange, the sibling love for my brother turned out to be real love. Actual... love. And, my jealously? Totally because Miku was taking away Len. Oh, how weird is this…?

How did it happen?

…Why doesn't love know boundaries? Love is a jerk. An asshole. It's the kid you don't want in your group project. Yes, I gave love a psychical being, because it's that much of a jerk.

"Hey, Len," I whispered, "What about Miku?"


Oh, now he's trying to be funny. "Your girlfriend?"

"Oh, um, we broke up."

I glared at him (though he couldn't tell because it was dark) and gawked, "What?! How long ago!?"

"…Two weeks."

Two weeks. Wait a minute. "Wait a minute, so that whole thing about the… beach and stuff… that was an excuse to kiss me?"

Len chuckled a little and I could tell he was flushing. "Y-Yeah… You know when you told me to think about Miku? I-I thought about you…"

Aw, how sweet… I think I died from sweetness a little inside. "You're a freak."

"Yeah yeah…" He holds me closer, and I dig my head into the warm crook of his neck.

"Y-You really are a freak."

And we connect lips in the dark.

...Love is a sick bastard.

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