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"...But there's no way, NO WAY, I'm going to wear panties. Especially your panties." "What's wrong with my panties?!" ;; Rin comes up with "Operation Cross-dress"

"Oh come on, it'll be fun!"

"…Why do you want to do this all of a sudden?"

"…Well, think about it! It'll be the greatest prank ever!"

"I'm not sure—"



"If you do this, you'll …be able to go into the girl's locker room… I do have P.E after all."

Pause. "…Alright, let's do this."

The sun was barely rising over the horizon when the twins commenced their mission, 'Operation Cross-Dressing'. Rin had woken up Len so early for this specific reason, and although he wasn't too happy with her, the thought of being inside the girl's locker room excited him enough to let it go. In fact, it was his dream to be inside there, gazing at perfect roundly shaped bosoms in their glory… those soft pillows… He would see the senior's adult sized knockers, the junior's moderate sized jugs, and the freshmen's developing boobs…

Not to mention the underwear. Oh…grandma panties, adorably designed regular panties, and the best kind, thongs. Oh, he couldn't wait. It'll be worth embarrassing himself.

"Len," Rin called to him, jaded, "Your perverted side is showing."

The boy wiped away his drool. He just couldn't help his fourteen year old mind. It's human nature after all.

He saw that Rin was silently digging though her drawer with an eager face. When she had found what she was looking for, she grinned deviously at him... "Oh Len, we have to be very convincing, you know." She held out a pair of pearly white panties with a "cute" cartoon panda drawing right in the center of it. She pulled on it, then let it go with an earsplitting snap in the short silence.

Len glared at it, then at her, "W-What's that for?"

She smiled innocently, "For you to wear, of course!"



"No! It's already bad enough that I agreed to this, but there's no way, NO WAY, I'm going to wear panties. Especially your panties."

Rin gaped at him, insulted that he would ever say such a thing. "What's wrong with my panties?!"

"It's your panties. I'd rather wear Miku's or Meiko's— Ahh, actually no, I don't want to wear anyone's underwear! …Why do I have to anyway!?"

"Because, stupid, you'll be going as me! Do you know how much it would kill my reputation if I'm caught wearing briefs!?"

He waved it off. "You'll live."

Rin pouted, but quickly replaced it with a smug grin. "Then I guess I'll wear my panties…" Len's eyes became large as she continued, "I'm sure 'you'll live' if your friends found out that you're wearing ladies underwear, right?"

"Y-You're not—"

"Serious? Oh Len, you're not really asking that, are you?" She sniggered under her breath, appearing conniving to Len's vision, like a snickering imp.

He swiftly snatched her colorless panties while his cheeks turned into a shade of pink. "F-Fine!" He balled the cloth into his fist as he took off his pajama pants hesitantly. He almost slid off his briefs until he remember Rin was in the same room as him. "O-Oi, I need some privacy."

Rin blinked at him. "What?" O-Oh, right…" She stood up and made her way to the door. Len exhaled nosily as he pulled down his comfortable underwear, silently cursing—

Rin turned around to add one more thing before she leaves, but her words were caught in her throat when she perceived Len's soft and beautiful naked butt in her vision. "AH!" She yelped and held her hands to her face, covered her eyes, and went red in the cheeks.

"AH!" Len barked as he hurriedly held up Rin's underwear when he rotates his front to her, coating his 'sack of gold'. "GET OUT!"

"I-I am!" With one hand still shielding her eyes from Len's baby soft skin, she blindly led herself out the room.

Len quickly closed the door behind her and locked it from the inside, sighed once again and glared at the panties he held in his hand. He began to have second thoughts about the whole thing. Going to school as Rin sounded bad, and he knows it can only get worse from there. "You," he shook the panties in his fist, "You better be worth the boobs."

After sliding them on slowly, he called Rin back in. "This is very, very painful," he told her.

She rubbed her invisible beard. "Oh Len… you look great in those."

"S-Shut up!"

She giggled and pulled out her bra from, seemingly, out of nowhere. "Now, time to put this on!"

Len tilted his head to the side with a questioning face. "…For what?"

"What do you mean, 'for what'? Don't you know what bras are used for?"

"I do. But… why do you wear them?"


"Yeah. Bras are for boobs. Rin, if you haven't noticed, you don't have boobs."

She punched him on the shoulder. "Shut up! I do have breasts! They're just… hiding…"

Her twin snorted. "Hahahaha! Oh Rin," he patted her head as if she was a puppy, "You're so cute when you lie to yourself."

She sulked and threw her bra at his face. "Just shut up and get dressed, alright?!"

Some thirty minutes later, the twins were finally dressed as each other. Len had on Rin's undersized blouse and petite black shorts. His hair was down, with the occasional clips in his hair to keep his locks from falling to his face, and a big white bow at the very top of his head. Rin had on Len's extensive white top along with moderate sized shorts, in addition to have her hair pulled back into a single, short ponytail.

They uncannily looked like one another.

"Man, Len, your clothes are too baggy for me." She tugged on her long shirt, then her shorts, frowning.

Len, however, was absolutely astonished at her comment. "Are you kidding me? That's not baggy at all! This," he pointed to himself, "is way too revealing! I do not feel comfortable having my tummy exposed… and your shorts! Sheesh, what are you, a slut?"

She punched in the shoulder once again. "Quiet! It's just… what I do, alright?"

"Ow… alright, alright…" He moaned while he rubbed his shoulder softly.

Rin sauntered in front of Len and held her hands on her hips. "Okay, now that we look the same, we'll have to sound like each other. It would all be for nothing if we don't at least sound alike. So, come on, give me your best impression of me."

Len rolls his eyes and squeaks, "My name is Kagamine Rin and I'm a brat."

"Hey! I do not squeak!" She exclaimed. Len mentally noted to himself that she did not deny being a brat though. "I sound more like this… like a young lady."

"I don't know any young ladies who sound like chipmunks," he retorted.

"I do not sound like a chipmunk!" she squeaked. Fuming, she stomped her foot harshly on the carpet. "Alright, then I'll do you!" She cleared her throat and whined, "Hi, I'm Len and I'm an immature perverted shota."

"I'm not a shota! I'm fourteen years old!" He also fumed and also trudged his foot onto the carpet, "And I do not whine when I talk!"

The two children bickered and shoved each other until Meiko suddenly opens the door. "Hey! I'm trying to sleep!" She sleepily glanced at the two twins who stopped in motion, holding each other up by their shirts. The older woman blinked at them and said, "Hey…"

"W-What?" The twins asked in unison.

Meiko rubs her chin, then furrowed her eyebrow and narrowed her brown eyes. "Wait a minute… Wait a goddamn minute…" Rin and Len glanced at each other, wondering if Meiko could actually tell the difference, because if she did, then it, being not only the arguing, but also the humiliation they had gone though just a few minutes ago would be all for nothing. …It seemed like an eternity until Meiko came up with the sentence, "…Am I supposed to take you two to school today?"

Rin cleared her throat, "Er… yes?"

"Oh, okay. Let's go then."

Then again, Meiko wasn't the sharp type. It was worse during the mornings. Rin and Len sighed, let each other go, and then prepared to leave for school.

At the front gates, the two of them stood side-by-side. "Alright," Rin says, "Are you ready?"

Len nods and adds, "What period is your P.E class again?"

"…Last class... Hey, don't make me look like some kind of pervert, alright?"

"I'll try not to."

Rin stared at him angrily but sighed. "Okay… commencing 'Operation Cross-Dressing'! Don't ruin my life, okay?"

"Hey, same to you."

They smiled wryly was they walked onto the school premises.

Len (who was actually Rin) strolled into Len's English classroom silently. Her heart started to pump against her ribcage and loudly in her ears upon entry. 'C-Calm down Rin… as long as you don't make yourself suspicious…!' She swallowed dryly as she made her way to… Len's seat…

But she didn't know where his seat was.

She didn't think about this when she thought of the operation yesterday. With so many things that can go wrong today, this is the first trial she'd have to go through. Would asking someone seem stupid? Of course! Why would someone ask someone else where they sit, when they've been sitting there for almost a whole semester? Or maybe, this could be one of those classes where there is no seating arrangement? That would make things easier, but even so, students still sit in the same spots as if there was a seating chart anyway. Rin's mind was jumbled up with so many thoughts and possibilities she almost decided to quit and just forget about everything. Ditching class didn't seem like a bad idea, she thought. Then, she heard, "Yo, Len! Over here bro!"

Rin blinked rapidly and glanced around at the classroom, only to find a group of boys waving to her. She grinned halfheartedly and made her way over. Thank goodness!

She sat in Len's seat, then, "Uh, hey you guys…"

"Whoa," one of Len's friends exclaimed quickly, "Len, are you sick or something? You don't sound normal…"

She realized, only too late, that she spoke in her normal voice. Quickly, the cleared her throat. "A-Ah, hahaha, sorry about that. Puberty, you know."

The brunette boy beside her laughed. "Dude, I know how that went. I was squeaking for weeks until my voice got deeper. Though I guess I still squeak from time to time…"

Rin wanted to yell, 'I don't squeak!' until the teacher walked into the classroom, saving her (and indirectly, Len) from embarrassment. She sighed and leaned back in Len's seat. It was going to be a long, long day, but in the end, it will be worth it. It will be so worth it… She smirked and chuckled under her breath.

One of the boys poked her on her shoulder and whispered, "Oh yeah, Len, I got the magazines you wanted…"

Her eyes flickered. "Magazines?"

"Yeah, you don't remember? You know… the… Boyplay magazine? Heh heh, I stole this from my big brother." The boy reached into his backpack, and slowly revealed the cover of the magazine. There were two girls eating whipped cream of each other with sexual, red, shiny faces, half-naked… at least, she thought so. She hoped so.

"Eh? O-Oh, right. Yeah." She tried not to frown, and tried harder to be interested and not look disgusted.

'Seriously? What a pervert…!'

"Rin, again, I'm disappointed in your test grade," the teacher said as he handed Len Rin's paper. Len was not only red from being a girl for a whole day ("oh god they can practically see my whole body"), but was also red from embarrassment. How could she do so terrible? He asked himself. He didn't think it was possible to get a three percent on a test. Would that mean she only got one question correct? What does she do during class? Does she not pay attention at all? He looked at her answers, and gasped slightly when he viewed the contents of the paper.

All multiple-choice questions.

Len, ashamed, slapped the paper into Rin's colorfully decorated school binder (which was filled with unorganized junk, so really, it didn't matter where he put it). "Unbelievable."

"What was that, Rin?" The teacher called out to him from in front of the class. Len swore that we whispered his comment. "Are you talking smack again? Do I need to send you to the principal's office again?"

'W-What kind of student is my sister…?' He thought silently before answering, "N-No I was just… talking to myself. Sorry."

"Humph. Anyway, back to what I wanted to say about your grades concerning the test…"

This, he thought, this was probably why she wanted to switch places. She wanted to save herself from the embarrassment. Len pinched the bridge of his nose. Of course it wasn't a prank of any kind, she just didn't want to come to class and have the teacher bag on her. 'Great. I should have known.'

"Oh, Rin, your essay was very," he paused, "Er, well-written, surprisingly, so I gave you extra, extra credit points… Good job."

"…Thank you?"

It was going to be a long, long, day.


At least, he thought it would be. Nope, because it was finally here.

Last class of the day. P.E.

Physical Education class.

The class he's been waiting for.

It was strange doing the girl exercises instead of the boy's, he thought. Girl push-ups takes no effort at all, neither do the girl sit-ups, or lifting weights (2 pound weights? Seriously?). He thought that he impressed the teacher when he showed off his athletic skill as Rin. Maybe she doesn't try hard in this class either…

But that didn't matter, for he was there, in the girl's locker room, taking in the odor in the air, mixed with perfume and sweat… Hearing girls giggling and talking about boy bands and what happened last night with the guy she was dating. But that wasn't all.

The breasts. Oh dear god the breasts were everywhere… bouncy, bouncy… it was everything he dreamed of. 'The guys are gonna be so jealous…'

"Uh, Rin, what are you looking at? And… are you drooling?"

Quickly, he regained his composure, and whipped the saliva from his jaw. "Oh sorry, it's just that I'm so jealous of your well developed breasts. They are perfect, you know… Absolutely perfect. I want to touch them and feel them. Can I? Oh can I? I must know how breasts as perfect as yours feel like!" His eyes sparkled with determination and curiosity and his fingers twitched.

"What…? Uh, if you… want to, I guess—"

Without a moment to spare, Len quickly placed his hands on Rin's friend breasts, and squeezed. She yelped softly, and that only made Len more excited. "So soft… So perfect…" In the back of his mind, he knew it was a good thing that he was already dressed. He would have been exposed as a boy if anyone ever saw his raging bo—

"A-Ahh… Rin, you're doing it too hard…"

"Aaah… Oh, if only I can put my face into your spongy, delicate pillows… can I? Can I?!"

The girl slapped Len's hands from her breasts, red in the face. "N-NO! Geez! Rin! Aaah, you sound like that pervert you're going to kiss today!"

Then, time stopped, and Len felt a chill down his spine, his eyes widened, and his mouth dried. "W-W-What…?" he managed to sputter softly.

She recovered quickly and smiled slightly, "Oh, you forgot? Oh, I bet you didn't. Don't even pretend."

At that moment, another girl appeared behind Rin's friend, "Haha, I knew you'd try to forget!"

"Wait wait! I don't—"

"Suuure you don't."

"Ha! You can't fool us!"

"But I—"

"You even told us that you'd try to forget! Don't worry; we're ready to force you with all of our might! Just like you told us to do."

"EH? WHAT? Wait! What are you talking about!?"


There, in front of Len, there was a bespectacled boy leaning on the janitor's closet. He was pale, greasy, sweaty, overweight… but mostly greasy… He popped a breath mint in his mouth, and combed his hand through his slickly hair, trying to look like a smug gentleman while doing so. When he saw Len and Rin's friends, he grinned widely.

"Oh god," Len realized. This. This is why they switched places. "Oh… god…" he repeated. "Why."

One of Rin's friends answered, "Well, he did that essay for you. Is this worth it…?"

Not bothering to answer, Len quickly turned around to escape, but Rin's friends grabbed him by the shoulders firmly. They were surprisingly strong! "C-Come on you guys! Don't do this to me!" They started to drag him towards the young man, who was licking his thin lips in hunger. "NOOOO!"

"Well, to be honest, I want to see this happen." Her friend smiled.

"Same here," the other friend giggled. Then they both giggled simultaneously, and it was anything but joy to Len's ears.

Once the other boy was in earshot, he moaned, "I'm all ready when you are, Rin." He said, popping in another breath mint and grinned self-righteously. He opened the janitor's closet, and at once, Rin's friends shoved Len in. Before he could regain his composure, the door was instantly closed, and there was no way to escape with the fat young man's body blocking the door. "Now, shall we…?"

"Shall we what?!" Len shouted in the dim enclosed space.


A pregnant silence followed.

Len screamed like the little girl he was pretending to be and tried to find a way through the greasy man. He shoved him, punched him, pinched him, grabbed him (oh god his shirt was wet), but no matter what, the guy was just too big to get around.

"Your resistance only makes me harder," the greasy man growled and his glasses became foggy.

The blonde boy's eyes enlarged with every emotion associated with fear and horror. "Whoa dude! C-Come on! I… We shouldn't do this right!? I-I mean it's totally wrong! How about we do this tomorrow?!" He tried to reason with him but…

"Nuh uh Rinny! We're already here, together. You're not going anywhere until we kiss. That was the deal when you asked me to do your essay for you." He grabbed Len softly and puckered his lips and leaned in, while Len gradually leaned back.


The greasy young man stopped just a few inches shy from Len's lips until he stepped back.

"I'm not Rin!"

He drew in his eyebrows. "…Huh?"

"I-I'm her twin brother!!" And without a second thought, he unbuttoned the short black shorts and pulled them down, exposing the colorless panties with the panda design. The other boy cocked his head to the side and his grin faltered a little when he noticed the small lump in the underwear.

"Wait… is that a…"

"Yes! Yes it is! So, will you let me out? I'm not Rin, Rin is running around looking like me! We switched places today so she can avoid you! …Can you please let me out?!"

The greasy boy's eyes widened behind his glasses and he became silent. Len thought it was all over, since it's reasonable that he'll be let go. That is, until the boy responded with, "I go both ways you know."


"Heehee! Come here you delicious little boy!" He grabbed Len's arms, smiled deviously, and drove in for the kiss.

From outside the closet, a scream can be heard.

"Oh, Len, you're here early," Luka greeted from the kitchen, mixing a bowl of unknown contents. "How's school?"

Rin threw herself on the couch and reached for the remote. "It was pretty good. It was so good." With a press of a button, the TV screen flickered on, and she lounged on the couch placidly. Luka shrugged and continued to stir into the mixing bowl.

Around twenty minutes pass since Rin got home, and stomping was heard outside the door before an angered, disheveled girl entered. She threw down her books and backpack hard onto the ground with a sounding thud, and glared at the boy on the couch. "YOU…!" She pointed as if the finger itself can pierce the body depending on how hard you point. "YOU BASTARD."

Rin giggled then smirked, "So, how was it?"

"YOU," was all Len could say.

"Hey, I told you it would be the greatest prank ever, didn't I? Hahahahaha! Oh man, I am amazing."

"I… hate you. So. Much." Len stomped away from her then went up the stairs, and not a moment later, shower water was heard.

Rin sighed contently, and then changed the channel. "Operation Cross-Dress complete. Sigh... life is good."

Luka on the other hand, blinked questionably at the scene before her. "What the heck was that about?"

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