Chapter 1

He was heavy on top of me. I couldn't move and breathing was getting harder. I didn't know what to do then. It was the first time we had made love and to say it was wonderful didn't quite cover it.

"Edward," I whispered, hoping to prompt him to move or speak, "are you alright?"

"Yeah. Just give me a minute…please?"

Ok, I thought. Take as long as you want. I'll stay where I am, trying not to suffocate.

He was beautiful. Lean and muscular with scruffy bronze hair you want to run your fingers through. This had only been our second date but we had been talking for hours and I felt so connected to him. He was sensitive and intelligent with a hint of goofiness that made him endearing. I was hooked.

He looked young, maybe even a little younger than me, but spoke better than most grown adults I knew. His skin was very pale and his eyes were a golden shade I had never seen before. There was something different about him. I knew it the minute we met.

Oh, did I mention we just met yesterday?