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Temari leaned over a bathroom sink.

A bloody kunai, slick with blood, lay where she'd flung it.

She stared at her arms, long grooves now trialed down them, along the passage of her veins; the blood had not yet filled the gaping wound.

It had hurt but she wasn't afraid of this pain.

This pain was easy.

Blood was now slipping down her arms, she did nothing to prevent this but her grip on the basin became stronger.

It dripped in a steady stream into the bowl of the basin, she wandered briefly how much blood it would collect if she put the plug in, her mind pushed the thought away, at this moment it was trivial.

She felt as if she was floating, she was light headed; the blood was gushing now, if she didn't stop the dark red liquid from flowing now, she would die.

And she knew it.

But she did nothing, watching her life being drained down a basin, she reflected back on her past years.



They didn't need her now and she was shunned by the Suna community.

The female daughter of the previous Kazakage?

Baki sensei focused more on her brothers, leaving her to find out her own mistakes, one of which nearly killed her.

The first time she menstruated.

No-one was there, no-one would understand, Kankurou had tried but he couldn't grasp the deep dislodging of fear and confusion that had filled her chest.

Developing breasts, pubic hair, the widening of hips.

It had confused her but she'd taken it all in her stride and came out stronger and feeling more of a woman and she was proud of it, but still no-one was there or even cared.

The death of her mother.

She had never blamed Gaara for it.

The cut that she had inflicted on herself blocked out all the old scars, the ones Gaara refused to look at and she wasn't stupid enough to keep pressing the issue.

She remembered her father's finger-

She shook her head and quickly blocked the thought.

Strength of mind was one of the things she prided herself on.

It serves me right, this was ment to happen, I should be grateful that it is this easy I could have been punished a whole lot worse.

The only thing she regretted was leaving her brothers and her weapon of mass destruction.

The fan.

What a funny thing life was, she'd defeated so many, the powerful, the huge, and the sly but in the end she had never been able to defeat herself.

The light headedness was spreading now, through her chest, arms; she'd already lost feeling in her fingers.

How weird it was to see blood dripping from your arm and not being able to feel it.

Her eyesight was darkening and she smiled to herself.


She briefly felt a falling sensation and found herself lying on the floor, the bloody kunai a couple of inches away from her face.

She lay there, thinking about how silent the world was, as her life line dripped steadily out of her sliced veins.

I am pointless.