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Kankurou paced up and down next to the E.R doors. His footsteps were heavy and he only had three strides between the two walls before he had to swing around and pace the next three.

Gaara was sitting on a hard, cold, plastic chair; his head was drooped between his hands.

It was the show of Gaara's emotion that unnerved Kankurou most.

"Why did she do this?"

He muttered the question, over and over softly until it became a ringing question in Kankurou's head.

Nurses, doctors and surgeons rushed by, every one of them paused, absolutely dumb folded as to why the Suna Kazakage was so stressed.

After all she was only his sister.

All of them had assumed that she was weak, she never let any one watch her train, because when she did the fury that was inside her unleashed.

"Why did she do this?"

It was Kankurou who had found her, just as her eyelids had fluttered closed, he'd ripped parts of his pants and shirt and had used it to apply pressure to the wound, he'd tied it so tight that her arm nearly had to be amputated.

But it had stopped the flow of blood and just in time.

He'd told Gaara who had alerted the hospital well in advance of their arrival.

"This is all my fault."

Kankurou stopped pacing and looked at his brother.

"No, something else must have happened."

Baki sensei soon arrived, he stopped when he saw them, Kankurou was panting slightly, Gaara was covered in a thin sheen of sweat.

"She can't have done this, she knows she's caused enough shit alre-"

Gaara stood up, rage filled his usually emotionless eyes, Baki recognized the posture but stood his ground.

"How DARE YOU?!"

It was a statement not a question and it was whispered in the softest and deadliest tones.

Baki registered Gaara's arm swing back; he braced himself as Gaara's fist made contact which his check bone, splitting the skin like it was one of the softest fabrics.

Kankurou did nothing; the fate of his sister concerned him more of what punishment Baki would give them, if he gave one.

Spittle flew from Baki's mouth as Gaara steadied himself and watched angrily as Baki swayed and regained balance.

"Her life is worth fifty of yours." He whispered softly, Kankurou's pacing became faster and more agitated.

Gaara turned; the outburst did nothing to quench the anger inside him.

But it wasn't anger, it was fear and he knew it.

His sister was the only thing other than Kankurou that he could rely on and now--

He ran a hand through his hair and massaged the back of his neck wearily.


"Don't call me that."

"Gaaara you are Kazakage-"

"I don't care. She's my sister she loved me even when I was – "

He broke off he had never experienced such difficult pain to deal with and he was leaking.

The tears were running freely down his face, he wasn't ashamed, he didn't even know what they meant.

"Even when I was……even when I tried to kill her, she still loved me."

Kankurou watched, he was tired and as the tears fell off his brothers face he held himself firmly in check, he wouldn't break down, not here, he would support his brother.


"Don't call me that! How can I be a Kazakage when I can't even save some ones life!? My sisters life!?"

The last statement was weak, a break down.

Gaara turned on his heel and walked away from Baki, as far as he could and sat down putting his head in is knees, blocking his face with his arms.

Kankurou and Baki glanced at each other, Kankurou turned away first, the lack of feeling in his sensei's eyes enraged him.

Baki sat down, away from the siblings, clasping his hands together.

They waited.

End chapter