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Chapter 1: What are we going to do?

"I'm sick of getting bored!" Kouichi shouted through the room as he is suffering at boredom. "You can say that again." As the matter of fact, even his twin, Kouji is also bored. "Oh man, this is not I want to be. It's a fine whether, no school works and a free day. But it's pretty boring!!!" Kouichi said as soon he lied down at his bed. "Well, let's do this, we can watch movies." Kouji said when he thought that it was a fine idea. "What are we going to watch?" Kouichi asked. "Uhh, Ice Age 3?" Kouji suggested, "I already watch it." "Transformers 2?" "Already watch it." "What movie that you still didn't watch?" "I've watch all of the new movies." As Kouichi said, Kouji just sigh.

"What else are we going to do?" Kouichi asked as he stands on his lying position. "How about you think of an idea and I'll decide if we will do it!" Kouji yelled to his brother because he's making him to think that he always doesn't want to do. "Ok, fine. Geez, is that a hard question or what?" Kouichi said as his brother rolled his eyes.

"Ok, let see. Aha! How about that we hang out with Takuya, maybe he has some gigs to do." Kouichi thought of it. "Ok then. You know, you're more way faster to think than I thought." Kouji teased his brother, "Well, at least I'm thinking." Kouichi reply to what he said.

"Just go and call Takuya if he is free." Kouji commanded. "Hey, you're not the boss of me." Kouichi said. "Yes I am."But Kouji answered. "Says who?" "Me." "Then fine." The poor Kouichi was defeated in the brother's fight as he went down the stairs and to the phone.

Kouichi dialed Takuya's number and waiting for an answer. Until… (Kouichi is Bold while Takuya is Italian)


"Hey Takuya."

"Kouichi, why did you call?"

"He he… I know it's kinda awkward to call but are you free?"


"I mean that I and Kouji were wondering that if you like to hang out with us today."

"Oh. But sorry I have a… umm… aahh… errand… yeah, an errand to do."

"Of what?"

"Ahh… for school."

"But you don't do errands especially for school."

"Yes I do."

"Since when."

"Since today."

"Are you sure?"


"Are you really sure?"

"Yes I'm sure."

"Are you really, really sure?"

"Yes I'm really sure."

"Are you really, really, really, really-"

"Kouichi, I said I'm sure. Geez, when did you ask too many questions?"

"Since today."

"To whom?"

"To you and to Kouji."

"Ok that's weird."


"Uhh, Takuya, are you there?"

"Sorry Kouichi, but I gotta go. Call you later, ok."

"Wait Takuya, I-"

Takuya hanged the phone. Kouichi hang also the phone he'd using when…

"What Takuya says?" Kouji came out of nowhere asked to his twin. Kouichi was too shock to answer. "You ok, man." Kouji said while Kouichi was breathing hard. "Yeah, just don't show up when I'm not informed." Kouichi said, still catching his breath. "Ok, sorry. Well, what did he says?" Kouji asked again what he just asked earlier. "He's not free because he had an 'errand' for school to do." Kouichi answered. "That's strange. He doesn't do errand especially for school." Kouji said. "I know!" Kouichi shouted.

"Kouji." "Yeah?" "Do you thinking what I'm thinking what I'm thinking?" "I told you Kouichi, I hate thinking." Kouji inform when Kouichi sigh. "But what is it." Kouji said to find out what his brother thought. "I think that Takuya has something to hide on us." Kouichi spilled out his idea. "Yeah, I think of that." Kouji answered. "I thought you hate thinking." "I know. But I'm not a dummy that doesn't think when I need to think." "Ok, enough arguing. Let's just spy on him so we can see what he's been up to." As he said, they climb up to the stairs and changed to their spy suit and get their spy stuff (only a black jacket with a hood and binoculars and walky-talkies).

To be continued…

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Next chapter: Ready for the date

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